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  • He edited one of my edits in the Three Buckets page, and he called it, "Ambiguous"! He really targets me for no reason! I messaged KillerGamingBro, and BellamyBug about this. Here's the links for you to read what's going on.

    My message to KillerGamingBro:

    My message to BellamyBug:

    I hope we can handle this situation in a calm matter, because I'm really getting annoyed that KillerGamingBro is targeting me for no reason! If you know him in real life, please talk to him about this, because he needs to leave me alone!

    Best Reguards,


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    • Hmmmm, what did he delete from the page? perhaps he had his reasons for deleting it, but did he specifiaclly explain why he said it was Ambiguous? because if he didn't have an appropriate reason for deleting it then by all means undo his edit and retrive the information that you added.

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    • He said that other TV Shows and Movies referenced the Twins/Clones kind of thing, but I mentioned to him that Star Trek did that reference as well, and it's very famous/well known for doing it, and that's why I put in the Cultural References. The Adventure Time Crew are huge Star Trek fans, and I believe they referenced the Good Finn and Bad Finn off of Star Trek, because it's very identical, and I've seen the Star Trek episode before. 

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    • Seeing as the crew are fans of the show and they have been wanting the cast to voice act on an episode this could be a reference, but seeing as there is little reference to support this it is slightly Ambiguous, I'm not telling you to delete it, by all means leave it there but say something like the following

      "Three Buckets portrayed the concept of a clone/twin of the protagonist turning on them in a battle to the death, the concept is also shown in such series as Star Treck: The Next Generation, Rick And Morty, Regular Show, Star Wars, ect" 

      this would be a much better thing to post and that way people won't complain about Ambiguation, just say the concept of evil clone/twin is a running concept in many forms of pop culture. 

      Kind Regards 


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    • That's what I was aiming to say, focus on multiple things. 

      Thanks for the solution Scorpion.

      I think this will help solve the problem.

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    • If you were trying to say that, then you should of listed it the edit description so everyone knows the reason for your edit 

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    • I didn't think of it until you brought it up really. 

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    • Ok fine just remember it for next time, and before you edit something make sure you let them know

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    • Btw, someone else already did Scorpion's idea for the cultural reference, but I put back my reference back and tweeked it as, "One of the references" to be exact, and I got to resolve some things with KillerGamingBro as well. 

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    • Ok thats good, i'm glad it has been resolved 

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    • Yep =D

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    • A FANDOM user
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