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Btw, someone edited the Cultural References again, but made it a little bit more understandable. I put my edit back, but tweeked it a little bit better. Also, I'm glad you're not trying to target me, because you sorta did that one time in the discussions about the episode, Abstract, and I didn't want another situation like that to happen again. Oh and FYI, I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but I do like it and respect it, because it's a classic, and I love classic movies and such. I'm glad we resolved this situation in a calm matter. I do agree that other media like Movies and TV shows has referenced the evil twin or clone kind of thing, and I think they mentioned that in the Bible or what the heck and then referenced it in TV shows and Movies, but I like the way Star Trek: The Original Series did it, and I'm glad Adventure Time got to do it as well!


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