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  • I'm confused. How are you a bureaucrat when you only have 61 edits and you only joined last month!?! Personally, I don't think this is fair.

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    • I have to agree with this. The only reason it happened is because he asked Flame Princess, who was retired and did not consult with anyone. Not to say him or Bmo are bad, just that it's not a good decision, especially given how inactive he can get when we had recent vandalism and seems a bit lax on blocking trolls or undoing/deleting any edits, plus seeming to have no experience as he had to ask an admin to do these actions before being shown how to do so.

      If anyone, I think Redman or a regular editor should get promoted so that it doesn't have to be relied on just her and Bellamybug to fix things, especially since they're usually on a bit too late after these occurences.

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    • I completely respect your opinions, but Flame Princess transferred his admin powers to me and that was their decision. He couldn't consult with anyone besides Bellamy because there aren't really any active admins anymore, most people deemed Adventure Time dead along with the fandom. I am sorry that Bellamy and I have lives outside this online space and we sometimes can't get to issues the second they happen but the problem does get resolved doesn't it.  Personally, think it's a bit unfair that you think I am "lax" when it comes to vandalism, this is not true. Who was there when there was nothing but drug memes on the wiki who put a stop to it me, who was there when there were no admins monitoring the AT wiki app me, the wiki needed a leader. I received my admin rights fair and square, we had a poll, we had nominations, I just decided to write a message to Flame Princess to see what would happen. I didn't abuse my power I used it to help his wiki that has been my only goal since the beginning, I wanted to protect these remaining people, these remaining people needed help, so I did something about it. Sure, I may need help from time to time, but who dosn't? When I needed help Bellamy was there he helped me and that's what I real admin dose. To bring up your "lax" issues with me, I have diffused spammers, trolls, and whatever else in between, I kept the rules alive, whenever somebody new joins the wiki I welcome them with open arms. Don't believe me here " Hey fellow adventurer and welcome to the AT wiki. I'm Ad-mo I hope you have a radical time posting chatting and browsing this amazing fandom. We do have some rules here please do not post off topic posts, no trolling or spamming, and please do not talk about your fav otp ship or couple. Looking forward to your next post. Thanks, Bmoisawsome and your friends at the AT wiki" this is the message that I send everybody when they join the wiki. This message goes on every new user's post, to welcome them and to share our policies with them. Bellamy and I are good admins, we care for this wiki just as much as anyone else dose, we may be late to an issue but we are never "lax".

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    • I'm not saying your a bad bureaucrat, I'm just saying that it is extremely unfair how you were picked over many other users who have served the wiki for years.

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    • ^

      I looked into this poll that elected you and the other two "candidates" are users who don't have any contributions on this wiki. Only four people actually participated in voting there, none of which are regular users here. Being on the discussions a lot does not equate to being on the wiki, as they are both different things.

      The point I'm making is that however it is you claim you were promoted, it's not fair to anyone who was actually a part of the wiki and has yet to be a part of the staff, such as Redman or even Chopsticks.

      Another thing I want to point out, most of us who undid these vandalized edits have been other users. You haven't edited to any main pages but one, which is why it's unjust to give someone else the role so suddenly and keep it to themselves.

      If you want to help, at least give discussion moderator/rollback status to other users who have actually been helping to revert these edits because otherwise whenever this happens, the wiki is only dependent on you or Bellamy to come on, which as you said may take a while to occur. I was the one who had to tell you what pages had to be deleted and how to block a user. Otherwise your solution was asking that troll to please stop despite him continuing to vandalize or waiting for Bellamy to take action.

      There are also some things you need to consider: saying you need help in making admin actions is exactly why we're talking to you about it being unfair to us, who know how Wikia works and have even had experience on other wikis. Had anyone else had admin powers on the wiki during the time the vandalism started, it could have been finished much sooner, but regular users can only undo edits, not delete pages and block users.

      You also say you message new users with greetings, but we know that's not you personally writing them or whatever. They're automated messages that are sent out by default from an admin, and it's not like they can be turned on and off. So again, it's only been one month and the only major activity has been edits and a lot of them came from undoing vandalism, and if you wanna help with that activity you can start by editing pages or letting the other active users get rollback/moderator rights in case something goes awry.

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    • I understand your point but. Some of your facts were a bit off. But I’m not going to argue with you, we both obviously have different viewpoints on the matter. In terms of fixing this issue, I’ll boost my edits and consult with Bellamy over the possibility of picking someone for rollback rights. Regarding chopsticks I’ve been on here just over a year now, I know under my edits it says I’ve been on here only a month but that’s wrong it’s been much longer than that.

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    • Glad you can understand

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    • Sure

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    • A FANDOM user
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