The Train is a fighter introduced in the episode "Who Would Win." He was crippled by the Farm and crawled off to a friend who built bionic legs. He seems to have a reputation since the other fighters cheered for him; one of them claims that he is almost as legendary as the Farm.


The Train has a muscular body with maroon skin. He has the front of a steam locomotive strapped to his chest. He has what seem to be train wheels strapped to his arms and has the iron I-beam of a train track in place of a head. When fighting he makes battle cries that reference trains, such as, "The Train is going to smack you down on its track!" or "Your caboose is mine!" He is also known to yell "Choo choo" (an onomatopoeia for a train's steam whistle) while running.


  • The Train taunts the Farm much like a professional wrestler would. Specifically his voice and mannerisms are similar to former pro-wrestler Randy Savage.


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