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Враца This article is about an unreleased product. As such, some information may be false. Please help the Adventure Time Wiki by expanding it, or providing a source for information when possible.

"The Glorriors" is an unproduced episode that was planned early during season one of Adventure Time.[2]

The storyboard was later released on Frederator's blog and can be read here. The storyboard shows a greater emphasis on action scenes than most season one episodes, and according to the blog post, it may have been "a casualty of jumping into production without having had any serious development time."[3]

The city that was going to be featured in this episode (see below) looks like the "City of Thieves."


Finn and Jake try to save a Man-Horse stagecoach that's being attacked by Greywhack and his gemstone demons. The Glorriors (Barometus, Paciol and Odiole) arrive to fight off Greywhack. Finn joins the Glorriors to satisfy his "lust for exotic battle," temporarily leaving Jake behind. However, Finn soon realizes that helping his friend is more important than glory.


  • Finn
  • Jake
  • Cy and Sophie, the Centaurs (Man-Horses)
  • Greywhack
  • Gemstone Demons
  • The Glorriors
    • Barometus
    • Paciol
    • Odiole
  • Mouthicore
  • Terror-Bull
  • Gem Boss