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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The Wand" from season ?, which aired on Unknown.

Grass Lands
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[The episode starts with Jake in a maximized size sitting on a hill watching clouds with Finn lying on Jake's stomach. Jake shrinks down and Finn rolls on the ground.]
Finn: Jake, these clouds are beautiful, dude.
Jake: [Shrinks to normal size] Yeah, man. Makes me wish I didn't have to poop ever again and could just la... ah...ow! Hey, what the heck am I laying on? Hmm!
[Jake pulls out a magic wand, and it shoots out colored spirits; he aims the wand at his foot, and it transforms into a duck, which starts spitting out tiny purple stars when it tweets. His foot returns to normal.]
Finn: Holy stuff!
Jake: [Looks at Finn] Let's get outta here and wreck some stuff with this thing!
Finn: Yeah! [Laughs briefly]
[Finn and Jake run down the hill happily.]
Jake: Oh, snap, look!
[Ice King is trying to burn a giant ant with a magnifying glass but isn't making much progress.]
Ice King: [grumbles] Oh... why won't you die?
[The ant makes a trombone sound.]
Finn: Hey, Ice King!
Ice King: Yes, Finn?
Finn: Stop hurting that ant, you old bag! Or you're gonna get it!
Ice King: [grumbles and points the magnifying glass at them] You want some of this too? Huh? Eh.
[Jake shoots colored spirits at Ice King with the wand, and he and Finn laugh as Ice King falls on his face and the ant gets away. A blast comes out of the wand and hits Finn in the face.]
Finn: Ow, Jake!
Jake: Sorry, this thing's kinda got a mind of—
[The wand goes wild and blasts out colored stuff, sending Jake back with recoil.]
Jake: [panicking] Ah-haha!
Finn: Turn it off, Jake!
[Jake is unable control it, thus it continues to shoot out colored spirits.]
Lumpy Space Princess: [coming out of the wand] Oh, my Glob, Melissa! I think it's kicking in! [gets shot out of the wand]
[Finn runs and screams, grabbing Jake causing him to drop the wand. It continues to wreak havoc.]
Finn: We've got to stop it!
Jake: What are we gonna do?
Ice King: [Appearing behind Finn and Jake] [blushing] Let's work together! [giggles] To defeat the wand!
[Finn and Jake groan.]
Finn: Okay, Ice King. We'll keep it distracted, and you sacrifice yourself to destroy the wand.
Ice King: [happily] Yeah, yeah! [runs off]
Finn: Hey, wand! [Starts to dance with Jake] I heard you pay a robot to rub your tummy for you!
[The spirits pause and become angry. Ice King appears from behind, holding his cloak. The spirits recede back into the wand, and a really angry looking spirit starts coming out.]
Finn: Now, Ice King!
[Ice King runs towards the wand.]
Ice King: Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Whoo! [Belly flops on the wand]
[The wand explodes a little, muffled by the robe and Ice King's body. A few spirit creatures escape from underneath him, and Finn and Jake run to him.]
Finn: [laughing] Wow! That was awesome, dude!
Jake: Wow, Ice King! Heh heh! That was amazing!
[Ice King groans and lifts his face up, but it looks different. His beard is gone, he has small wings on the side of his head, and his mouth is like a little beak, which lets out tiny purple stars when he talks.]
Ice King: Did I get it?
Finn: [laughing] Yeah, man.
Jake: You got it. [laughs]
[Episode ends]