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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The Visitor" from season 6, which aired on February 5th, 2015.

Tree Fort
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[It's nighttime at the Tree Fort. Jake, Neptr, a Sea Lard, and Finn are sound asleep.]
Finn: [smacks lips] [sighs contentedly]
[A comet passes over the Tree Fort, crashing somewhere beyond the Ice Kingdom.]
[Finn opens his eyes. The comet nudges his head to get his attention. It is revealed he is at the bottom of the ocean. The comet wags its tail.]
Baby Finn: That's the comet you're supposed to follow.
[Finn looks to his left and sees his younger self sitting beside him.]
Finn: Right. Right. I knew that. [picks up baby Finn and follows the comet]
Baby Finn: Hey, be careful, okay? Hold on tight.
Finn: It's okay. I won't ever let you go. [in his thoughts] That's... true.
[They continue following the comet. It swims into a crevice and shines light.]
Finn: Wow. Already? That was fast.
Baby Finn: Yep. We're here. It's time to wake up now.
Finn: What? Now?
Baby Finn: Yep.
Finn: Like, right now?
Baby Finn: Ye—
[Finn wakes up, severely dehydrated. He finds himself on a hill by a dead tree.]
Finn: [coughs] Ah. Where am I? [sees the crash site of a space ship] What the heck? Is that the comet? [sees a tiny collection of teepees by a miniature water tower] And a little farming village? How long have I been walking?
[A vulture perches on the tree.]
Vulture: Man, two whole days—at least!
Finn: Wow. I need some water. [heads for village]
Vulture: No, wait—ah... jeez.
Finn: [Walking through a plough field] Hmm... Fields are lookin' a little sparse. [looking at a dying corn corp] Kinda runty... I wonder if this village even has any wat—oh, snap! I see some!
[Finn runs in to the village huffing and kneels exhausted before the water tower. A villager is beside the water tower.]
Finn: Excuse me, sir. Can I have some water? I've been sleepwalking for days.
[The villager nods and gestures towards the water tower.]
Finn: Haha, awesome. [Finn drinks water making sounds] Haha! Heck yeah! Thanks, little friend! You just totally saved my life. No pun intended. What's the matter? Can't talk? Oh, or are you guys comet boys? From up in there? Listen, I'm no expert, but I think y'all are gonna need a lot more corn. [Pointing to a dying corn corp] And it's suppose to stand straight up-like. Or maybe comet boys only need just, like, a little bit of limp corn?
The villager: No, I'm a regular guy. I'm not just supposed to talk to strangers.
Mom: [offscreen] Lionel, what'd I tell you about talking to strangers? You get your butt inside this instant!
[Lionel, the villager, covers his mouth and bounces away.]
Tree spirit: [in a metallic voice] HUMAN BOY!
Finn: What the?
Finn: Dad?
[Finn stands up and goes to climb the tree.]
Tree spirit: Wait, wait! What are you doing? DON'T COME OVER HERE.
[Finn pokes his head inside a treehouse in the tree. Inside the treehouse, Martin is chewing a egg from a bird nest]
Finn: Dad?
Martin: [Does a spit-take with feathers] Finn! What the heck are you doing here?
Finn: [Simultaneously] Dad! What the heck are you doing here?
Finn: What? You were just yelling at me.
Martin: No, no, no, that was the tree spirit—commander of all trees, bringer of hard times.
Finn: Dad.
Martin: You're not falling for it, huh? Well, it was worth a try.
[Finn looks at Martin's armless right sleeve, which is knotted.]
Martin: You know those little guys down there, they'll do anything for the tree spirit. I've got them fetching parts to fix my escape pod, instead of planting their fields. Isn't that sweet?
Finn: Dad, your arm.
Martin: Oh, this? Haha, yeah. When my ship crashed I got shot out of the window. I knocked a kite of the air, then caught my arm in a woodpecker hole.
Finn: Whoa.
Martin: But, it's cool, you know. Arms come and go. It's family that's important. [winks] Speaking of arms, though, I see you got yourself a brand spanking new one. How about that!
Finn: Oh. Yeah. I got it from my PB dream sword.
Martin: Uh-huh. Neat.
Finn: Actually, for a while there, I thought if I ever saw you again, I was gonna tear your arm off.
Martin: Well, shoot, who could blame you? Yeah. But you definitely don't feel that way anymore, right?
Finn: No, no, it's okay now.
Martin: [spreads his arms, revealing his intact right arm] Haha! Great! How about a hug?
[Martin tries to hug Finn, but Finn grunts and pushes him away.]
Finn: What the heck, Dad! Is everything you say a lie?
Martin: No, no, of course not!
Finn: Well, is there any way I can tell the difference?
Martin: Ha ha, I hope not!
[ringing sound offscreen]
Martin: Hot dang! Hold that thought! Those little guys are back with the engine bulb for my pod. 'Scuse me.
[Martin takes his megaphone and speaks through the treehouse door]
[Finn and Martin are standing on the plowed fields. Martin is directing some villagers who are carrying a round engine part.]
Martin: Almost there. Little further. Aha, little further. Keep it coming. There you go. A li-i-ittle further. A-a-and stop. [villagers throw down the part and collapse] Fantastic work, boys, absolutely fantastic.
Finn: Holy stonk, Dad! You're messing 'em all up. [Finn kneels and brushes off a villager] This is why you are lying to them? So they'll mess themselves up for you?
Martin: What! No, no, no, look! They love it, see? [He kneels and tickles a villager] Goochy goochy goo. Goochy goochy! [The villager giggles and nuzzles into crooks of Martin's arm] They're helping a poor old stranded man in need. You like to help people, don't ya? I'd do it myself if I could, but I'm too strong to fit through the service hatches. Come on, give me a chance. [Martin stands up and attaches the piece in the engine. The villager falls from his arms] They're gonna fetch me one last piece, and you and I can watch 'em do it. Then I'll be outta your hair by tomorrow morning.
