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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The Tower" from season 6, which aired on May 5, 2014.

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[In the Tree Fort, Finn is trying to open the freezer with his new candy arm.]
Finn: [humming] [grunts] [opens it with his left arm] Oh! [rummages around] Parm, parm, parm. [takes out some cheese] Asiago's like parm. [Resumes humming and walks to the stove. He accidentally smashes his right arm through the table.] Whoopsies. [blows splinters off cheese] [chuckles] Okay, now easy does it.
[He picks up a box of spaghetti with his left hand, peels back the box with his right hand, and grasps the spaghetti too tightly, breaking the strands. He drops the spaghetti into a pot of boiling water, picks up a wooden spoon, and starts stirring aggressively. The pot falls off the stove.]
Finn: Ohh!
[He knocks a jar of tomato sauce off the table and turns around, breaking the wooden spoon. He tries to pick up the jar off the floor, but he pushes his arm through the floorboards, and the jar explodes its contents all over him.]
Finn: [growls sarcastically] Thanks a lot, Dad!
[His arm suddenly explodes, and the screen goes white.]
Jake: Finn? [reaches downstairs] What's going on? [turns his head] Is the spaghetti all—whoa! [stretches towards Finn] Finn, what happened?
Finn: I... messed up the spaghetti, [rubs his head] and then I got mad, and PB's candy arm exploded.
Jake: [scoffs] Man, I knew that arm was bogus.
Finn: Yeah, it wasn't the greatest. Sorry about the spaghetti, though.
Jake: Man, don't worry about that. [walks Finn to the couch] You just went through some outrageous beeswax from losing your favorite arm and et cetera. You can't just expect to bounce right back to normal.
Finn: I can't?
Jake: Nah, man. Listen. [grabs two fake arms] All these princesses donating all these gross fake arms—they mean well, [throws both fake arms in the air] but they're throwing you off your game! You got to go at your own pace. If you listen [opens fold of skin around forehead] deep in your melon heart... [melon heart starts beating] that's where the real instructions are.
Finn: [starts thinking] My melon wants to punch my dad in the face and steal his arm.
Jake: [chuckles] Well, those things are bad, [grabs bag from table] so they can't be the real instructions, but you keep listening. Me—I'm going to go to the spaghetti store and buy a new mop head. I'll be back soon. Just remember—listen to your melon heart. [walks down ladder]
[Screen goes to outside where Finn is lying on his back looking up at the sky]
Finn: [sighs] Melon heart... melon heart... man, I don't know. It'd be so easy if I could just go find him—my dad that is. That portal he went through after ripping off my favorite arm went right to outer space. And outer space is up there somewhere... I'm told. Maybe Banana Man could help me build a rocket or something... [starts building a small rock pile] or some stairs or... something, something, something... or, or, or. [notices the rock pile up he made and a telekinetic arm] [Finn sits up and studies the arm and where it's connected to] Wow, it's like a—like a—like a magic Finn arm. [touches arm] She's powerful. You must've exploded the candy arm before and made the rock pile just know. It's almost like I'm trying to tell myself something, like a message from my melon heart.
[Screen cuts to Jake humming and walking by a tower with Princess Bubblegum and a Banana Guard.]
Princess Bubblegum: [Bubblegum sees Jake] Jake, Jake! Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
Jake: Afternoon Princess. What's that you're building?
Princess Bubblegum: Wait, you don't know?
Jake: I might.
Princess Bubblegum: [Bubblegum pulls out a note and hands it to Jake] Here, look. It was taped to the tower.
Jake: [Jake reads the note] Jake, I'm going to space to punch my dad and steal his arm. Back Soon -Finn [End of note] Wow, what the he?
Princess Bubblegum: My biggest powerometer back at the castle was flipping all the way out. [She lifts up a device that projects a hologram of Finn's telekinetic arm ] It looks like Finn somehow manifested a telekinetic electro-emotional prosthesis.
Jake: Word. Word.
Princess Bubblegum: With this much raw power he could be a danger to himself or others. So I've quarantined the area till I can coax him down.
Jake: Pfft. TMLO Princess.
Princess Bubblegum: What does that mean?
Jake: That means lay off. Finn's feeling this one out solo style. Give the kid a chance.
[Screen cuts to an apple which is cut in half as a cube of dirt rises up from the ground and floats away. Other cube-like objects like begin to float with it as well like tree bark, chest etc. One log lifts up and leaves the deer that was in it behind. The deer is picked up by the dirt cube with half an apple on it. The cube objects all float in a line past Finn and Jake's Tree Fort to the tower. The screen pans up the tower following the cube-like objects as they rise to the top. The tower is composed of stone, wood, candy, fire etc. All the while Finn sings.]
Finn: [Singing] Daddy's got an arm and baby's gonna harm his arm by tearing it off his dad. [Finn is at the top of the tower stacking the cube-like objects with his telekinetic arm to build the tower.] Baby's building a tower into space. Space is where he's gonna find his dad. [Finn places the block with the terrified deer and apple] Daddy's got an arm and [Finn eats the apple] baby's gonna harm his arm by tearing it off his dad. [The deer starts to carefully climb down the tower.] Baby's building a tower into space. Space is where he's gonna find his dad. Daddy's got an arm, and baby's gonna harm his arm by tearing it off his dad.
[Finn sticks his head into a cloud room.]
Carroll: Ahh!
Finn: Oh, hi.
Carroll: [She is a cloud person who's home Finn has invaded. She holds a cloud gun at Finn.] Get out of my house or I'm going to face blaaaast you.
Finn: Hi.
[Carroll shoots Finn with electricity causing her house to float away.]
Finn: Waah.
Carroll: [Opens the door to her house and kicks it] Yep, yeah. I know you. You're one of those swimmers right? A reeeal swim nut.
