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  • Hi Bmoisawesome!

    Thanks again for welcoming me to the wiki!

    I have another question and wondering what your opinion is.

    You know how Sweet Pea is all grown up in "Come Along With Me"?

    Is he like the next Marceline?

    I don't mean as a vampire, just as like friends with Beth and Shermey. Like helping them fight and stuff.


    By the way, I agree with your name!

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    • Mmm, interesting question. Let’s see I think SP is more like his own hero meaning that he flys solo. Because speaking in retrospect SP is way to large to travel with S and B. Think like how big Jake’s liver was in His Hero. If the crew kept him that bug, if that was his normal size he wouldn’t be able to go on half the Adventures with Finn. Same goes for SP he is just too large to travel with them. I think he would be a better freelance solo hero.

      Thank you! I think we can all agree BMO is awesome, plus it’s a pretty good foundation for some pretty funny puns.

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    • If you have any more theories or question I’d love to conspire more! 

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    • Thanks! I probably will have more questions ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    • A FANDOM user
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