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Hi Bellamy :)

I'm making this message to let you know that I'm having some problems with a user lately. The user's name is, KillerGamingBro1, and he is sorta targeting me for no reason. Since I'm a Discussions Mod, I gave him a couple of warnings to him that I find fair. Probably the 1st warning would count, because it's in the actual discussions page, but the 2nd warning is outside of the discussions, and I gave him a 2nd warning because it was another targeting issue for me. The 1st warning was when he was targeting me about how he hated the episode, Abstract, even though I really loved the episode and he was targeting me for no reason about the whole thing, and he was saying that I was abusing power in the discussions. Today, I gave him a 2nd warning for him removing a Cultural Reference that I made off of the Three Buckets page, and he believes that the Cultural Reference I made is too, "Ambiguous" for the page. Btw, I did say to him that if he get's his 3rd warning from me, I would report him to the Admins, but I sorta feel like he should be watched a little bit more carefully, because he is targeting me and all and it's really making me upset and nervous, and almost makes me not want to come back on the Adventure Time Wikia :(

So, I hope this makes since and I hope you or the other admins can fix my issue with him. Here's his profile page if you need it just in case.

Here's my Message Wall post that I posted to him if you're insterested in reading it.

Btw, thank you for promoting me to Discussions Mod! It's really useful for me, because if there is any random spammer, or off topic discussion people that nobody else can get to quickly, I'll be there! 



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