The Dead One is the spirit who was last thrown in the spirit hole by Finn in "Beyond this Earthly Realm." The Ice King considers him creepy, and Finn thinks he's gross. He spits out small yellow spirit heads with arms that flop around everywhere. The spirit is a red, lumpy mass of flesh with four long, thin legs. He moves with two legs but stands on four legs.


The Dead One is a red colored spirit with no face. He also looks somewhat lumpy and melty. His body is curved, similarly to an insect's head, thorax and abdomen. At the top of his head is a tiny hole where he spits out his small yellowish spirit heads.


  • Head Spitting: Although it has no significant purpose, The Dead One spits out small, transparent yellow head spirits from the hole on his head. This does, however, succeed in grossing out people who see them.


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