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"The Jiggler" is the sixth episode in the first season of Adventure Time. It's the sixth episode overall.


Finn and Jake find a small creature and they adopt it because of its fun-loving ways and vibes while discovering the harm they do to it by taking it from its habitat.


Finn and Jake rescue Stanley, a watermelon, and his family: a pear, a banana, a pineapple, a link of sausages, and four marshmallows. They take the family back home while Finn sings. On their way back, they meet a baby Jiggler, who whistles and dances to "Baby." They take the Jiggler back home and dance until they become tired.

The following morning, Finn is prepared to party and sees the Jiggler on a couch, looking and acting sickly. Finn thinks that the Jiggler's just hungry and they soon dig through Finn's backpack for some food and find some grapes, that Finn calls purple whatevers, which he feeds to the Jiggler. But he doesn't like them, so Finn then draws some food items (badly) to determine which food the Jiggler would enjoy. Finn and Jake are then amazed to see that the Jiggler can pull the drawing out of the paper and eat it. Finn then draws a picture of Jake to see if the Jiggler would eat it. Jake then freaks out and decides to eat the picture, commenting, "I taste awesome." The Jiggler soon begins to leak pink fluids through its holes which Finn and Jake try to plug up the leaks by using their glass eye and eye patch collections. The pink liquid fills up in the Jiggler, causing it to explode and stretch all over the place. Finn and Jake manage to put the Jiggler back together and see that he's making a picture of his mother out of colored kiss marks. The picture shows that the Jiggler's mother lives near Stanley's house.

They reach The Jiggler Den and find the Jiggler's mother in a crater that's filled with the same liquid and many other little baby Jigglers. When Finn lets the Jiggler return to his family, the mother doesn't accept the sick Jiggler. She changes shapes and colors to express her disdain, which angers Finn. Jake then realizes that the Jiggler must smell like his mother and suggests he be tossed into the pool with the others. Finn throws the Jiggler into the pool of pink liquid which causes him to regain his color and return to normal. Then, the family of Jigglers become happy and begin to whistle a happy song. While Finn and Jake leave, Finn mentions, "I'll never kidnap again." In reply to Finn, Jake says, "That was a nightmare," and the episode ends.


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  • This episode is the debut of Finn's auto-tune voice.
    • This episode also features the first song of the series: "Baby."
  • In this episode, Finn and Jake's Tree Fort appears for the first time.
  • Finn's auto-tuned quote, "Let's get this party started!" is used in the game Sound Castle.
  • Finn calls grapes "purple whatevers."
  • This is the first episode where Finn does not sleep in his sleeping bag.
  • The snail is seen to have a slightly different appearance in this episode.
  • The music played during the "Toothbrush Song" is the same music played during the title card.

Episode connections[]

  • This is the first time the Veggie Village is shown, however it is not recognized as such until the episode "Death in Bloom."
  • Despite promising to "never kidnap again", Finn and Jake take part in another unintentional kidnap later in Season 1, when they kidnap the Ice King in "What Have You Done?"

Cultural references[]

  • There is a myth that if a baby bird, who has fallen down, is returned into its nest by a human, its mother won't recognize the baby bird because of the human's scent on it,[1] which is referenced to when Mama Jiggler is sniffing Baby Jiggler's voice.

Production notes[]

  • The instrumental for "Baby" was used in a promo for the Adventure Time Cast of Characters marathon.


  • When Finn starts to sing the "Baby" song his tongue for a split frame appears uncolored.
  • When Finn is making drawings for the Jiggler to eat, Jake colors the banana yellow and the corn red, but when Finn holds up the drawing, the banana and corn are both yellow and the drawing of meat is colored red.
  • In the scene when the Jiggler starts to dance, Finn is holding his toothbrush in his right hand. However, after zooming in on the Jiggler, Finn is holding his toothbrush with his left hand.
  • When Jake is chasing after the Jiggler and jumps on the record player, his mouth disappears for exactly 6 frames.
  • When Finn is lying on the ground holding the Jiggler in his arms, the Jiggler sits normally, blinking. In the next frame, however, Jake is sitting upright with the Jiggler lumpy, unblinking, and waving.



The episode was censored in Australia and Asia.


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