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"The Hard Easy" is the twenty-third episode in the fourth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and first episode overall.


Woobeewoo Villagers seek heroic protection from a monstrous frog who's attacking their swamp.


The episode begins with Finn and Jake sitting by a body of water in the rain. Finn is not wearing his hat or his shirt. They both decide to leave. A River Scamp calls out to them asking for help. He explains to them that The Mega Frog was harassing them. He tells Finn and Jake to follow him to his village. When they arrive, the leader of the River Scamps asks them for help. They agree and the leader offers them "a bag of lollies [lollipops]" as a reward. They walk through the swamp and decide to use the lollipops as a way to remember where they came from. Eventually they run out of lollipops and start running in circles. Finn notices that they pass a tree that looks like a butt many times and knows that they are lost. Jake says he will stretch over the trees to see where they are. He comments on how misty it is, then is hit by lightning. It stops raining, and Finn and Jake try to start a fire by rubbing and twisting sticks in various ways and even writing "FIRE" on the ground, all without success. Then Jake accidentally screws a stick into his face. Screaming in pain, he then stretches over the trees again and is once again electrocuted, lighting the stick on fire. Finn asks Jake how he did it but Jake thinks that Finn did it somehow.

Suddenly, Finn hears something and says it is the Mega Frog. He puts the fire out so it will not see them. Finn and Jake head towards the sounds of what they think is the Mega Frog. Jake approaches from one side, and Finn on the other. Jake uses sign language to send plans to Finn, who does not understand. Jake heads out to attack and Finn follows. As Jake attacks branches begin to fall on both of them. They realize it is not the Mega Frog, but a very large nest. The Mega Frog begins to appear behind Finn and Jake panics; as Finn realizes it is the Mega Frog, Jake stretches them out of there, and it begins raining again.

Finn and Jake hide in a cave that the Mega Frog cannot fit in. The Mega Frog is able to fit his head through and rolls his eyes back to somehow fit the rest of his body into the cave. Jake stretches out to about the Mega Frog's size and attacks him until the Mega Frog has him. Jake screams that he is gently eating him. Finn thinks of all the evidence given by the River Scamp and Jake along the way. Finn realizes that to get the Mega Frog to stop he has to kiss him.

Finn kisses the Mega Frog and it begins to transform into an actual humanoid prince. The prince thanks Finn and Jake, but says he is confused as to why he was not turned to normal before this (as he has already kissed "just about everything [he] could get [his] lips on"). Finn then explains that the curse could only be lifted if someone else kissed him. He thanks Finn again and flies away, laughing heartily.


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  • This episode was previously named "Prince Huge."[1]
  • This episode is the 100th produced episode of Adventure Time. It began production the week of October 12, 2011.[2]
  • Though this is in fact the 101st episode to air, it is advertised by Cartoon Network as the "100th episode."[3]
    • This being the called 100th episode is partially true, as one could see Holly Jolly Secrets Parts I & II as one episode.
  • This episode aired during a special day-long celebration from Cartoon Network that celebrated its 20th birthday on the same day.
  • Finn's hair makes another appearance in this episode. This time his real ears are visible as well, which have not been seen since "To Cut a Woman's Hair."
  • Prince Huge is the second being of Ooo to have undergone a frog curse; the first was the Gnome Knight of "The Pods."
  • He is also the second character titled as prince, the first one being Prince Gumball, though he is the only one is not a fictional character in the series.
  • Finn and Jake use lollipops to prevent getting lost in the swamp, although in the similar situation in "The Limit", Jake simply used his stretchy powers.
  • Finn had a lot of trouble starting a fire using sticks, but in "The New Frontier" he was able to start a fire very easily using just his bare hands.
  • When Jake hurt himself with the stick he started saying "Glob it" repeatedly similar to the way Finn did it in "Another Way" when the Talking Bush provoked him.
  • In the Latin American dub, in the moment before Jake get struck by lightning at the first time he sing the song "Parece que va a llover" by Pedro Infante and Luis Aguilar, two legendary singers in the Mexican musical history.

Cultural references[]

  • The ending when Finn kisses The Mega Frog to transform him into a prince is a reference to The Frog Prince.
  • The scene with Finn suggesting to leave a trail of lollipops to avoid getting lost in the forest may be a reference to the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, in which the titular children were leaving the trails of rocks and bread crumbs.
  • The scene where The Mega Frog transforms into Prince Huge is a reference to the transformation scenes in Sailor Moon. It also has similarities to the transformation sequence of the Beast into the Prince in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
    • The sequence and music closely mimic the scene near the end of Shrek where Fiona undergoes her transformation after being kissed.
  • The swamp in the episode bears a striking resemblance to the swamps of Dagobah from Star Wars.
  • When Finn is attempting to start a fire, he writes the word "Fire" on the ground and then kisses the stick. This is a joke based on the idea of sympathetic magic, a popular form of esoteric magic.
  • The Woobeewoo Villagers are "mudscamps," which are similar to mudskippers, fish that spend a lot of their life out of water.
  • The Woobewoo Villagers' reserved nature and self admittance of being shy is similar to that of the Tenda Tribe encountered by Ness in EarthBound. The Tenda, however, are extremely shy and will not talk to Ness until they are given a book titled "Overcoming Shyness."


  • When Finn was having his flashback, the mud lines on his face disappeared but in the next scene they reappeared again.
  • When Finn and Jake start the fire, the rain abruptly stops.
  • Before the Mega Frog roared on Jake's face, his black eye disappeared.
  • When the Mega Frog body punches Finn, it has five fingers on its hand. The next shot shows that the Mega Frog has four fingers on each hand.
  • Finn leaves the pond with his hat off and is not shown with his hat in his possesion, but it shows him with is hat on at the village. It is not known if his hat was in his backpack, but in the episode "Little Dude" it is shown Finn keeps his hat with the rest of his clothes when he takes them off.



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