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"The More You Moe, The Moe You Know (Part I)" is the fourteenth episode in the seventh season of Adventure Time. It's the two hundred and thirteenth episode overall.


"Moe" visits the tree house with a special birthday mission for BMO. While BMO's mission stands on the brink of disaster, Finn and Jake host "Moe."


Due to Princess Bubblegum's experimental weather machine going wrong, the land of Ooo is snowing on BMO's birthday. Princess Bubblegum apologizes about not being able to attend BMO's birthday, but BMO does not care because it is more excited for Moe's arrival to the tree fort, and it anxiously awaits Moe's special birthday gift. After hearing a knock on a door, BMO opens it to find a large MO, and it introduces itself as Moe in a new body. After being invited in for cake, "Moe" tells BMO that his birthday gift is a mission to take a special trip to the MO Factory, which serves as a rite-of-passage for BMO. BMO, who is unsure what to do, worries that it might miss Finn and Jake, but "Moe" explains that he will instead act as "BMO" while BMO goes to the factory. BMO accepts what "Moe" tells it: that it would become a grown up by doing so.

As BMO walks to the factory, it talks to Air about growing up and how it will change itself. In the tree fort, "Moe," Finn and Jake are having an awkward time with each other. "Moe" understands that he is not BMO, but he tells Finn and Jake that he will try to do his best to be their friend and invites them to play outside in the snow. BMO arrives at the MO factory and is greeted by DMO, who suspiciously has loose wires hanging out of its body. DMO suspiciously tells BMO to stand on a trap door marked "X." BMO does so and DMO opens the trap door, sending BMO down the trash chute. BMO passes through various saws and crushers, all of which it manages to narrowly avoid, until eventually it gets its leg stuck between one. Still confused, BMO hangs helplessly.

Meanwhile, Finn and Jake are sleighing on an office chair outside, but they accidentally hit "Moe" in the process. "Moe" gets upset and tells Finn and Jake that he wants to go inside to do what he wants. In the MO Factory, BMO shouts for help. Its imagination lets loose and it wonders if this was all part of Moe's plan to teach BMO about growing up. Suddenly, the machine opens up, freeing BMO, who then falls through a vent leading to a large room. Here, it finds a giant sentient cube of MO parts, "AllMOs", who proceeds to tell BMO what has happened.

AllMOs explains that the MO Factory was its useful peaceful self until one day, a mysterious signal hijacked every MO in the factory and broadcasted a command telling them all to somersault down the trash chute. As a result, the MO's were crushed all together, forming ALLMOs, a single MO machine of extremely powerful processing power. AllMOs tells BMO that BMO's imagination is very diverse and that BMO is unique in that sense. It then tells BMO that if they work together, they can find a way out of the room, as all MO's has the intelligence and information to navigate the factory and BMO, who is the key to the situation, has its imagination to help.


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  • This is Adventure Time's second Christmas-themed episode since season 3's "Holly Jolly Secrets Part 1" and "Part 2."
  • The promotional artwork for this episode implies that Moe is Jewish because he is seen lighting a Menorah.
  • When BMO falls down the trapdoor after being tricked by DMO, "Z-mo wuz here" is written on the wall, implying that ZMO could have possibly survived.
  • There are a couple of binary code labels for the floor plan (the one pictured to the right, for example, says "CHANNEL").
  • In this episode, Jake can be seen wearing a new Christmas sweater which is all green with a fluorescent green zigzag as opposed to the red and green Christmas sweater with yellow ducks in "Holly Jolly Secrets Part II." Also, Finn can be seen wearing his red sweater with a white snowflake.
  • In BMO's imagination sequence, there is what seems to be a rainbow arc which closely resembles the pansexual pride flag.
  • The answer to AMO's game of Hangman was Burgess Meredith, who was an American actor, director, producer, and writer for more than six decades, and worked on such films as Rocky and Clash of The Titans.

Episode connections[]

  • Finn and Jake sled through the snow on an office chair in an homage to the opening scene of "Prisoners of Love," which Finn references by saying "Classic."
  • Princess Bubblegum is once again back in her Candy Kingdom castle, having regained the throne in "The Dark Cloud."
  • The MO Factory is seen again for the first time since "Be More."
  • BMO is shown speaking to Air for the first time since "BMO Lost," not counting the promotional art for "Apple Wedding" depicting them interacting.

Production notes[]

  • This is a half-hour special episode.
  • This is the last episode of Adventure Time to air in 2015.


  • When showing the story of the MO Co., MMO is BMO's average height, despite being five times bigger.
  • When BMO says, "Air? Are you there, Air?" a snowflake that is not colored in passes by for a frame.



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