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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The Creeps" from season 3, which aired on October 17, 2011.

A mansion
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[The episode starts with well dressed Finn and Jake walking up a twisty road on a very stormy night. Jake is holding an umbrella, which the wind blows away, but Finn covers him with his umbrella.]
Jake: This stinks! Hey, how much longer till we get to the mysterious party?
Finn: Let me check the spooky invite sent to us by our anonymous host. [Takes letter out from his jacket] Oh. We're here. The party's in that castle.
[Finn and Jake walk up the remaining stairs to the castle's front door, there is a box of masks at the top.]
Finn: It's for us!
Jake: What's it say?
Finn: [Reading card] Wear me.
Finn and Jake: Wear me? [Jake opens the box and they both whistle.]
[Finn and Jake enter the castle, Finn wearing a fox-mask and Jake wearing a green mask with holes for eyes]
Finn: Hello?
Princess Bubblegum: Yoo-hoo! [Camera pans to the left to show Princess Bubblegum, Lumpy Space Princess, BMO and Cinnamon Bun, all wearing masks as well.] Hey guys!
Finn: Princess Bubblegum, is that you?
Princess Bubblegum: Why yes indeed. Although according to the invitation, we're supposed to use mystery names. And mine is Lady Quietbottom.
Lumpy Space Princess: My name is Duchess Gummybuns.
BMO: I am Professor Pants.
Cinnamon Bun: I'm Cinnamon Bun.
[Lumpy Space Princess slaps Cinnamon Bun of the back of the head.]
Lumpy Space Princess: What's the name on your invite?
Cinnamon Bun: Oh yeah! Uh... It's Guy Farting.
Finn: Prince Hotbod, at your service. [Bows]
Jake: I'm Randy Butternubs. [Walks away and throws card on ground]
Finn: So... who's our host, anyway?
Princess Bubblegum: Nobody knows!
Lumpy Space Princess: Maybe he'll be a steaming hot babe with huge money.
Jake: Tut-tut, Lumpy Space Princess! What would your boyfriend Brad say?
Lumpy Space Princess: Brad and I broke up a long time ago, duh!
[Everyone else gasps.]
Cinnamon Bun: Now's my chance!
Lumpy Space Princess: No. Way.
Cinnamon Bun: But I can make you happy!
Lumpy Space Princess: [Smacks his hand away] Puke off! [Slaps him in the face] You big donut!
Cinnamon Bun: Okay. [Gets off couch and walks over to a painting, revealing an envelope taped to his back]
Princess Bubblegum: Excuse me, Guy Farting, there's an envelope on your back.
Cinnamon Bun: [Struggling to reach it] Where? Where?
Finn: Here. Let me. [Walks over and takes it off him]
Princess Bubblegum: [To everyone] Did you put that envelope on him?
Jake: No.
Lumpy Space Princess: No. I didn't do it, no.
BMO: No. Uh-Uh.
Princess Bubblegum: What's it say, Prince Hotbod?
Finn: [Clears throat and reads note] Esteemed guests, I am your host. I am a ghost.
[Everyone gasps]
Finn: By the time you finish reading this, I will posses one of you and use your body to murder everyone in the house.
[Everyone gasps again.]
Cinnamon Bun: We gotta get out of here! [Runs to the door.]
Finn: CB, wait! It says anyone who will try to leave will die!
Cinnamon Bun: Nonononononono! [Pulls door handle]
[Lightning flashes and the power goes out, and when it turns back on, reveals a now-skeleton Cinnamon Bun. Everyone gasps in shock.]
Lumpy Space Princess: He's DEAD!!!
Jake: Yeaaaaah, right.
Finn: Whad'ya mean "Yeaaaah, right"?
Jake: [Walks over to Cinnamon Bun's skeleton] Come on. You don't remember when I pulled the same trick on your birthday? [Picks up Cinnamon Bun's skull.] I used the fake skeletons. [Makes Cinnamon Bun's mouth move the same time he is speaking.] To make you think everyone was dead.
Princess Bubblegum: It looks real to me.
Jake: [Blows small raspberry] Classic move.
Finn: Dude. [He pushes up his mask and crosses an arm across chest] I swear I'm not pranking you. Cinnamon Bun is dead.
[Jake looks sad and agitated and puts finger on his mouth. He drops Cinnamon Bun's skull.]
Finn: The question is: who killed him?
[Scene Transition]
Finn: One of us is possessed by a murderer. And if we want to stay alive, we have to figure out who's hiding a ghost inside their mortal body.
[Everyone looks at each other suspiciously.]
Finn: BMO! [Points down at BMO]
BMO: Ahh!
Finn: Use your ghost detecting equipment to screen everyone.
[BMO takes out old fashioned flash-bulb and takes a picture of Lumpy Space Princess.]
Lumpy Space Princess: I blinked by balls. My eye balls.
[BMO takes a picture of Princess Bubblegum, who giggles. BMO takes a picture of Jake, who has a blank expression on his face.]
