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  • Hi, there's something i have to say about this whole "impersonating" thing i've done for almost a year. I am VERY sorry for trying to change your opinion. Ever since this year started, i've thought of finally confessing that i was BSNF1995 the whole time. But coincidentally, you caught me right before i was ready to confess. Since i stopped harrasing you for shipping Finn x Flame Princess, i thought this war would thankfully be over, but when i had a funny idea of using your real name in, you literally questioned WHY he (I) used your real name. So you found out it was about opinions. Then we return to the future, which is January 2, 2017, where i wanted to end this situation, and it stopped for a while. Now, you're still bringing up this situation again? Dag nabbit! Listen, i promise i mean it, I promise i'm not being sarcastic with this apology. I do actually feel guilty, not only for making myself look bad, but also because i threatened to ruin your taste. I am no longer to impersonating you or your brother, what i did was really stupid and i'm sorry for all these pathetic stuff i did before completely changing. I hope you can forgive me... sometime soon Chopsticks12.png But if you don't want to forgive me, that's okay. I understand

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    • No, it's fine. I was just asking if you could delete the DeviantArt account impersonating my brother. My parents found out about our spat, you see (before now, I had only told my social thinking therapist, who I swore to secrecy), and since my brother is looking to break into theatre, they might see the sockpuppet you created during a background check and think "Woah, what a nerd". They didn't understand what Core membership was, nor did they care that all of the comments insulting me were deleted.

      I've already erased pretty much all traces of my real name from the internet (which wasn't much, and there's places where I can't, like Facebook or Twitter; by the way, did you know I was forced to make a Twitter account specifically to get that sockpuppet banned?).

      Anyway, I'm not mad at you anymore. I'd just like if you take down that account impersonating my brother, and we pretend this flamewar never occurred. Besides, my "Flame Princess is really a human forcibly converted by a Fire Stone (the gem on her forehead" theory was destroyed when FP was seen without the gem on her forehead, and she was STILL a Fire Person (I'm thinking up an alternate ending where the anti-elemental wave unleashed by LSP turns her human, the whole truth comes out, and she and Finn have adventures; it'll be on Fanfiction sometime in the next few months).

      At this point, I don't know who Finn could possibly end up with. I mean, both of us were floored when Mordecai got together with that bat chick in the Regular Show finale (who we had never seen) and CJ was all but forgotten about. So we'll probably both get floored again by Finn's next love interest (not Huntress Wizard, most likely, I'm leaning towards a human girl his age).



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    • Sorry for the late reply

      Ah, thanks. I'm happy peace is completely back to normal. I'm also glad to hear how your thoughts now on Finn and Mordecai. Honestly, i don't dislike CJ anymore. That bat Mordecai married, who came out of nowhere, didn't look pretty nor attractive compared to both Margaret and CJ. I honestly didn't know what to say, i was really going to miss Regular Show (Adventure Time ends the next year too). Also, now i don't hate Flame Princess as a character either, just the couple. I think the best we need to do with Cartoon characters is, not hope them to marry who we want, but rather who the character itself wishes to marry better.

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