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"The Monster" is the sixth episode in the third season of Adventure Time. It's the fifty-eighth episode overall.


The king and queen of Lumpy Space ask Finn and Jake to bring their daughter back home. At the same time, they attempt to stop a "monster" from destroying a village.


The episode begins with Finn, Jake, and BMO sitting on the front step of the Tree Fort, singing We're Finn and Jake in tune with a beat coming from BMO before Finn scares a flock of crows in a nearby forest by screaming, "Pizza!" Finn and Jake then receive a message from Lumpy Space King and Lumpy Space Queen who request help from the pair to find their daughter, Lumpy Space Princess, who has run away from home; they also ask them to bring her a basket of homemade sandwiches. After Finn and Jake accept their request, they find a whole group of Fat Villagers who have a problem with a monster eating their crops. The villagers lead Finn and Jake to a windmill, where the monster resides. After they enter, Finn and Jake realize that the monster is really Lumpy Space Princess. Finn asked if she was making out with the monster and she says she is the monster. Lumpy Space Princess receives the sandwiches and proceeds to tell Finn and Jake her story.

Outraged, Lumpy Space Princess ran away from home because of an argument with her parents. She was cold, hungry, and wandering in the woods searching for shelter when it started raining. Wolves found her and raised her as their own. She told them that they were ordinary wolves, but she could understand them through their body language. Lumpy Space Princess lives happily with the wolves for a time, but when she sees two wolves (that she calls "Jessica" and "Stephanie") supposedly "making out" with "Mark" behind "Tony's" back (even though the two wolves are simply cleaning each other), she overreacts and blurts out that Jessica is cheating on Tony. After angering the pack of wolves, they chase her and she falls down a cliff. Injured and covered in mud, Lumpy Space Princess finds her way into the crop field of the village. The villagers harvesting the crops mistake her for a monster and run away, so Lumpy Space Princess begins to eat the food in the field. Afterward, she dressed up as a monster to terrorize the villagers and eat their crops.

Finn and Jake then tell her to apologize to the villagers. She tries to apologize to them, but she angers them by calling them fat and they try to kill her. Lumpy Space Princess asks the villagers why couldn't they get their parents to buy more crops. The villagers say that they are the parents, who work hard to feed their children. Lumpy Space Princess realizes that they care about their children, just like her parents care, and are worried about her. She gives the rest of the sandwiches to the villagers and realizes that she needs her parents, so she returns home.

Back in Lumpy Space, Lumpy Space Mom and Lumpy Space Dad are delighted to have their daughter back home. The parents then thank Finn and Jake, although they say that they really did not do much.


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  • Lumpy Space Dad and Lumpy Space Mom have new designs in this episode, mainly by having crowns on their heads instead of just stars. Lumpy Space Dad also has new glasses and their body shape is changed.
  • This is the first episode that mainly focuses on Lumpy Space Princess.
  • Despite the fact that what Lumpy Space Princess eats is tree bark, she throws up in various colors which look similar to a rainbow.
  • When Lumpy Space Princess leaves the windmill to apologize to the villagers, the title card music plays.

Episode connections[]

  • When Finn and Jake find the fat villager in the forest, the plate of a car behind them shows "4 10 11." Similarly, in the episode "The Silent King," the plate of a car seen during the riot ends with the numbers "4 10 10."
    S3e6 F&J walking

    Two numbers on tree trunk

  • As Finn and Jake are looking for Lumpy Space Princess, they pass a tree with two numbers on its trunk. The first (041010) appears on a license plate in "The Silent King," and the second (081012) appears on a wall in "Apple Thief."
  • A frog, similar to one that acts as a portal to Lumpy Space in "Trouble in Lumpy Space," appears when Lumpy Space Princess is stealing the crops in the village.
  • During a scene from "Heat Signature" when Finn and Jake thought Marceline had made them invisible they found Lumpy Space Princess living in the forest, called her a "hobo" and tried to scared her. She had already left Lumpy Space by then.
  • When Lumpy Space Princess was chased by the wolves, she tripped on a cliff and fell all the way down; however, she is capable of floating as seen in "Trouble in Lumpy Space." It was revealed in "Gotcha!" that she has somewhat of a limit to how high she can float.

Cultural references[]

  • The scene where Lumpy Space Princess was talking about the wolves cheating was inspired by the popular MTV show Jersey Shore, a show that Natasha Allegri is a fan of.[1]
  • When Lumpy Space Princess was found by the wolf pack, her tale somewhat resembles that of Romulus and Remus. However, Romulus and Remus established Rome while Lumpy Space Princess terrorized a village.
  • Finn's dagger looks like the Indonesian's traditional weapon, Kris.


  • BMO's face is dark green right before he turns up the volume for his beat.
  • Although LSP throws the sandwiches behind the couch, they are seen on the floor in front of her after she gets up from her chair.
  • When Finn and Jake tell Lumpy Space Princess to apologize, Jake's ears are missing.
  • When Lumpy Space Princess is telling her story, during the part when she got to the village, the Fat Villagers are big as Lumpy Space Princess, but after the event, they are half Jake's size.
  • The hill in the center of the background vanishes before Lumpy Space Princess, as the monster, takes fruits from a villager's cart.
  • Howard's voice changes four times during the episode: from a higher-pitched one to a flatter-toned one. Then to a nasally voice, then back to his original voice for his final appearance.
  • On the Hulu and HBO Max streamers, the Fionna and Cake opening plays despite this being an entirely Finn and Jake episode.



This episode was censored in some countries. See Censorship of Adventure Time for more information.


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