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Ok, so I thought we settled our differences, but I guess not fully yet. I didn't like you deleting one of my edits in the Three Buckets page. It was sorta rude in my opinion. I believe that you should not target me for certain things that I do on the Wikia, because I'm here to express my deep thoughts about Adventure Time, and you are trying to stop it! I don't want to be mean to you or anything, but I'm giving you a 2nd warning for you randomly targeting me. The 1st warning was when you targeted me in the discussions about the episode Abstract, and now your 2nd warning is when you deleted one of my cultural references off of the Three Buckets page for calling it, Ambiguous, which is not. I believe that everyone in the Wikia, including myself and you, should be entiled to opinions in a calm matter, instead of targeting people randomly, and I don't know why you're targeting me especially. You should NOT target me in the Wikia. When you get your 3rd warning from me if you targeted me again, you'll get reported to the Admins. I'm sorry if I had to be tough, but it's for your own good that you need to be tought a lesson of respecting people calmly. 



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