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Thrashland (formerly known as Cheap Kicks) is an abandoned amusement park that is now used for skating competitions, as seen in the episode "Wheels". It contains a wooden rollercoaster, a Ferris wheel, bumper cars, a funhouse, and several other features, all of which are now abandoned.



The entrance to Thrashland is a pink sign with the words "Cheap Kicks" in rainbow letters, and the letter "C" in the word "kicks" has fallen off the sign. The sign is covered in moss. There is a chain-link fence on both sides and a pine tree to the right.


Inside the FunHaus appears to be a hall of mirrors, however, all of the mirrors are now broken. The word "FunHaus" is written in rainbow letters, much like the sign in the entrance. Above is a pink "F" and a red "N" (this presumably said "FUN", but the "U" has fallen down). Near the FunHaus is a small pond with what appear to be giant teacups inside, meaning it was probably a "Teacup Ride" at one point.


The ramp is part of a wooden roller coaster, but there is a lot of the rollercoaster broken off. There is a broken off yellow cart with red cushions that used to go on the roller coaster.

Bar Maze

The bar maze is as it sounds, a maze of metal bars. It possibly served as a line-up area for at least one ride when it was presumably an amusement park. A large portion of the wooden rollercoaster can be seen in the background.

Big-Armed Worm

The "Big-Armed Worm" is an old octopus-themed ride, which is now overgrown with moss.


The "Junkyard" is an old bumper car booth, which is now filled with hay. There are pink, purple, green, orange, and red bumper cars, some of which are turned on their sides.

Log Swamp

The "Log Swamp" is a pond with logs in it, much like the name implies. To the left of this area is a Ferris wheel tilted on its side, half-buried underground. Part of the wooden roller coaster can be seen in the background, as well as a swing ride.

Bottomless Pit of Love

The "Bottomless Pit" of Love was presumably a Tunnel of Love, but is now a bottomless pit. The swan is covered in moss and is where the pups came from, according to Jake. There is a pink sign with the words "of LOVE", and the "O" in love is a heart. The first word, which is most likely "Tunnel", is completely covered in moss.