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"The Prince Who Wanted Everything" is the ninth episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and sixty-fifth episode overall.


Lumpy Space Prince flees his parents to start a new life.


The episode begins with Ice King waking up a in forest, tied to a tree. He looks around calling out for Gunter. A campfire starts and LSP comes out of a bush to greet Ice King. She tells him the truth about himself (to which he claims he knows) and proceeds to show him a book she wrote about her gender-bent self, Lumpy Space Prince. The book is named "The Prince Who Wanted Everything." LSP asks him to read the book because he's Fionna and Cake's (and all the other residents in Aaa) "dad"/creator. Ice King then starts to read the book aloud.

The story begins with Lumpy Space Prince telling his servants to bring gold plated sandwiches by the window so he can feed his people. (LSP interrupts the story to tell Ice King to read in a "better voice.") He is then called over by his parents, who are monsters, to tell him to eat some worms and sharpen his teeth. When LSP refuses to do so, his parents grew mad and chased him out the castle to the edge of Lumpy Space. He falls into the portal to Aaa. Upon exiting, he sees animals introduces himself as the refugee prince of Lumpy Space. He then ask them to bring him "freaky" clothes, a "mind-blowing" book and servants, they proceed to do so. Shortly after, we see that the animals brought him Flame Prince, Turtle prince, Marshall Lee and Prince Gumball in shackles, some armor and a book. Soon, Fionna and Cake come and rescue the slaves. LSP is fascinated by Fionna and asks him if he likes her clothes, to which she replies that she doesn't care about them (where LSP once again interrupts the story to tell, Ice King to repeat what Fionna said, but in a nicer way). Lumpy Space Prince is happy to find someone who doesn't care about appearances and after commanding the animals to dress him in the "fashion of this peasant," decides to follow them back to the Tree Fort

There, LSP studies Fionna and Cake's movements and explains how his parents only wanted him to move like a monster. He then asks Fionna to dance with, which she does, but she soon becomes entranced by his "handsome spell" and pushes her away, explaining that he can only be with someone "who is his equal in every way," whom we can assume he is speaking about Lumpy Space Princess. Fionna replies that she doesn't care and asks if anyone wants a sandwich. LSP then follows Fionna and Cake inside the Tree Fort and is amazed by how humble it looks. They give him a sandwich and he asks for a baby table. He sees how they eat their sandwiches without dipping them in gold and tries it himself. He is impressed by the "self-reliant sandwich." He then bursts out in song and a bird carries him to many places that eventually end up leading to the Tree Fort.

Suddenly, a portal opens in the sky and his parents appear. Furious, Fionna rides on LSP to attack his parents with her sword. After knocking Fionna down, LSP's parents stab him and tells him to become a monster, to which he once again refuses and is knocked down. LSP tells Fionna that it's the end for him and asks if he made her proud, and once again she replies that she doesn't care. LSP then figures out that to beat his parents, he had to simply not care. An enraged Fionna converts her sword into a microphone and LSP shouts "I don't care!" out loud, his parents emit black smoke to try to attack him but he clears the smoke by shouting again "I don't care!" out loud curing them of their monster form. While they thank him for curing them from their monster form, he shouts "I don't care" again. They burst into bits of lump and he may have killed them. He then drops the microphone and tells Fionna and Cake, who are under his handsome spell, to buy him dinner as they float to the sunset.

(Back in the Land of Ooo) The story continues with Ice King reading that LSP's story becomes real, and Lumpy Space Prince is able to create a portal to Ooo in ten seconds to meet his one true love. Then a nearby bush shakes. LSP and Ice King then look at each other and he begins to countdown from 10 as LSP floats over to the bush, hoping Lumpy Space Prince would come out and kiss her. Instead, a possum comes out, scares off LSP and runs up Ice King's robe. 


