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"The Hall of Egress" is the twenty-fourth episode in the seventh season of Adventure Time. It's the two hundred and twenty-third episode overall.[2]


Trapped and alone, Finn must unravel the riddle of the weird cave with no exit.[3]


Finn and Jake are climbing a mountain to find a cave that is shown on a map from Flambo's brother close to where the dungeon train is. When they find it, Finn goes inside, accidentally stepping on a pressure plate and trapping himself in. He finds three passages and decides to go through the middle one using a thread from his shirt to leave a trail. Finn walks without looking and falls down a steep slope, arriving in a medium-sized room with sunlight shining through and a mixed-up snowman statue in the middle. They are followed by a huge door like the ones in a submarine, with the words "Hall of Egress" printed on a banner above the hatch.

Finn tries to open the hatch and fails multiple times. Finally, in exhaustion, he rests his head against the hatch. His head falls through the hatch and on to the ground. He opens his eyes and finds himself back in the hall. He then closes his eyes and reaches out. His hand passes straight through the hatch. He walks forward, past the door. He opens his eyes and finds himself back in the hall. He tries again and finds a string. He follows the string until he falls down a hole. Hanging on the edge of the hole he slowly lets his foot down. He discovers that he fell into a spike trap. He opens his eyes and finds himself back in the hall.

After many failed attempts at finding a way out, Finn just charges through the door. He keeps running until he hears Jake's voice calling him. Finn continues running and eventually pops out of the ground by Jake's feet. He opens his eyes and he is back in the hall. He then repeats himself, only not opening his eyes when he unearths. He tells Jake about what just happened, only to find Jake having no recollection of what happened previously. Finn goes off with Jake to find the cave's entrance, only to discover it has seemingly vanished. Shocked to hear what Jake sees, Finn opens his eyes to see for himself, only to once again find himself back in the hall.

After repeating the same procedure to exit as the last two time he instead returns to the Tree Fort with Jake and tells both BMO and Jake his dilemma and decides to go to sleep, hoping it will be better in the morning. In the morning Finn is pestered by BMO to open his eyes. He does and instantly finds himself back in the hall. Once more, Finn exits the Hall utilising the same strategy as before, but this time refuses to open his eyes to anything, not even sleep. After one month passes, Jake eventually manages to reassure Finn that it should be fine to open his eyes now since it's been such a long time (and partly because he wants Finn to give his opinion of Jake's new hat). But once again, Finn is transported back to the Hall.

Finn repeats the same thing over and over, each time with either BMO or Jake forcing open his eyes and returning him back to the Hall. Even after explaining everything and requesting them to stop opening his eyes, it still manages to occur somehow. After a realisation that things will never change if he stays with them or anybody else, he sneaks off from the Tree Fort during the night whilst Jake and BMO are asleep. After travelling for a long time, he trips over a log branch and a thread from his shirt gets caught on one of its branches, causing it to continously unravel as Finn wanders further. Eventually, he reaches a stream and takes a much-needed drink, quickly discovering afterwards the loose thread from the shirt. Mistaking it for something Jake did to track him, he decides to completely strip himself both of his clothes and backpack (even his underwear) to prevent Jake or anybody else from following or tracking down on him as he said, "No more threads to follow, no more egress." He dons an animal skin and three blindfolds and wanders through many kingdoms over many days & nights in isolation, progressively getting dirtier, bruises, sores, and his hair grows longer.

He eventually reaches a cave in the desert not unlike the one he entered in the forest. Finn walks into the foyer, his dirty feet narrowly avoiding a pressure plate placed, again not unlike the one he found in the previous cave. He reaches another three passages and once again chooses the middle path. This time, however, a steep ramp is in place of a drop, which allows Finn (unknowingly) to safely reach the bottom without falling. He reaches the hall and walks until he arrives, unknowingly, at the hatch. He bumps into it, finding that he can not pass through it. BMO's voice rings out through his head, stating the words "Something is different." Finn opens his eyes to see a see-through passage ahead of him where the hatch used to be. He walks in (now clothed and cleaned), seeing animals walking above him on the seemingly clear ground. In the distance he sees Jake looking for him.

Finn breaks in to a run. In his head, Princess Bubblegum's voice says "Hurry Finn. At the seashell's center lies the Cornucopia's smallest door." Finn runs faster and breaks out of the ground, spraying rubble all over Jake. Finn leaps on to Jake and warmly embraces him. He spins Jake around. Jake laughs and says, "That must have been some cave." Finn replies, "No comment."


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Episode connections[]

  • The Hall of Egress is referred to by Jake in "Skyhooks" when Jake asks, "What about when you got trapped in a mind dungeon for a buncha years?"
S5e36 F&J washing dishes
  • The Dungeon Train is seen again for the first time since its debut in the titular episode.
    • The Hall of Egress may be the weird cave mentioned in the episode "Dungeon Train."
    • Also, near the end of Dungeon Train, Finn shows Jake the future in an orb, which shows a scene of them washing the dishes with Finn having his eyes closed, from this episode.
  • In the episode Donny the word egress was used by a a Why-wolf and in "Come Along With Me" will be used by Princess Bubblegum.

Storyline analysis[]

  • Finn laughs off Jake mentioning his breakup with Flame Princess, suggesting he has finally gotten over her, although he does mention it sucked.
  • Finn refers to himself as "Finn Mertens" again, suggesting he now accepts it as his surname.

Production notes[]

  • This was the first episode of Adventure Time to debut on a Saturday.
  • There is a deleted scene in which Flambo's brother makes a physical appearance. It was likely cut for time.



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