Finn: What? No, I'm Finn. [Shakes off ash from electric blast]
Carroll: Well you can't swim in me. Not anymore, I'm not water. You can't get me up your nooooose. [Points to nose]
Finn: [Starts building again] Okay, I'm going to keep going.
Carroll: I'm going to keep going, into here. [Closes door]
Finn: [Jump cuts of Finn building higher] Oh, baby's a tower into space. Space where he's gonna find his dad.
[Screen cuts to Jake in a robe walking to the tower.]
Jake: [Shakes from cold and yells up to Finn] Goodnight buddy, I'm proud of you.
[Whimpering deer finally gets down from tower. A few cuts denote time passing. The tower now includes pieces of the ice kingdom including penguins.]
Finn: [Still building tower, he sings tiredly] Baby's building a tower into space, to tear off his dad's arm. [Penguins wake up] From like where that round of the arm bone meets that weird flat bone on the top of the back. Gonna pull that until it comes off. Baby's building a tower of revenge...
Carroll: Hey kid. [Her house floats to Finn] It's me again. Carroll, my name's Carroll.
Finn: Finn.
Carroll: Finn, look I'm sorry about blasting you yesterday. Hey man, are you really gonna do those things?
Finn: [Still building] Uh, yeah, for revenge. I think it'll feel good.
Carroll: I get it, I get it. But let me tell you something. I used to be water. Like a pond or something real wet. I used to hate people swimming in me, [Sits down and pulls legs together to sit cross-legged] kicking and stuff. So what did I do? I evaporated, I got myself out of there.
Finn: You should have pulled off their legs.
Carroll: No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Listen, you have to stop obsessing about revenge. [Legs unfold] Umph. [Folds legs together again] Be like me and run away, you have to run away and never stop hating your old life. [Legs unfold] You gotta really dwell on it. Ah!
Finn: What was that?
Carroll: I just thought about my anxieties and it's like my mind hand touched a hot memory stove.
Finn: Hmm.
Carroll: Ah!
Finn: Interesting. Oh hey, what are your thoughts on melon hearts?
Carroll: I don't know what you're talking about. Alright then, I guess I'll see you later. [Cloud home drifts off]
[The wind shifts Finn's tower and knocks an ice block off. Screen cuts to Jake reading a book next to the tower and BMO whistling.]
BMO: Hey Jake, where's... [Ice block hits BMO, who climbs out of the ground a moment later.] Where's Finn?
Jake: Finn's just working some stuff out, [yells] AND IT'S HEALTHY!
Princess Bubblegum: [Working on a machine] It's not healthy, it's bizarre and he could get hurt!
Jake: Feelings hurt!
Princess Bubblegum: Eeeeah.
Jake: Eeeeeeeeeah.
BMO: Eeah.
[Finn is at the top of the tower which is now only blocks stacked on each other. He is at the edge of space and is gasping for breath (being at such a high elevation - he should've packed a spacesuit)]
Carroll: [Standing below on her cloud house.] Finn! Hey what's it like up there? [Black circles appear and begin to grow and cover her up.] I figured I could turn into spaces, or something.
[Finn looks at his hands and begins to hallucinate that they are stretching and shrinking. He sees that he is a dozen feet away from a portal. He gets excited and starts flailing, which causes some of the blocks beneath him to fall away and burn up.]
Finn: [Finn lies on his back and sees a light approach and surround him.] Daaaad!? [Now Finn is lying in a bed in an unknown room.] Ah. Oh man. My nog master. [He looks around and sees another bed that has been lived in.] Hello? [He walks through an automatic door.] Hell-oh! [Finn sees his father Martin in the room watching T.V. Finn starts giggling as he approaches him.] Hey, hey dad?
Martin: Huh? Oh good, you're awake.
Finn: [Finn punches Martin with his telekinetic arm and it grows huge and spiked.] Gotcha! Ha, ha, hee, hee, hee, hee. [He starts to tug at Martin's arm.] Give, give it. Give me the... give me give it. Give me the...
Martin: Oh, my favorite arm.
Finn: [Sighs and sits down.] Butts. Butts.
Princess Bubblegum: Didn't help much did it.
Finn: No. Wait, what?
Princess Bubblegum: Bong Bong. [She turns on the lights revealing that she was wearing a suit pretending to be Martin. She takes off the mask and has a bruised eye.] Sorry buddy.
Finn: PB? Wait, where am I?
Princess Bubblegum: We're in the Candy Kingdom fallout shelter. [Shot outside reveals the light from before was PB's ship.] I brought you here after you passed out on the tower. You were hallucinating like crazy so it was really easy to trick you. I figured you'd thank me later after learning your lesson.
Finn: Right, right.
Princess Bubblegum: And look, the arm is gone too. See? [The telekinetic arm is gone leaving the just the flower.] So what do you think?
Finn: Hmm. [Closes his eyes and thinks.] Yeah, okay. Thanks Princess.
[Back at the tower Jake and the deer are sleeping. Jake has sauce over his mouth from eating some nearby spaghetti. Finn's shadow looms over them and the deer wakes up and runs away.]
Jake: Oh, hey buddy you're back. How are you feeling?
Finn: Um, neutral I guess. I don't want to punch my dad anymore.
Jake: Ha, Ha! That's great! [Points at Finn's head.] You can always trust the old melon heart to get you through. [Looks at tower.] So I guess we won't be needing this thing anymore. You wanna do the honors?
Finn: [Looks up at tower] Yes I do.
[Finn simply removes a plank of wood from the bottom, causing the tower to collapses side ways destroying a large chuck of PB's castle and continuing onward, to the shock of Finn and Jake. Oops.]
Princess Bubblegum: [screams] MY ARM!!!

Episode ends