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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The Dark Cloud" from season 7, which aired on November 19, 2015.

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[In the ruins of Gumbald's Cabin, Finn gathers pieces of Peppermint Butler.]
Finn: Oh, geez. Oh, geez. Ugh, come on. Uh... Come on. Come on.
Bubblegum: Finn, don't worry about it. We've got bigger fish to fry right now.
[The cloud monster roars and sucks up some cows and villagers into its body.]
Finn: But...
Bubblegum: It's fine. Pep-but used to love being scattered all around. He used to tell me that.
Peppermint Butler's mouth: Lies!
Bubblegum: [turns on levitating couch] Those farmers won't keep this thing busy for long. [climbs on couch] So it's up to the four of us to stop him. Are you ready, Marceline? Marceline? Hey, what's wrong?
Marceline: [sighs] Me, I guess.
Bubblegum: What?
Marceline: Me. I'm wrong. This—all of this—this is all my fault. Even just fighting the vampires in the first place screwed everything up. Sure screwed me up, anyway. And, geez Louise, trying to fix it—trying to fix me... Just made things a thousand times worse. So why even try, you know? What's the point?
Bubblegum: What? Marceline, no. Come on! We're always the underdogs, you and me, and we always pull through. Like that one time, you remember? The case of the purloined egg?
Marceline: No! I told you, that's it. I'm done.
[Scene changes to a villager rallying the other farmers.]
Cloud Dance: All right people, this is our last stand! It's gonna take every one of us to see this thing through—me, Onion Man, Short Man, Terry—[Bubblegum flies overhead] whoa!—Short-Stack, Good-Beard, DeShawn, Seedman, Sandwich Paul, Angry Susan...
[Bubblegum cuts the side of the cloud with a hatchet.]
Cloud Dance: Muy Linda, Dr. Belstar...
Farmer: [inside cloud] Help!
Cloud Dance: ...Limbo Man, Quasar, Dogman, Tightwad, Raspberry Sam...
[Bubblegum pulls a villager from out of the cloud.]
Farmer #2: Up here!
Cloud Dance: ...DJ Fresh-Start, and my boy Big Trace.
[Back at the ruins of the cabin.]
Finn: You sure you're not coming, Marceline? We could really use your help. Marceline? Okay, maybe later then.
Jake: Come on, Finn! Let me hear that war cry!
[The two belch, and Jake stretches up to the cloud.]
Marceline: [looking up at cloud monster] Well, you finally did it, big guy. You won. Well played. I just kind of wish you would gotten it over with a thousand years ago and saved us all some trouble.
[The cloud monster walks over her, dousing her with rain as it passes.]
Marceline: Better late than never, I guess. [sighs]
[She sings "Was it Reality." Ice King sings the last line with her.]
Ice King: You remembered my song! [chuckles]
Marceline: Simon? W-what are you doing here?
Ice King: Well, I saw through my peeping scope that everything was going boom and exploding and monsters, and all my friends were in grave danger and horrible torment.
Marceline: And you wanted to help?
Ice King: No! I felt left out. I'm just a phone call away, you know.
Marceline: [hugs him] I'm sorry, Simon. Next time, for sure. [sighs] Anyway, you don't want in on this fight. This one's a loser.
Ice King: Oh, I see. Sittin' this one out, huh?
Marceline: Yeah, I guess. And don't try to talk me out of it.
Ice King: What? No, no, I'm right there with you. You and me—we're survivors, right? Like cockroaches or rats. Sure, you could fight and try to save the day, but what if you lose? Then what? You could die. Better to rot and hide like a rat, right, buddy? [hugs Marceline]
Marceline: Ugh! [pushes Ice King away] Did you just call me a cockroach, Simon?!
Ice King: What? No! No, no, no, no.
Marceline: Thanks, buddy.
Ice King: Yes.
[In the Candy Kingdom, Banana Guards are standing guard at the gate. A Banana guard shudders nervously. King of Ooo is sitting in front of a fire in his room.]
King of Ooo: Ahh, this is nice. Getting a little warm for royal fineries, though. [disrobes] Mm-hmm!
Crunchy: Princess? It sounds pretty bad out there. Perhaps you should protect your people.
[Roaring in distance]
King of Ooo: Yeesh, it does sound bad! Hey, banana men, listen to your princess! In my kingdom, we look after our own—me! You look after me! Close the gates!
[Bubblegum slashes at the cloud monster.]
Banana Guard: S-she's beautiful.
Banana Guard #2: You're preachin' to the preacher, brother.
King of Ooo: I'm beautiful! Close the gate!
Banana Guard: No. You're not beautiful. [takes off wig] We see you clearly now. You're earwax!