Finn: Oh. Right.
Martin: Yeah, don't worry. I know I'm cramping your style down here. Am I right? Huh?
Finn: Uh... yeah. Yeah, I-I guess...
Martin: Sure I am! Now let's go fetch that piece.
[Martin, Finn and the villagers go near the crashed ship.]
Finn: It's really warm down here.
Martin: Well, yeah, son. That's just the ship cooking. One thing about this ship, it cooks!
Finn: Should it be cooking?
Martin: Nah, but that's just real life. [to the villagers] Okay, babies! I need this piece. [showing a drawing of it] It's a steering wheel. It's in the steering room. [the tunnel is full of crackling and burning wires. One of the villagers sighs.] Last one in breaks tree spirit's heart!
Finn: Wait, wait, wai-wai-wait! You don't have to go in there if you don't want to!
Villager with eyepatch: Nah, I think we want to.
[The villagers go in. Finn gives a sour look to Martin.]
Martin: [smoothing his back hair] Okay, I know, I know. Listen, that's the last piece of pod, right? Well, I promise I'll make it up to little boogers tonight. [smiles and grabs Finn's head playfully] Haha, come here!
[At night, the villagers are having party.]
Martin: [walking through them] Live it up, pals! This is your night. [towards some villages near the escape pod] Hey, hey, careful with the finish. That buggy is ready to blast! [They back off. Martin drinks water from the water tower in his hand.] Yo, party animals! Still hungry?
One of the villagers: [Shrugs] Mmm.
Martin: Come on, tree spirit says! [uproots the barn, as corns spills out on the villages] Scoop it till you poop it. Let's get grrro-o-oss!
[Finn looks at him from a distant, until one of the villagers talks to him]
The villager: Finn?
Finn: Oh, sorry. So you guys wanna learn another one? [The villager nods] Ok, watch this.[Finn shows them a cool snap. The villager, having no fingers, only moves its arms.] Heh, cute. Uh, hey! [glances at Martin] So, you guys really believe in the tree spirit?
Villager: Eh, not really, I guess. We're kind of just looking to help out.
Finn: Hmm.
Martin: Hey! It's Finn with the grin! Mind if I sit down? [sits down with his legs around Finn] Haha! Look at this! You ever see someone sit like this?
Finn: I guess not. Hey, Martin?
Martin: Yeah.
Finn: Uh, I think I really need some answers to stuff—like where did I come from or who's my mom?
Martin: Haha! Whoops. [sighs] Okay, uh, long story short—you were born on a... boat... I guess. Like a... banana boat.
[Flashback begins. Thunderclouds roll over a boat as it rises and falls on the waves.]
Martin: In the middle of the ocean. So... all kinds of stuff tried to eat you—[Martin kicks a shark in the nose.] whales and fish... squids... [Martin spears a squid.] uh, there was a tiger... [Martin hits a tiger with a plank.] and... seaweeds. [A wave buries Finn in a pile of seaweed.] The sea's weeds.
Baby Finn: [babbles]
[Flashback ends.]
Martin: Your mom was... okay? I don't know. Talking about it stresses me out. Maybe later.
[Flashback resumes.]
Martin: So one day, I got called on a dangerous mission— [A giant ship shines light on the stranded boat.] no, like a dangerous life choice, two roads diverging in the night and all that.
[A villager falls asleep in Finn's pack.]
Martin: And I couldn't bring you along. I always planned to come back for you, but I didn't. That's... true. The end! [beat] Look out! [clamps Finn between his legs]
[At dawn the next day, Finn and the fattened villagers are sleeping in the field. A vulture flies circles over them.]
Villager: Everything is ruined. Everyone is fat.
[Suddenly, part of the ship explodes and ejects a flaming piece at the ground.]
Finn: Aah! [gasps] [sees Martin by his escape pod] Martin! [runs to him]
Martin: [to himself] Again? [to Finn] Oh, good morning, sweetie!
Finn: Martin, are you leaving?!
Martin: I absolutely gotta, kid. I got pressures on me, stuff you wouldn't understand.
Finn: But what about the villagers?! That ship looks like it's gonna blow up!
Martin: Uh... maybe. I don't know. Maybe it won't blow up. I've seen 100 things weirder than a ship not blowing up.
Finn: Oh, Dad! I need to go shut it off!
Martin: Okay, okay, wait! Wait. [entering pod] If you're gonna turn it off, you gotta pull the heat dump toggle in the engine core. It was too snug for me to get to, and those little guys aren't strong enough. Hmm. Hey, I could wait for you. Maybe we could go into space together.
Finn: Why didn't you tell me about the heat dump in the first place?!
Martin: I don't know... Wink!
Finn: Daaaaah! [pulls a lever in the escape pod, launching it]
Martin: What the—
[Finn runs to the spaceship and crawls inside until he reaches the engine core.]
Finn: Heat dump! [tries to pull lever to no avail] Too... stuck!
Villager: [leaving Finn's pack] Ohhhh, no. This is new to me. Mm... [hugs Finn]
Finn: [growls] [pulls lever with all his strength]
[The ship instantly starts cooling down. Finn leaves the ship through a hatch on the top and waves to the villagers on the ground, who stand up and wave back. The wind blows over the villagers' empty teepees.]
Finn: Man, you know what's weird? That wasn't even a comet that crashed back there. [carrying villagers over fallen tree bridge] So, then, what was that dream about? I don't get my brain. Okay, when we get back to the tree house, let me do the talking.

Episode ends