The Maid is a weapon which Finn and Jake used to try and remove The Lich in the episode "Crossover." It represents itself as a helper, hinted by its name "The Maid." When it is fired, a female voice can be heard saying "Housekeeping."

The Maid is aimed to be used to take out interdimensional beings that pose as a threat.


The Maid is a pink in color cone-shaped weapon. The color lightens closer to the pointed edge (the muzzle of the weapon). The flat side of The Maid contains instructions written on in cursive.


The Maid

"The Maid will handle all Class A interdimensional Bung-ups if you follow these simple steps:

S7e23 text on the maid

Direct the small end of the maid toward your massive mistake.

Focus your intention until all distractions leave your thought sphere.

Then recite the words "A man needs a maid" three times.

P.S. don't mess around around [sic] and point the maid at your buddy, you goof.

You already screwed up once."


  • The word "around" is written twice in a row in the last paragraph of the instructions.
  • The activation speech is likely a reference to the Neil Young song of the same name from the 1972 album Harvest.


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