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The Knight and the Werewolf is a scrapped episode outline for Adventure Time, which was never produced into a full episode.


Finn tries to prove his heroism to Princess Bubblegum and Marceline.


Finn is hanging out with Princess Bubblegum and Marceline while they measure soil content in beakers. The girls are messing with Finn, talking about how much of a hero he's going to be when he grows up. Finn is outraged! He is already a hero, or he thought so at least. Bubblegum and Marceline tell Finn about the greatest hero fight that happens every year right at this time; a Paladin and a Werewolf fight each other to a standstill in the woods. People come from miles to see he two titans battle. They are going to go watch the fight later that night. Finn is heartbroken, he thought the girls believed in him more as their hero.

Finn gives some excuse for needing to leave, and runs home in an emotional frenzy. Finn hides in his tree-house and doesn't want to do anything. Jake tells Finn he should talk about his feelings. But Finn is too embarrassed. How could he possibly think the girls looked up to him? He's just a stupid kid. Jake finally gets fed up with Finn acting like a baby and tells him to get out there and have an adventure. "Hey, there's a fight between a paladin and a werewolf going on right now. Don't you want to check it out?" Finn decides Jake is right. He should go to the fight, and fight the warriors himself!

At the fight, there's a big crowd and a leprechaun running bets. Finn and Jake arrive as the fight is ending. It's a tie. The paladin kneels. "I kneel to you, werewolf. You are my equal again this year." "Growl, growl, growl." The leprechaun tells the crown that since it's a tie, he keeps all the money. Finn, ignoring everything, runs into the fighting area and begins pummeling the paladin and the werewolf with his fists in a blind fury. He thinks he's totally wailing on them, but in fact the warriors are mere illusions, created by the leprechaun to make money. Finn's tear filled rage dies down, and he finally realizes what's going on. Finn wipes his eyes, catches the leprechaun, and ties him up with Jake's tail. On the way to jail, Princess Bubblegum and Marceline apologize for messing with Finn... they try to give him kisses, but he dodges. "Hehe... Cut it out ladies." But secretly in Finn's mind he's thinking, "What am I doing?! I totally want them to kiss me! Dang!"[1]