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"The Silent King" is the fourteenth episode in the second season of Adventure Time. It's the fortieth episode overall.


After Finn deposes the spank-happy king of Goblins, he becomes the king of goblins to prevent strife. But they and their strange rules prove not to his liking.


The episode starts with Finn and Jake fighting against Xergiok, the goblins' tyrant king. Xergiok tries to cast a fire spell on them, but Finn deflects it with his sword saying "wands are for wimps!" They defeat him and force him to flee. After Xergiok's defeat, both Finn and Jake are taken to the palace of the Goblin Kingdom, where they meet Gummy, the royal goblin chief of staff, who asks Finn to be their king. He also tells them how they are ill-accustomed to any compassionate treatment, since Xergiok loved being a jerk and randomly spanked their butts. At first Finn refuses, explaining that he is an adventurer for life, but quickly changes his mind when he realizes that if there is no king for the goblins, they will start a riot that could eventually destroy them. Jake adds that if Finn is going to be a king, he should also have a queen by his side and thus puts himself in office.

So Gummy begins to show everything that Finn and Jake are entitled to as royalty, such as a goblin birthing chamber, living fountains, an advanced video game system, and a stable of Dragons. When they arrive in the royal bedroom, Jake asks to turn the bed into a bunk bed and immediately takes the top, but as they settle down in their beds, Gummy implores that Finn should listen as he reads from the Book of Royal Rules. While Jake refuses to listen and falls asleep, Finn agrees to hear the rules but eventually falls asleep as well.

The next morning, Finn discovers that most of the rules that Gummy read prohibit him from doing almost anything himself, such as brushing his teeth, cutting and chewing his food, and even helping people being attacked by thieves. As Finn struggles to conform to the rules, Xergiok suddenly returns to the city with an army of evil Earclops in an attempt to take back his rule. Finn believes that this attack is the perfect opportunity to show the goblins that an active king can be a good king, but he must do so without letting them know that he is the one helping them or else they may stop him. Finn leaves Whisper Dan at the palace disguised as himself and charges out onto the battlefield. As he nears Xergiok's army, Finn hops into Jake's mouth and uses him as a muscle suit to easily defeat the earclops army by creating sound waves that hurt their sensitive ear heads. Finn says to Xergiok as he lies trapped under a fallen earclops, "Dude, no one uses earclopses in battle without earplugs." In desperation Xergiok attempts to use his magic against Finn, but he is finally defeated when struck by one of his own fireballs, causing him to drop his wand which Finn then eats.

After their victory, Finn and Jake are carried back to the palace by the goblin warriors where they find that Whisper Dan disguised as Finn is exactly the kind of king that the goblins need: a king who needs and allows others to do everything for him. Finn and Jake then decide to leave the Goblin Kingdom still merged. As they leave, Finn asks Jake why his insides smells like vanilla. Jake responds that a wizard placed a curse on him.


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  • The idea of Finn merging with Jake is from an unproduced first season episode "Jakesuit."

Another mysterious number

  • The number "041010" appears in this episode, on the plate of an overturned car that appears briefly during the goblin riot scene.
  • In the last scene with the goblin crowd, a goblin with a PHIL FACE appears on the right side of the screen.
  • When Finn gets Jake to battle the earclops, he finds him in an isolation tank.
  • After Finn says that he will become the Goblin King, Jake mouths the rest of what Finn is saying.
  • In the bathroom of the goblin castle, there is a compartment with a ladder leading up to it that is filled with toilet paper.

Episode connections

  • In the part when the goblins thank Finn and Jake, a goblin seems to be holding a ball that has a star on it like what the Fluffy Person was holding in "It Came from the Nightosphere."
  • Finn uses Jake as a suit once again in the Season 5 episode "Jake Suit".

Cultural references

  • When Finn wears Jake's body like a suit, to fight Xergiok and the earclops army, they use an ability similar to Marvel superhero Hulk's Thunder Clap.
  • The way the goblins are born from a mud pit is very similar to how orcs are born in The Lord of the Rings.

Production notes

  • This episode was previously titled "Finn the King."[1]
  • The storyboard for this episode contains what would have been the first mention of the Mushroom War in the series. It is seen when Gummy is reading from the rule book;[1] however, this line was cut from the actual episode.


  • When Finn is battling Xergiok for the first time, the bottom of Finn's hat extends for a frame as he lowers his arm and the space between his fingers is brown.
  • There are a few mistakes that happen during the scene when Finn jumps into Jake's mouth:
    • Three separate frames show Finn's hat as the same color as the sky behind him.
    • One frame has Finn's mouth above his eyes.
    • One frame has Finn's hat the same color as Jake's body.
    • One frame has the inside of Jake's mouth the same color as the rest of his body.



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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