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  • Hey dude, after a year and half I did this to you, it actually happened to me, and I finally learned what it's like to be impersonated. Recently, I was watching one of the comments Finnjr63 received from AquaSeaShells, and AquaSeaShells alerted that she received a troll message from someone using my real identity (and my username number at the end) in which they called her traitor. I got so very shocked when I found out about this situation of me. While I do not think Two Wrongs make a Right, I do see that I learn how it feels when a mysterious stalker is framing me while pretending to be me. This is why, LIKE YOU, I need to stop posting personal information of mine on the internet. It can lead to Great Danger. The reason I wanted to bring you this up is for newsflash that I now understand why you felt so pissed, so Scared, Sad and Angry. Now i'm even sorrier than that other message I have you posted right on the same wall. Thankfully it got deactivaed, but I still sent a report using my email in case the imposter deactivated himself OR a better reason, TO MAKE THE STAFF CLEAR those spam harrassments WEREN'T me. *sigh* Ugh!!

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