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  • Hey, does anyone know if exact Runic Code used in Adventure Time? I've gone through the ones visible in the episodes but some of the letters are missing/dont match up. Havent played any of the video games so i was wondering if the full code is visible there. I need the code for an Adventure Time art project im working on.

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    • I’m pretty well-versed in runic. What do you need transcribed? In the Adventure Time video game I know there is a code, I’m pretty sure I found it first because I’m that much of a nerd for these types of things. In the video game where in the Fire Kingdom right before you face the fire guardian there are pots that are lit with fire outside the door on the pots it has the tunic code for “Pick me up” around the pot.

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    • I just need the Alphabet in Runic code, ive looked around online and found a few things that have been transcribed: the glowing sword, finns mug just bits from the show but the code isn't really consistent with a few letters having different symbols each time and theres also some letters i couldn't find. (Hope that made sense) id really appreciate the help

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    • I also need a few good quality images of some of the card wars cards (preferably of the actual cards not from the video game). Do you know if there is a website or anything i could find those? 

      Im making The Enchiridion, since the show shows very little of the contents of the book im adding in my own Chapters, if you have any suggestions for what could be included let me know, i'd really appreciate it.

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    • I’m working on the alphabet (witch will take a while) since there are so many versions of the code and very few actual images of the book what you can do is take some pictures of the Adventure Time Encyclopædia and include it in the Enchiridion section. It’s basically the same thing filled with lore and whatnot. You can also take pics of the book the enchiridion/ Marcy’s super secret scrap book. Now as for your card wars aspect again there isn’t really images showing the actual cards but I thought up a solution. Since you do not want to take screenshots from the digital game take pics of the physical card game. If you dont have the game or the Encyclopædia or the enchiridian book let me know and I’ll take some pics of mine for you

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    • I have most of the alphabet except from 'B,Q,J,XZ' and 'H,P,W' seem to have either the same symbols or more than one symbol. I've taken a few chapters from the encylopedia and the enchiridion/Marcys super secret scrapbook but didnt want to take too much from them so ive added chapters on Swords, different Kingdoms, Comets, stuff like that. As for the Cards I did orginally have screenshots from the digital game but the quality & rendering wasnt that great making it hard to manipulate the image. If you could send me pics/scans of a few cards somehow, it would be really helpful & I'd really appreciate it.

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    • I’ll keep an eye out of those letters. As far as the cards go I’ll send you some pics though here.

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    • Alrighty so I have the lanscapes, spells, buildings, objects, and characters (not sure if you needed any of those extras besides the characters :).

      IMG 1625
      IMG 1624
      IMG 1623
      IMG 1622
      IMG 1621
      IMG 1620
      IMG 1619
      IMG 1618
      IMG 1617
      IMG 1616
      IMG 1615
      IMG 1614
      IMG 1613
      IMG 1612
      IMG 1611
      IMG 1610
      IMG 1609
      IMG 1607
      IMG 1605
      IMG 1608
      IMG 1606
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    • Thank you! I've looked all over the internet for photos of the cards but there dont seem to be any. Appreciate the help, I pretty much have everything I need for the Book now (atleast i think i do).

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    • No problem glad, I could help. Can ask for you to send a copy of your book here in the messages? Im really curious to see what it turned out to look like.

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    • Of course. I'm hoping to have it finished by the end of the month. My art instagram is in my Bio i'll probably post bits & pieces of it on there. I've got a few Adventure Time art pieces to post within the next few weeks, if you have instagram and want to check them out.

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    • Awesome thank you, I’ll definitely give that a look!

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