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The Farm is a character who appears in "Who Would Win." He is a legendary fighter from the Shiney Isles, his homeland. He is first seen fighting the Marauders in a lake. Finn and Jake agree to fight him to help improve their reputation.


The Farm appears as a great light blue creature wearing a barn house with his arms going out of the windows, his legs through the barn doors, and his head through the back of the barn. His head always rests on his side. It is unknown why he can't lift his head. His eyes and mouth are made up of small black dots. His forearms and hands are disproportionately large and drag on the ground.


  • The Farm can drop farm animals and farmers out of the barn doors.


  • Finn and Jake are the only people known to have beaten The Farm.
  • He bears a similarity to the House People from "Donny."
  • When The Farm drops animals on Finn and Jake after he pounds them into the ground, two cows, a sheep, a dog, a fox, and what appears to be a farmer drop down.