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The Wand is a two-minute mini-episode of Adventure Time. The video clip was seen on the Threadless tee shirt competition's page. The origins of this short are not exactly known, although comments on a YouTube video[2] suggest that it has played as a promotional short in AMC theaters, at Six Flags amusement parks, Carl's Jr, and Universal Studios. "The Wand" appeared as a bonus video in the ADVENTURE TIME: The Complete First Season.


Finn and Jake come across a magic wand, but when the wand becomes uncontrollable, they must team up with the Ice King to stop it.


Finn and Jake discover a wand that Jake had been laying on while looking at the clouds. The wand stand spits out colorful demons. The two decide to leave and use the wand further when they run into the Ice King, who is trying to burn a Giant Ant with a magnifying glass and was shouting "Why won't you die?!" They warned him to leave the ant alone, and when he threatens to burn them with the magnifying glass, Jake attacks him with the wand. Shortly after, Jake loses control of the wand, stating it has a "mind of its own." As the wand spews magic uncontrollably (as well as somehow Lumpy Space Princess), Finn and Jake begin to deliberate on how to defeat the wand, at which point the Ice King interjects and suggests they all work together. Finn reluctantly agrees. As Finn and Jake distract the wand, the Ice King sneaks up behind it and jumps on top of it, causing it to explode. When he asks if he got it, his face seems to have a strange bird-like appearance. Finn and Jake then congratulate him for defeating it.


Major characters[]

Minor characters[]



  • The Snail does not appear in this short.
  • This is the only short that doesn't have a title card.

Cultural references[]

  • The Giant Ant's noise when it is being "burned" by the Ice King sounds like the talking adults from the Peanuts cartoons.
  • This short has the same title as the season 1 episode "The Wand" from The Amazing World of Gumball.

Production notes[]

  • This short aired on TV between Seasons 2 and 3 before the DVD release.
  • According to Adam Muto's Spring, the episode was written and story-boarded by Tom Herpich. [1]



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