"The Pit" is the forty-first episode in the fifth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred and forty-fifth episode overall.


Finn and Lady Rainicorn must work together in order to rescue Jake from the dimension of Kee-Oth.


The episode starts where "Play Date" left off. Kee-Oth is seen holding Jake and taking him to his Broke-up Dimension. When they arrive, Jake asks where they are and Kee-Oth replies that they are in his yoga room, throwing Jake into the pit in the middle of the room. Still thinking that Jake is Joshua, Kee-Oth tells him that he is ready for revenge and that Jake will never see his loved ones again. Jake surveys the inside of the pit, where a toilet, food, water, and some books are crowded into a corner. Kee-Oth tells him that these items are booby-trapped. The demon then sucks Jake's blood from his pores, claiming that Joshua once sucked Kee-Oth's blood this way. He leaves Jake slightly shriveled and fatigued inside the shallow yet inescapable pit. The demon asks how the defeat feels and Jake only says it doesn't feel that great, though he could get used to it. Kee-Oth is not happy with Jake's response, and goes off to stretch his neck and shoulders.

Back at the Tree Fort, it is daytime and Finn is still dazed and taken aback at what happened to Jake the night before. When he finally comes to, he remembers about his Demon Blood Sword, which has now been split in half and drained of its blood, much to his dismay. Nonetheless, he calmly calls Lady Rainicorn with the phone in his pack. He tells her how Jake was kidnapped by Kee-Oth and asks her for help. Lady goes to retrieve a video tape from her house before leaving.

Meanwhile, Jake is then shown humming and singing inside the pit. He sings a catchy love song then forms his hand into a picture of Lady, though it needs some adjusting to get her face and hair right. He then hears a voice and sees that it is coming from the shell he has been sitting on. Jake gets up and offers to be friends and the creature agrees since it has never had a friend. It says that their species spends their first 12 years sleeping and that it just woke up today. Just then, it walks into the force field shielding the toilet and food and is vaporized, leaving behind only its shell. Jake picks up and stares at the empty shell in disbelief before pretending that it is still sleeping.

Lady then arrives at Finn's place with the videotape. While Finn puts the tape in BMO, Lady Rainicorn speaks to him (though he is barely able to understand what she is saying) before they watch the footage. It turns out to be an old video of Joshua exploring a cavern in the Underground Grassland complex. As he is talking, he is cut off by a video of Jake laying in front of the fire talking to Lady in a sexy, seductive voice. Finn frantically shields his eyes from the disturbing image and pleads for BMO to skip Jake's parts. Joshua comes up on the screen, where he is now inside the cavern and has found a tablet. He then explains how if he links it with his own tablet, it should create a portal to Kee-Oth's dimension. Joshua is again cut off by a different video, where Jake is filming BMO and Shelby re-enact a scene from Heat Signature 2 (though when it is Shelby's turn to speak, he forgets his lines and instead calls, "Check please?") Finn suggests they continue watching the tape for clues, but makes Lady promise they will not see any more "weird Jake stuff." Lady raises her arms and says something, but Finn still has no idea what she is saying, says okay, and gives her a high-five. Just then, another clip of Jake plays. This time, he is in the bathroom wearing a towel around his waist, where he is smooth talking about how he needs a bath, and strips himself of the towel. Finn and Lady freak out from disgust and embarrassment respectively.

In the Broke-up Dimension, Kee-Oth is angry and tired of watching Jake stand in the pit feeling no pain. Kee-Oth claims how in the old days Joshua would have been trying to strangle him at this point back. Jake finally tells him that he is not Joshua and that Joshua is his deceased dad. Kee-Oth taunts Jake, telling Jake to beat him up like his dead dad would have, but Jake only questions why he is asking to be beat-up. Kee-Oth only gets angrier, so he throws a girl-dog named Samantha into the pit with Jake and makes them fight so that Jake will finally suffer. Samantha goes on about how she has not seen a man-dog in years, but Jake warns her that as much as he admires her smooth talking, he already has a girlfriend. Jake tells her that they don't need to fight because he knew Finn would be there any minute to rescue them, but Samantha proceeds with fighting instead. When Jake agrees, she easily dominates him due to his lack of blood and energy. 