BMO: Hmmm... [Narrows eyes suspiciously.]
Jake: What do you mean "Hmmm?"
BMO: Nothing...
[Whispering at the same time]
Finn: Did you see that? [Whispers indistinctly]
Princess Bubblegum: [Whispers indistinctly]
Lumpy Space Princess: Oh it was Jake I knew it, I knew it was Jake.
[BMO puts flash back inside him.]
BMO: Processing... Data! [Prints pictures from its bottom.]
Lumpy Space Princess: Ew.
Finn: Huh?
Princess Bubblegum: So who's the ghost, BMO?
BMO: Oh. Um... I don't have a ghost detecting equipment. [Slides photos inside of him.] I just like taking nice pictures.
Jake: Let's find some candles. If the lights go out again, we'll be able to catch the murderer!
Finn: Good idea! Jake and BMO, you check downstairs and we'll take this floor.
Jake: Okay.
[Jake and BMO begin to walk towards the basement door, as Finn stares suspiciously at Jake.]
[Scene transitions to BMO and Jake walking down the basement stairs, BMO is using its screen as a flashlight.]
Jake: Lay truth on me BMO, is Finn pulling some elaborate prank on me?
BMO: No, Jake. When bad things happen, I know you want to believe they are a joke. [Its light goes out.] But sometimes, life is scary, and dark. That is why we must find the light. Aha! [BMO finds a box of glow sticks and cracks one.] Found it!
[BMO hands the glow stick to Jake.]
Jake: Ooh! [Laughs maniacally.] Thanks, BMO! BMO?
[Jake looks around, BMO is nowhere in sight.]
BMO: Help!
[A long, worm-like figure flies past Jake. BMO is standing in the darkness behind Jake.]
BMO: Jake help!
Jake: BMO?
[Two ghostly hands come from behind BMO and pulls him into the darkness.]
Jake: AHHH! [Runs back up the stairs to the foyer.] Oh my crease! Oh my crease! Assemble! Reassemble! Come on you guys!
[Finn and Princess Bubblegum come out of an upstairs bedroom.]
Finn: Where's BMO?
Jake: The ghost got 'im!
Finn: Don't you mean you got 'im- [Picks up Princess Bubblegum and throws her from the upstairs balcony, onto a couch on the first floor. Princess Bubblegum rolls off the couch and Finn jumps down onto it.] Ghost!
Princess Bubblegum: Guys, if there really is a ghost killer, then we should stay in a group. He can't take us all on if we're in a group!
[Lumpy Space Princess screams; Finn, Jake and Princess Bubblegum huddle together. Lumpy Space Princess continues to scream.]
Princess Bubblegum: LSP, are you okay? Where are you?
Jake: [worried] It sounds like she's in there! [Points to a door behind them.]
Lumpy Space Princess: I'm DYING!
[Toilet flushes & Lumpy Space Princess comes out with.]
Lumpy Space Princess: [of relief] Ahhh!
[Everyone except Lumpy Space Princess sighs.]
Lumpy Space Princess: Ugh, gross. My lumping body's all hollow now, I gotta put something in it.
[Lumpy Space Princess opens the dining room door and goes in.]
Lumpy Space Princess: So where's the food? What kind of castle is this? It's like a poor people's castle! With no lumping waffles for my dump truck! [Picks up belly and drops it on the table.]
[Princess Bubblegum, Finn and Jake enter the dinning room.]
Jake: Chill out, girl. [to Finn] You find any candles upstairs?
Finn: No.
Jake: Well, I dropped a lighter downstairs, but there's no way I'm going back for that.
Finn: Uh-huh. [He pulls out the invitation.] Let me remind y'all that the invite says that the ghost will possess one of our bods.
Lumpy Space Princess: [offscreen] Not my bod.
Jake: Someone at this table isn't who they appear to be!
Finn: [suspicious] That's right, [finger quotes] "Jake."
[Finn and Jake crouch down.]
Finn: So let me ask you a question only the real Jake could answer. Who is always next to me in my recurring elevator dreams?
Jake: [matter-of-factly] A half-orc shaman.
Finn: [convinced] Okay, you're Jake. So, who else was absent when BMO got nabbed?
[They stare suspiciously at Lumpy Space Princess]
Lumpy Space Princess: Oh yeah, right! I'm not the ghost! I was in the potty house.
Finn: A convenient alibi. But tell me this...
Jake: [interrupting] Why did you break up with Brad? Only the real LSP would know that!
Lumpy Space Princess: Shah! As if you even know the answer to that, Jake!
Jake: You're right. I'm just feeling gossipy and I wanna know what happened.
Finn: Sounds suspicious. [pointing at Lumpy Space Princess] I bet you're the ghost!
Princess Bubblegum: She did it! She's possessed! Tie her up!
Finn: Oh she is, huh? Well, before we tie up LSP, answer me this...
