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This article is about an alternate version of the original character. You may be looking for the episode, the Farmworld version, the original character.

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This character is from another universe. They are living or lived in a different timeline somewhere in the multiverse.

Great Embodiment of Chaos, hear me. For ages untold, I studied your ways, devoting my existence to you. I strove to be your vassal on the physical plane. To build mountains of bodies in your honor, to extinguish all life! And in my universe, this I achieved! ...But it gave me no satisfaction. In succeeding, I lost all purpose... WHY!? Why must this be?! Hear me, GOLB!

—"Casper & Nova"

The Lich of the Extinct World, also known as Jerry, was an alternate version of the Lich from the multiverse and was part of a universe where he had succeeded in killing all life. He and BMO were the sole known occupants there until both had met their respective fates.


He looks almost exactly the same as his counterpart from the original timeline during the time he used Billy's body. The most prominent difference is that the flesh is more decayed, showing the bone of his hands and feet, and parts of his arms and legs. His right eye is also dangling from its socket, and his hair appears to be longer, reaching his butt. His beard has three braids. The only part that remains from his pants are the legs, with some holes in them, leaving his groin and rear exposed.

After encountering GOLBetty and incurring her rage, his body became a Tetris block like those orbiting her, with his skull apparently conserving its form inside the block.


After successfully causing the extinction of all life, the Lich no longer had any purpose, and became severely depressed. In his universe, BMO is the only known survivor of The Lich's wish, as he is a robot and not technically alive.

After encountering travelers from an alternate world; Simon, Fionna, and Cake, he seemingly prepares to kill them. However, he then halts, stating that he "would've rewarded [their] insolence with death a thousand fold." Simon comments on The Lich's depression, while Fionna and Cake express their fear of him, but then they quickly get on with conducting the ritual after Fionna reveals she had the crown. When Scarab finds their location and tries to stop them, the Lich does not interfere, but he does enter the portal to GOLBetty that Simon accidentally summoned during the ritual.

In "Casper & Nova" the Lich tries talking to GOLBetty, completely ignoring Simon, who tries kicking him to get his attention. When GOLBetty appears, The Lich bows down in respect and starts chanting. He then tears away his flesh, now being a complete skeleton, and begins to angrily beg and plea with GOLBetty, demanding an answer for what he should do with himself now that he had completed his mission. GOLBetty responds by separating The Lich's body, limb by limb, and then morphing him into a large, green T-shaped block, which joins the rest of the various green shapes that float around her head.


This version of the Lich appeared to be identical to his main timeline counterpart in virtually every way. However, it was revealed that this and presumably the other versions of himself did not seek omni-extinction as an end goal or even a goal in and of itself. The Lich, as the last scholar of GOLB, performed his actions as an almost religious right to his master, GOLB. Later on, when appearing before GOLB, the Lich prostrated and bowed down to GOLB, chanting as a cultist or fanatic would clasping his hands in prayer. The Lich seemingly did everything he did and devoted his life for GOLB, aiming to eradicate all life in order to follow its teachings and act as its vassal on the physical planes. He believed that doing so would attract GOLB's attention and praise for the Lich's efforts.

However, once the Lich had succeeded in killing all life, GOLB neither responded nor gave any signs to its intentions or even that it noticed the Lich's efforts. His sole reason for existence was thus rendered null and void, and he grew despondent and frustrated when only nothing existed at the end of his quest. This realization apparently led him to have solemnly readied himself for an eternity of loneliness with the knowledge that his objective was now complete and he no longer had a purpose, a realization that resulted in a nigh-absolute mental shutdown. With no life to eradicate in the reality he resided in, the Lich did nothing but sit atop a pile of bones in solitude. It appeared his only companion in this dead world was BMO, who gave him the name Jerry.

Even when the chance to kill newly arrived life presented itself, the Lich chose not to, seemingly showing that he no longer had a drive to cause mass death and extinction. Though he had succeeded in killing all life in his reality, he claimed that it brought him no satisfaction as it brought him no closer to GOLB nor even any recognition from his god. While Simon claimed the Lich was depressed, the Lich would actually be suffering from a crisis of faith and existential despair, seeing no value to anything any longer with his choice to spare Simon, Fionna and Cake being less about an epiphany on the futility of his actions and more about having seen no value in doing anything at all.


  • It is hinted that this version of the Lich was the same Lich who had wished for the extinction of all life, considering he still wore Billy's body after killing him in the original series episode, "The Lich".
  • While in the episode "Wake Up" Prismo exclaimed, with the Lich's later actions supporting him, that the Lich does not move when unable to destroy life because he is so single-minded in his goal of omni-extinction that he disregards anything else. Life still existed around him and he simply could not destroy it at that time. However, when the Lich actually accomplished his goal, he once again ceased all activity yet did not even try to destroy the new life that entered his universe. The Lich was not only single-minded but also short-sighted in his quest, seemingly never pondering what he would do if he succeeded. This is supported by the fact that omni-extinction was what he believed GOLB wanted and when he found out this was not the case, he lost any interest in the destruction of all life.
    • Despite this and his death/imprisonment, other variants of the Lich still exist out in the multiverse, namely the Lich Hands. Many, if not all of these variants have the same goal yet one unaccomplished and have not had the same experience as the Extinct World Lich. And so, they still possess a single-minded drive to achieve this goal.
  • It is unknown if Jerry is a name BMO gave him, or if it was the name of the Extinct World's version of Billy. Alternatively, BMO could have just misremembered Billy's name.

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