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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The Eyes" from season 2, which aired on October 18, 2010.

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Finn: Man, why am I so sleepy?
Jake: [getting a banana] Dude, we've been up for like seven days.
Finn: [breathing] For real-sies?
Jake: Yeah, for real-sies! [Flashback begins.] Remember? First, we rescued the Slime Princess from the Ghost Ship Vortex. And then we slayed that fire dragon. And that took a couple of days.
Finn: Then we went to LSP's quinceañera.
Lumpy Space Princess: Oh, no way. You guys made it!
Jake [Voice-over]: Helped Peppermint Butler with his Goblin problem.
Peppermint Butler: I swear that I found it like this. I don't know what happened.
Finn: We'll take care of it, Peppermint Butler.
Finn [Voice-over]: We rescued Wildberry Princess from the Ice King.
[Jake punches Ice King and joins Wildberry Princess for a ride with Finn on Jake.]
Ice King: I just wanna be happy!
Jake: Then, we captured that Bandito.
Sheriff : Thanks, you guys.
Jake: Saved the house...
Man: Thanks, you guys.
Jake: And fed that duck.
[Duck quacks.]
[Flashback ends.]
Jake: We've had a busy week.
Finn: I'm exhausted. But happy!
Jake: Good night, buddy.
Finn: Good night! [to himself] That's right, Finn. Adventure 'til you drop. [Yawns. Closes his eyes, but starts to move around and grunt] Hey, Jake?
Jake: Yeah?
Finn: Can you sleep?
Jake: No.
Finn: I can't sleep either.
Jake: Yeah, what's going on with that?
Finn: I don't know. But, I've got the strangest feeling...that we're being watched.
[Finn and Jake look outside the window, and on a nearby hill, a big fat horse is staring at them]
Finn: Why is that horse staring at us?
[The screen does two close-ups on the horse]
Finn: That's super creepy.
Jake: Man, I just wanna go to sleep.
Finn: Well, maybe he's gone.
[looks out the window, the horse turns around and looks at them]
Jake: Not gonna be able to sleep with that horse watchin' me.
Finn: Let's just close the shade.
[Finn closes the blinds]
Jake: Outta sight and outta mind.
Finn: Good work, Jake
Jake: See 'ya in the morning, pal.
[He looks at the window, with the blinds down]
[The moon shines above the horse, casting its shadow through the blinds, startling Finn.]
Finn: Ahh! Why won't it stop?!
Jake: All right, man. Let's just go...push it off that hill or something.
Finn: Maybe we can just...politely ask it to leave.
[They go outside and talk to the horse.]
Jake: Hey! Get out of here, horse! I want to go to sleep, and you're creeping me the math out!
Finn: Whoa, man! Let me try, diplomat style. [walks over to the horse] Pardon me horse, I beseech thou to split from mine land, this night. But I welcome thee to come back for some luncheth, some other day. Okay?
[The horse's pupils dilate then contract.]
Jake: Forget it, man. This horse is whack. It's got poo-brain.
Finn: [Sighs] Okay, you're right. We can try pushing it, now.
[Both try to push, but it's no use]
Finn: Move, horsey! Good Grod, Jake! Are you even pulling?!
Jake: I'm super-pulling!
Finn: This horse has a ridiculous weight!
[They stop.]
Finn: Math this. What now, man.
Jake: I didn't wanna have to use my powers on you, horse, because I'm so sleepy. But you've pushed Jake too far!
[Jake grows big, grabs the horse, and puts it on another hill]
Finn: You shouldn't creep us out from way over there!
Jake: Let's get back to bed, buddy.
Finn: Oh yeah, I'm so ready for bed.
Jake: I wanna marry my bed.
Finn: Me too!
[The sounds of hoofs beating the ground in the background; Finn turns around, and the horse is back]
Jake: No more.... NO MORE!
Finn: Where are you going?!
Jake: I have an idea! [runs up to the horse, and flakes a blindfold on his face] I did it! Ha-ha! He can't stare at us if he's blind!
Finn: Look, man. [points behind Jake]
[The horse's eyes are sticking out from under the blindfold]
Jake: Wh..why?! Stupid blindfold! What's your deal, screwy?! Why are you messin' with us, huh?!
Finn: Jake! That horse is whack with poo-brain.
Jake: Yeah, I know, Finn. I diagnosed this horse with whacked out poo-brain five minutes ago.
Finn: Dude, poo-brain means we can lure it away from here using music. [Meteor then appears on-screen] Everything brainless likes music.
Jake: That's true! You're a genius! [goes to get his viola] All right horse, prepare to be lured! [walks off and plays Beethoven's, "Moonlight Sonata"] Follow me, Horsey.
Finn: Jake? It's not luring!
Jake: Huh! Hmmm. [plays Symphony No. 5 in C minor] So, Beet-hoven's not luring enough for you, is it? Well, how about some Mozzart?! [plays Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"]
Finn: Huh?!
[Jake starts luring snakes, Finn starts to scream and run towards Jake]
Finn: Ha! [closes his eyes]
Finn: Stop! You're luring snakes! STOP!!
Jake: Huh? Oh, nuts. Let me try and lure a mongoose! [starts playing, "Ride of the Valkyries"; Finn throws Jake's viola aside]
Finn: Stop man!
Jake: No! Ahh! [sighs] Dude... let's kill the horse.
Finn: What?!
Jake: I'm so tired, Finn!
Finn: No, man, we're not killing the horse.
Jake: Okay, we won't kill the horse. We'll dress him up like a bunny! Ha-ha! And get a giant hawk—Caaaww!--To kill him!
