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"The Hard Easy" is the twenty-third episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. It is the one hundred and first episode overall.


Finn and Jake help the Frog People deal with Prince Huge.[2]





  • This episode was previously named "Prince Huge."[3]
  • This episode is the 100th produced episode of Adventure Time. It began production the week of October 12, 2011.[4]
  • Though this is in fact the 101st episode to air, it is advertized by Cartoon Network as the "100th episode."[5]
  • This episode is to air during a special day-long celebration from Cartoon Network which will celebrate its 20th birthday on the same day.
  • Finn's hair makes another appearance in this episode. This time his real ears are visible as well, which haven't been seen since "To Cut a Woman's Hair" episode.



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