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  • This episode has references to the Fionna and Cake comics:
    • Flame Prince, who starred in the comics, makes a non-speaking cameo appearance. Unlike the comics, though, his boots are brown instead of orange.
    • The sword Fionna uses either is or strongly resembles the wish star sword she received from Prince Gumball.
  • This episode proves that each Fionna and Cake story can stand on its own and not be canon to previous stories. This is shown by Lumpy Space Prince and Fionna first meeting and Lumpy Space Prince coming to Ooo for the first time. Lumpy Space Prince was in the first Fionna/Cake episode at Gumball's ball. He appeared again throwing a party in the woods in "Bad Little Boy."
    • However Lumpy Space Princess's story may have taken place before Ice King's and Marceline's.
  • This episode's title is the third longest in the series. First being "Joshua and Margaret Investigations" and second being "Thanks for the Crabapples, Giuseppe."
  • LSP referred to Ice King as Fionna and Cake's dad.
  • Flame Prince, Turtle Prince, and Magic Woman are seen for the first time in this episode.
  • This episode is the first major appearance of Ice King in Season 6.
  • A character similar to Sparkle (Ricky) appears.
  • This is the second episode of Adventure Time that both Finn and Jake do not appear in an episode. The first was the season 5 episode "Bad Little Boy."
  • It reveals that Ice King can do a perfect impression of Lumpy Space Princess as at the beginning Ice King read it in her voice.
  • Cake, during the training outside the treehouse, narrates doing a "Judo Chop," though such a move does not exist in that martial art.
  • Throughout the episode, some of the animation, such as Lumpy Space Prince's eyes will change from Western animation to Japanese anime style animation.

Episode connections[]

  • This is the third installment of the Fionna & Cake saga, the first being "Fionna and Cake" and the second being "Bad Little Boy."
    • Fionna's hat seems to have slightly changed from what we have seen in the past two Fionna & Cake episodes: the "ears" are thinner and taller than before, and the hat seems to have shrunk. The hat being smaller than before is said because the face hole on it seems to allow some of Fionna's chin to be visible.
    • Ice King nearly used the voice Marceline gave Lumpy Space Prince from "Bad Little Boy" for his lines prior to LSP forcing him to change it.
  • Lumpy Space Prince leaving his parents to start a new life is similar to how Lumpy Space Princess ran away from home slightly looked at in "To Cut a Woman's Hair" and featured in "The Monster."
  • In "Trouble in Lumpy Space" Finn said that the pit in Lumpy Space was "like a million miles falling from space," but in this episode, it is shown that if a person falls through Lumpy Space, they enter Ooo through the frog.

Cultural references[]

  • During the beginning scene when Ice King is tied to the tree, his feet are braced against a large block of wood. This may be a reference to the a in Stephen King's Misery, in which Annie Wilkes kidnaps author Paul Sheldon in order to force him to rewrite an ending to his series of novels so that the main character Misery no longer dies. Wilkes breaks Sheldon's ankles using the block of wood as a brace, similar to the Ice King's predicament with LSP.
  • Lumpy Space Prince's helmet resembles the Stalhelm and helmet worn by Char Aznable
  • The "mind-blowing" book Lumpy Space Prince received, titled Massenpsychologie und Ich-Analyse (Group Psychology and the Analysis of the Ego), is a book by Sigmund Freud on the analysis of group psychology and its relationship to the individual ego—a recurring character theme for Lumpy Space Princess and a major theme of the episode. Lumpy Space Princess is frequently depicted as having the exaggerated belief that she is both superior to and ostracized by her peers.
  • Fionna and Cake riding Lumpy Space Prince resembles the ability of Sun WuKong in Journey to the West to fly on a magic cloud; this is seen in many adaptations, including that of Dragon Ball's Son Goku flying on his Flying Nimbus.
  • The song that Lumpy Space Prince sings is a synthesis of ideas from Immanuel Kant's essay "Answering the Question: What is Enlightenment?"
  • The close-up of Fionna's sword turning into a microphone resembles the Moon Disguise Pen from Sailor Moon.
  • Lumpy Space Prince loudly proclaiming "I don't care" at the end may be a reference to Carole King's song Pierre, in which a boy repeatedly shouts these words to his parents, or to the Maurice Sendak children's book of the same title that the song is based on.


  • Marshall Lee was seen out in the daylight but not being burned by the sun. Although he may have been shaded by the trees around him. Either that or LSP (the writer of the fanfiction) simply didn't know/forgot that vampires are burned by sunlight.
  • When Ice King is counting down, he turns a page right instead of left.



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