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The Drift is a large space station, with a gathering of multiple alien species living on it both prior and after humans led by Hugo took to it after the Mushroom War.


(Brief warning, this page contains spoilers for BMO. It is recommended you watch the special before reading.)

The Drift has been in a state of decay for nearly a thousand years. When Hugo arrived following the Great Mushroom War, he recognized that the fragile space station would not last long. Since then, he has been constructing the "Unity Pod", a new space station to save himself and his inner circle of former humans from the doomed fate of the station's other inhabitants. Building the Unity Pod requires vital parts to be scavenged from other pods, leading to their collapse. So, in creating his new home, Hugo is accelerating the destruction of The Drift. Hugo's robotic companion, CGO, comes to see the error of his master's ways, and for that he is discarded by Hugo and begins living in the station's trash heap.

Martin Mertens, who has been adventuring through space ever since escaping Hub Island, arrives at The Drift and allies himself with Hugo, taking on the guise of a mysterious individual named Mr. M. He helps Hugo to scavenge more parts for the Unity Pod. Like many of the other inhabitants of The Drift, he hopes to secure himself a place on board by sucking up to Hugo.

Meanwhile, BMO is sent out into the cosmos on board a MO Co. spacecraft, apparently to start a potato farm on Mars. But instead, he is intercepted by a service droid from The Drift, who BMO names "Olive". This is the same service droid which saved Hugo and the grey elves and brought them to The Drift. She has been waiting ever since then for someone who would be able to put a stop to the damage Hugo is causing to the station, and seems to recognize BMO as that someone.

Olive takes BMO to The Drift, where BMO takes on the role of the station's sheriff and begins working to fix the crisis facing its people. A teenage bunny person engineer named Y4 teams up with BMO. BMO convinces Y4 to embrace her own individuality, prompting her to rename herself "Y5", and also helps her realize that her parents are being misled by Hugo and Mr. M. As a team, BMO, Y5, and Olive discover Hugo's malevolent plan. With the help of the station's inhabitants, the plan is foiled, and the Unity Pod is left drifting powerless in space with Hugo stranded on board. The people of The Drift, including the formerly human Gray Elves, begin working together to conserve their remaining resources and repair their broken home. [1]


Notable Pods

The Garbage Pod

The Garbage Pod is exactly what the name suggests, a somewhat large pod that stores garbage, like a garbage dump.

It appears as a sad and depressing pod, with a lack of any color. It has multiple entrances coming from different sections of The Drift. A denizen can enter and exit the pod, likely to empty it out to another Garbage Pod, or dump it out into the void of space.

It is the residence of CGO and possibly other defunct robots

The Jungle Pod

The Jungle Pod is a large pod filled with unique alien animals and plants. It is one of the most dangerous pods, according to the denizens.

No known denizens are also known to inhabit this pod, but some robots could likely inhabit this pod.

After The Jungle Pod's main component, the Genesis Crystal, was taken by BMO, the pod fails, causing the pod to lose color and kill off all the plants and other wildlife.

As of the ending of the special, BMO, the pod is still "dead", in the sense that it's no longer inhabited by anything and it has failed.

The Desert Pod

The Desert Pod is an extremely large, expansive pod, containing of vast deserts and valleys, alongside towns, markets, and even giant ruined castles (like the one seen in the photo on the left.).

Many different species of aliens inhabit the pod, but these are probably the most notable

The pod is likely abandoned, considering The Drift has shut down at the end of BMO

The Bunny Pod

The Bunny Pod is a somewhat large pod that looks like a small wintery pod at the surface with an elevator at the center. However, the elevator leads to a sort of hotel consisting of bunny people.

Y5 and her family all originate from this pod.

It's current status and habitability is currently unknown, but it's likely failed.

The Communications Pod

The Communications Pod is a a somewhat large pod with large structures and buildings, likely used to shelter inhabitants.

Unlike most pods (with the exception of The Garbage Pod.), it appears to have a more crystalline ceiling. This is probably supposed to hold up the water from outside this area. It is likely that this pod is just and underwater city connected somehow to The Drift's Plaza

We actually directly see what happens to this pod, unlike most other pods. The water likely from outside the pod was strong enough to cause the ceiling to collapse, and therefore flood the "city".

As of now, it is likely that the city is destroyed.

The Garden Pod

The Garden Pod is a large pod that has garden patches all over it's walls, although the top of the ceiling is open.

It was inhabited by Cephalopod Aliens, but they left due to the infertility of the pod after the failure.

The Unity Pod

The Unity Pod is a small, pseudo pod made by Hugo. Hugo, after causing the irreparable amounts of damage he caused, eventually gets sent into space by the inhabitants of The Drift.

The Unity Pod currently floats in space with Hugo and Olive, Hugo being likely being dead as of the recent events in Adventure Time.

The Plaza

The Plaza was a large, city-esque, area of The Drift that connected every pod. It served as a basic market and living area, likely for any denizen traveling outside of pods.

It is currently in a state of ruin, after the events of BMO


  • Despite there being seven pods mentioned and visited in the episode, BMO, there is actually a ton of pods still unvisited
    • It is heavily unlikely that we will get to ever see these unknown pods, considering that The Drift is completely destroyed. Although it is possible some pods could still be functioning, but it's unlikely the ones we've already seen
  • The Drift could be heavily inspired by arcologies
    • The Drift also similarly resembles a Vivarium, considering the diverse amounts of ecosystems and wildlife each pod contains
  • There are 75 pods as of BMO, but this isn't including the amount of missing pods. There are 31 missing pods, meaning in total, there are 106 pods
    • Although, we don't know whether the missing pods were actually missing or there were just random holes in The Drift.