Finn: Wah?!
Jake: Caaawww! Caaawwwwww!
Finn: No, man! That is wrong.
Jake: Eh. Did I say that the hawk would kill him? I meant that the hawk would swoop down gently and take him away to an island of sunshine and love-stuff and, take care of him.
Finn: Whoa. That sounds awesome.
[They put the bunny ears on the head and the bunny tail on the horse]
Jake: What do think?
Finn: It looks like a bunny?
[Jake whistles]
Both: Hey Come and get it hawk, let's go!
[They run and scream like crazy]
Finn: Hey Jake, I think I see a hawk or two. [sees hawks] Cause more commotion to help the hawks!
Both: Ahhh! Blblblblblblblblblbl! [continue to scream like crazy] Take the bunny!
Finn: Hey, there they are! They see our commotions!
Both: Riiiiiighhhhhht here! Yeah!
Jake: Grab a good hold and fly away!
[Two hawks swoop down to the horse, and start to peck the two on the head]
Finn: The bunny! The bunny!
[The two hawks take the "bunny" away]
Finn: What a beautiful sight.
Both: We did it! Back to sleep!
Both: [run away laughing and screaming]
[They both hop into bed]
Finn: Good night, buddy.
Jake: Good night, buddy.
[Without warning, the horse falls through the roof]
Finn: Ahh! It's in our house now!
Jake: That's obvious, Finn! You don't have to say that out loud!
Finn: Hey, this is all your fault, dude! If you weren't so darn handsome, animals wouldn't always be staring at you!
Jake: You're just mad at me for being...handsome? Well, you're the one who told me to lure snakes! Ahhh!
Finn: I told you to lure the horse! You lured the snakes! There's even one here in my underpants! [sighs] Wait a minute, dude. Can't you see what this horse is doing? [long silence] It's tearing us apart.
Jake: Aw, man.. you're right! We have to get rid of this horse, for us!
Finn: I know, bro. I know. [The two hug]
Jake: Oh, Finn; this horse is bringing us together now. This horse is a blessing.
Finn: What?! Dude, you've lost it!
Jake: You...wait, wait. [crying] The horse is tearing us apart again!
Finn: You're right! It's about time I show this horse who's the man.
Jake: What are you going to do?
Finn: Say that to me again.
Jake: What are you going to do?!
Finn: Do... Doo-doo. I'm going to kick that horse in the bottom!
Jake: Oh, my Grod!
[Finn kicks the horse, and the Ice King flies out]
Finn and Jake: The Ice King?!
Ice King: I should go.
Finn: You were spying on us?!
Ice King: That's none of your business!
Jake: He was trying to learn our bedtime secrets!
Finn: [gasps] Were you?
[Ice King pulls a cork out of the "horse," revealing it was a costume]
Jake: [gasps] He was! Did you find out that I sleep "in the nude"?
[Ice King humming]
Jake: It's none of your business how nude I sleep, Ice King! Nnnnone of your business!
Ice King: Gentlemen, I'll see you later.
Both: Hmph!
[Ice King leaves the room and heads toward the door but Finn kicks him out when he's just about to get outside. Ice King hisses and uses ice magic as Jake comes out of the house with a sword in his hands]
Jake: Here's your sword, dude!
Finn: Thank you.
[Ice King and Finn fight until he kicks Finn's sword away while Jake fell momentarily asleep against the wall]
Finn: Jake! Jake! Look out!
[Jake jumps to avoid the sword. Jake bounces on the sword that got stuck in the wall and aims at the Ice King]
Jake: Tell us why you were spying!
Ice King: NO!
[Ice King throws Finn in the air and ends up running into Jake, both hit the ground]
Finn: Snakes!
Jake: Quick! Throw them to the Ice King!
Finn: What's he doing?
Jake: He's using his ice powers.
[Blocks of ice that came out flying from the fridge hit Finn and Jake]
Finn and Jake: Ow! Ouch! Ow! Hey! Hey!
Ice King: Is that all the ice ya have?
Finn: Yeeesss!
Ice King: Well, you should really have more.
Finn: We don't need any more.
Ice King: What if you had guests?
Finn: Guests bring their own ice.
[Finn slaps the Ice King causing him to lose his crown. Both fight until Finn kicks the Ice King and he hits the wall making the sword fall on his beard. Finn and Jake run and grab the sword]
Finn: Tell us why you're watchin' us or we'll - we'll cut off your stupid head.
Jake: Yeah and make it quick 'cause we're both really sleepy.
Ice King: Ok, ok, I'll tell you! I was watching you... to learn how to be happy.
Finn: What?
Jake: Huh?
[Finn and Jake let go of Ice King]
Ice King: It's true! I would like to be happy like you guys. But, I have no idea how.
Jake: So, you dressed up like a horse?
Ice King: Have pity on me. [flashback begins] I've been so sad and miserable, I cry all the time. But, whenever I see you two, you always look so happy.
Ice King [In flashback]: But, they're just hopping over each other.
Ice King [Voice-over]: So yes, I've decided to spy on you, dressed as a horse. [shows the Ice King getting dressed up, aided by the penguins.]
Ice King: But, I guess my plan failed. All I observed was you two arguing to get rid of me.
[Finn and Jake snore]
Ice King: Hey, are you sleeping? [gasp] Is this it? Sleeping? Could it be that all I need is a good night's rest? [closes his eyes.]
[Silent moment]
Ice King: Ahh... I'm... still not happy.
[Episode ends]