[The other Candy People join the guard to show their support.]
Banana Guard: You're earwax!
King of Ooo: Aah! Huh?!
[Crunchy breaks free from his mount.]
Crunchy: And the power returns to Crunchy!
King of Ooo: Aah!
[Crunchy jumps on King of Ooo's face and knocks him into the fire.]
King of Ooo: But you love m-e-e-e-e! [melts]
Crunchy: And instead of a wax idol, they shall have a true princess... Wrought of iron, with teeth of diamonds. Her heart is ice! Her will is fire! Princess Crunchy, the unforgiving! [to Candy People] Go fight that thing for me!
[The Candy People cheer and run toward the cloud monster. Bubblegum slashes its cheek. Finn slashes at its side but almost falls off of Jake.]
Finn: Whoa!
Jake: Finn, this ain't workin'. It's just fart grabbin'.
Finn: Yeah, but what else can we do?
Bubblegum: [sighs] Dudes, I don't know.
Farmer: Look!
[The Candy People arrive, charging and yelling. Flambo sees the cloud monster from the Fire Kingdom and scratches at Flame Princess' window to alert her. Flame Princess and Cinnamon Bun ride Jake 2 to the volcano. Flame Princess shoots fire into it, causing a fireball to erupt from it. The fireball hits the cloud monster and the Candy People beneath it. It seems unfazed as the Candy People rain down. Hot Dog Princess sees the cloud monster from her kingdom and sounds a trumpet. Three Hot Dog Knights run out and shoot arrows at the monster. It stomps on them, turning them into octopus. Chet wakes up and sees the monster heading for the Candy Kingdom.]
Chet: [gasps] [Marceline zips past him] Whoa!
Marceline: [grunts] I'm gonna poop my pants if Finn kills this guy instead of me!
[She screeches to a halt under the cloud. The screech is heard far and wide, and everyone turns to look.]
Peppermint Butler: Wha?!
[Marceline flies straight up into the cloud monster.]
Marceline: King? Vampire king? You still in here? Hello? Too bad.
[Marceline's body glows. A mouth opens on her heart.]
Marceline: Oh, boy! Ooh, I am famished!
[The mouth sucks the air like a vacuum, causing the monster to slowly implode.]
Farmer: The beast weakens!
[They cheer and attack the monster's leg. As Marceline continues to suck up the cloud monster, the animals it sucked up fall out.]
Cow: Whoa-ho-ho. Whoa!
[The cloud monster gets smaller and smaller until only its head remains. Just before it disappears into Marceline's heart-mouth, it bites Marceline's neck.]
Marceline: [gasps]
[Marceline floats to the ground and slumps over, motionless. Her skin sizzles in the sunlight. Jake forms an umbrella and shades her.]
Bubblegum: Marceline?
[Her voice echoes as the scene fades out. Marceline wakes up in her house.
Finn: Marceline?
Marceline: Sorry, what?
Finn: I was just saying we stocked your fridge with lipstick and stuff, so you'll have lots to eat.
Marceline: Aww, thanks, dude.
Jake: Also, we got you crosswords, "sudukus," and connect-the-dots. Just take her easy, buddy.
Marceline: Sure.
Bubblegum: Oh, hey, I was thinking—so, once I usurp Crunchy, I'll have my castle back again, and there's plenty of room there if you don't want to be alone.
Marceline: No, I think I need to ruminate a little—think about being a vampire again.
Finn: Are you, uh... Do you feel bad? I don't want to say, like, "I'm sorry about who you are" or anything if you're feeling okay, but I don't know how bad news all of this is... Right?
Marceline: Nah, I'm cool being a vampire again. Being mortal was good... At the same time, it was terrifying. Now I'm a vampire with fresh mortal memories and—I don't know—more empathy or something... More grown-up. Bonnie, thank you for helping me grow up. Now, I guess we get to hang out together forever.
[Finn, Bubblegum, and Jake leave the house.]
Finn: Take care!
Bubblegum: See ya, Marcy!
Jake: Later, Vampire Queen!
[Back inside, Marceline is tuning her bass. A miniature Vampire King is on her couch.]
Vampire King: Your friends seem nice.
Marceline: Um... Are you, like, in my head now, or what?
Vampire King: For now.
Marceline: Well, just don't get in my wa—
[As suddenly as he appeared, he is gone. Marceline sings "Everything Stays" over scenes of Toronto escaping the Candy Kingdom with a bag of treasures, Princess Bubblegum piecing back together Peppermint Butler, a molten King of Ooo crawling through the streets of the Candy Kingdom, Vampire King's mortal lion half going to sleep on a hill, Cloud Dance petting a cow, and Marceline's mom holding little Marceline.]

Episode ends