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The Jiggler is one of the three main characters in the episode, "The Jiggler." After Finn and Jake came back from saving Stanley and Stanley's Family from the Unknown Burning City, they walked home and Finn began to whistle. This attracted the attention of The Jiggler and he began to dance to it. This made Finn and Jake entertained so they took him home. After much partying, the group went to sleep. The next day, the Jiggler appeared to be very weak, and his body had become gray. They tried drawing pictures for him to see what he wanted, and it was revealed that he eats colors, sucking them right off the page. Soon, the Jiggler began squirting pink liquid and his body began to become disfigured, and it spread all over the room. Finn and Jake decided that they had to take him back home so that he may return to normal. When they brought him home, his mother rejected him, as he has lost his scent. But after Finn forced him into the pool, his mother realized that he was her son and all was resolved.

In "Come Along With Me " The Jiggler is shown grown up wearing a suit and holding a briefcase.

In BMO's hideout at the top of Mount Cragdor The Jiggler's casket appears among the other objects in BMO's hideout.


The Jiggler appears to look like the average Jiggler. He had a black and white body with a facial structure that is similar to that of his stomach. He has a hole for a mouth that is always open and similar holes all over his body. In "Come Along With Me", he is seen wearing a suit and to be carrying a briefcase.


The Jiggler has a very friendly, innocent, and curious personality. He was very quick to approach and dance with Finn and Jake once he heard the whistling, and he was also happy to follow them home, despite having a family.


  • The Jiggler changed form after being fed a grape.
  • The Jiggler appears to have different colors in his fluids, as he was able to make a picture out of them to show where he lived.
  • He has the ability to have his arms come out of his body and spin around.
  • The Jiggler is one of the many characters seen at the end of "Come Along With Me."
  • Sacramento Rock band "Dance Gavin Dance" used the character's name on the 10th song on their 2013 album "Acceptance Speech"


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