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This article is about the game. You may be looking for the song.

These Lumps is an online and iOS game featuring Lumpy Space Prince. The goal of the game is to knock other dancers off of the dance floor who have smaller spotlights. The beginning of the game is based on what happens in the beginning of the episode "The Prince Who Wanted Everything."


The main character in the game is Lumpy Space Prince. The person playing the game controls him using the mouse. When Lumpy Space Prince bumps a dancer with a smaller spotlight, his spotlight grows. If he bumps a dancer with a bigger spotlight, he loses some of his energy. If all the energy is lost, the player loses the game. If the mouse button is pressed, Lumpy Space Prince floats in the air. For this period of time, Lumpy Space Prince cannot be harmed by other dancers. But when he floats, Lumpy Space Prince loses energy for each second when doing so. Lumpy Space Prince can only float if he has enough energy.


The game centers around Lumpy Space Princess kidnapping the Ice King so that he can bring LSP's story about Lumpy Space Prince to life. LSP is telling the story to the Ice King and the game that is played is the story.

Alternate versions[]

There is an iOS version of These Lumps. It is free to play, but the gameplay is different. Instead of using a mouse, there are four different game modes. The first is tap control. Using tap control, Lumpy Space Prince will move wherever the player taps. Touch control, the second game mode, is almost the same as tap control, except that Lumpy Space Prince follows the player's finger. The other two controls are Left Thumbstick and Right Thumbstick. In these game modes, thumbsticks appear on different sides of the screen, the left and right sides, respectively. Also, in the IOS version, Lumpy Space Prince floats when she touches a bigger spotlight and loses energy. Other then the ones mentioned above, there are no changes.