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The Morrow is Princess Bubblegum's pet falcon and one of several animals that Princess Bubblegum uses for transportation. It takes her to the convention at Veggie Village in the episode "Death in Bloom." Finn mistakes Princess Bubblegum's meaning when she says "I'll be back on the Morrow," thinking she means the next day. This ends up being a problem for Finn and Jake, since the Morrow is a fast flier, and this gives them little time to get the Princess Plant's soul back.

The Morrow appears again in "Burning Low," when Princess Bubblegum calls it to take her to the Candy Kingdom.

The Morrow makes a minor appearance in "The Suitor," when Princess Bubblegum calls it to take her away after doing research on Braco.

The Morrow appears briefly in "Broke His Crown", taking Princess Bubblegum and Marceline to the Ice Kingdom for Dinner with Ice King.


The Morrow is a giant falcon with many shades of brown feathers. She wears a tiara which is a bigger version to Princess Bubblegum's. It may also make the bird royalty and protect her mind from the influence of The Lich because of the gem (which is the main part of the crown). The Morrow is "crazy fast," according to Jake. Indeed, whenever Princess Bubblegum calls for it, it is only seconds before the Morrow appears to take her away.


Minor Appearances[]


  • When Princess Bubblegum called for The Morrow in "Death in Bloom" and "Obsidian" she screeched, but in "Burning Low" she called Morrow's name, and in "The Suitor," she cawed.
  • According to accusations made by Hunson Abadeer in The Adventure Time Encyclopædia, The Morrow is responsible for hundreds of deaths as a result of its excrement dropped during flight, much to the chagrin of the Candy Kingdom's legal department.