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  • Bellamybug
    Bellamybug closed this thread because:
    17:15, May 25, 2014
    A reminder
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    • Yeah but for your information, they mix the credits of the two episodes airing up, so it's unconfirmed. I'm pretty sure you're right, but credits aren't reliable unless only one episode is airing.

      P.S. Your edit was undone.

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    • Well, Sad Face is paried with Breezy, so, since Sad Face shows the credits one can know which characters (of some) will appear in Breezy.

      This wiki did this with the episode "Billy's Bucket List" a long time ago. They added "Fear Feaster" to the list just because of Bad Timing's credits.

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    • Yeah but they had to remove some after the episode aired because some of the characters appeared in the other show and that's why we don't do that anymore.

      Look, I'm sorry I undid your edit. It would be nice if you could just relax and we could go our own separate ways. Thanks.

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    • Sorry to butt in, but none of the characters had to be removed after "Billy's Bucket List" aired. (Compare this to the current list.)

      Doom's evidence is solid. I'm going to re-add the characters.

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    • Okay cool. Can someone close this thread now please?

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