Finn and Lady Rainicorn are finishing the video, watching as Kee-Oth struggled to escape before attempting to suck out Joshua's blood. This failed, however, due to the holy water Joshua was drinking and so Kee-Oth created the Demon Blood Sword from his own blood to escape. Joshua splashes holy water in Kee-Oth's face and takes the sword for himself. At the end of the video, BMO asks if Finn and Lady would like to rate the video, which Finn replies that they have no time to do so. Finn and Lady follow Joshua's path into the cavern and travel to the Broke-up Dimension. They arrive to find Kee-Oth performing yoga and Jake asking for their help. Finn pulls out his sword to fight Kee-Oth, who believes the sword is made of demon's blood. When Kee-Oth absorbs the blade of the sword, Finn reveals that the sword was a decoy made of grape juice blessed by Shelby. The holy grape juice Kee-Oth ingested causes him to explode and Jake gets his blood back. Jake helps Samantha out of the pit with his newly regained strength. As they all rejoin at the treehouse, Samantha leaves, declaring that she and Jake should fight another time. Lady asks why Jake didn't use his powers to escape out of the pit earlier, with Jake retorting that Kee-Oth was guarding the pit the whole time and that he had had no blood the entire time which made him defenseless and weak. Jake's legs then start to wobble and he falls to the floor. Finn and Lady rush to his aid, but Jake assures them that he was just feeling light-headed. Lady tells Jake that she loves him, and Jake says he loves her too. Finn then mentions that he is still in love with Flame Princess despite their break-up. Jake says okay and the joyful trio go into a group hug as a leaf blows by the doorway.


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  • Finn is unsure whether Lady and Jake are married. Lady replies that Jake is her boyfriend.
  • Finn seems to have learned a bit of Korean, though he is still unable to understand Lady, knowing only a few words.
  • All scenes in the Broke-up Dimension have a broken glass effect on the screen.
  • Kee-Oth is vulnerable to holy water.
  • Kee-Oth made the Demon Blood Sword from his own blood to escape from Joshua. 
  • When introducing himself to Samantha, Jake nearly refers to himself as 'Jay T. Doggzone,' before quickly correcting himself.
  • It appears Shelby is a priest after all, or at least he can make holy water.
  • Finn still has feelings for Flame Princess despite being rejected in "Earth & Water." 

Cultural references

  • The water used to weaken Kee-Oth is Holy Water. The holy water is sacramental protection for evil. It is common among Roman Catholics and Anglicans.
  • The tune of the song Jake sings ("Broke Up") is similar to Lipps Inc.'s Funkytown.
  • When Kee-Oth throws Jake into the pit, he says "downward dog." Downward dog is a yoga position, and it seems fitting, as this scene is in Kee-Oth's yoga room.
  • While Samantha is beating up Jake in the pit, Kee-Oth mentions that he has to go do his daily Sun Salutation (a popular yoga technique). He's still practicing it when Finn and Lady Rainicorn appear into his dimension.
  • When meditating with Finn, BMO says "I thought my body was hopping up and down, but I was sitting still." This is a common experience among practitioners of chakra meditation.
  • When Kee-Oth is sucking Finn's fake sword in his dimension, multiple paintings of the symbol Ohm can be seen on the wall behind Kee-Oth.

Episode connections

  • Kee-Oth kidnapped Jake as the cliffhanger of the preceding episode, "Play Date."
    • Kee-Oth finally learns that Jake is Joshua's son.
  • Shelby is seen saying "Check, please!" several times throughout the episode, which references a line from "Video Makers."
  • BMO and Shelby are seen re-enacting a scene from Heat Signature 2, apparently a sequel to Heat Signature, the movie featured in its eponymous episode.
  • There is a butterfly on Finn's head as he meditates while waiting for Lady Rainicorn. This could be a reference to his Astral Beast and the episode "Still."


Production notes

Storyline analysis

  • Both "Kee Oth Rama Pancake" and Kee Oth Zaple Myrups Rama Mancakes have similar references to pancakes. If the first letters of Zaple Myrups are swapped, it becomes Maple Zyrups (Maple Syrups). Also, in "City of Thieves," the Wizard Thief says "Pancake, pancake, pancake" to transform into a cat.



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