Lumpy Space Princess: [interrupting] Brad, he kissed me on the mouth! And I was like 'bleh-bleh-bleh', and then I was like 'Uh, gross. Go away, Brad' and he was like 'obviously you're not ready for me' but what does that even mean you guys? W-What does it lumping mean? [Lumpy Space Princess whimpers]
Finn: [After a short awkward silence; continuing to Princess Bubblegum] But answer me this, Princess...
Lumpy Space Princess: [interrupting again] What do you want from me, Brad?! You said I was the hottest one, isn't that enough?! [Nearly gibberish] Why'd you have to mouth! [Lumpy Space Princess begins sobbing.]
Finn: [After another pause; to Princess Bubblegum] What did I write to you on your Happy Birthday card two years ago? Word for word.
Princess Bubblegum: [flatly] Finn, there's no way I would remember that...
Finn: [hurt] I remember that. [Pulls down mask]
Jake: [accusing] You're not PB! Tie you up!
[Lumpy Space Princess gasps]
Princess Bubblegum: [shocked] What! Wait you guys! [Jake stretches his arms around Princess Bubblegum. She looks up, gasps and points] Look!
[They look up and see the ghostly being emerge from the ceiling, causing Lumpy Space Princess to shriek.]
Finn: [surprised] A real ghost?!
Lumpy Space Princess: [scared] Aah! Don't touch me! Don't touch ME!
[The ghost flies through Princess Bubblegum's abdomen, and she begins melting.]
Finn, Jake and Lumpy Space Princess: DAAAAAG!
Finn: [breaking up] This wasn't supposed to... ha-a-appen!
Jake: Aha! [taps Finn's face] I knew you were pranking me back, you!
Finn: Yeah... it was all a set up. The doors, Cinnamon Bun's and BMO's. Oh strizz! BMO and Cinnamon Bun should be in the closet over there. [Finn goes towards the closet] Guys! Guys, guys! C'mon you guuuu-.
[Finn opens the door, revealing Cinnamon Bun to be splattered all over the back wall. Finn starts screaming, followed by Jake. Finn then looks down to see BMO smashed to pieces on the floor of the closet. A part of Cinnamon Bun falls from the ceiling forming a pool in BMO.]
Lumpy Space Princess: [shrieking] OH MY GLOB! I can't take this, you guys. [she pulls out her cellphone] I'm calling my lumping parents right now!
[The lights go off, leaving the room illuminated by Lumpy Space Princess's phone. She screams as she floats away from the ghost.]
Finn: LSP! What's happening!
Lumpy Space Princess: Oh my Glob! I'm not ready! Get away! [It wraps itself around Lumpy Space Princess] Oh, gross!
[She screams as the ghost engulfs her and disappears with her​. The lights turn back on, showing Lumpy Space Princess in a painting running alongside some wolves.]
Finn: Where'd did she GO?!
Jake: [turning and noticing the painting] Look! [Finn walks over.] [whispering] I'm scared, bro.
[Ghostly, demonic laughing is heard, and the pair look up at the swinging chandelier while an eerie laughter fills the room. Scared, they look towards the closet, and the ghost moves towards them.]
[They both run back into the foyer and to the front door.]
Finn: Open it!
[Jake pulls at the door.]
Jake: It won't open! [He taps the door with his left hand, enlarges his right and punches the door. He then holds his hand in pain.]
[The ghost enters the foyer and moves towards them. It pushes them into one of the bannisters of the stairs, breaking it.]
Finn: [getting up and running up the stairs] C'mon!
Jake: [groggily] Okay...
[Finn makes it up to a door upstairs, opens it and turns to Jake.]
Finn: Jake!
Jake: [hopping in pain] Ow, ow, ow! I got a splinter!
Finn: Jakey!
[The ghost grabs Jake and pulls him towards the ceiling, but Finn grabs his hands.]
Jake: Don't let go, man!
Finn: Oh no! Your fancy GLOVES!
[Jake's gloves are pulled off and Jake is pulled towards the ceiling screaming. Finn falls backwards through the door and it shuts behind him.]
Finn: [breathing heavily] Jake... Princess!
[He hears a noise and turns, seeing the wall behind him wobble. From the wall emerges a ghostly woman, which smiles and moves towards him, and he backs away in pure terror. Picking up a chair, Finn smashes it into the wall, then kicks it. Getting his foot stuck, he headbutts the wall, smashing through it in a panic. In the next room, three holes emerge from the floor, and crows from a painting come to life and fly at Finn. One of the holes then turns into a crack along the floor, which begins moving like a mouth biting. He runs up a spiral staircase to the castle's observatory and looks through the window at the waves crashing against the castle walls. The first ghostly figure appears from the stairs.]
Finn: [shrieking] YEEAAARGH!
Jake: [removing the white sheet covering him sitting on Lady Rainicorn 's head.] Haha! Gotcha, dude! Two for two!
Finn: WHAT!?
Jake: I figured out your plan months ago! So I flipped the script. Oh yeah!
Finn: So everyone's okay. [counting on fingers] BMO, Cinnamon Bun...
Jake: Yeah, see?!
[Lady Rainicorn floats around, showing the supposedly dead friends absorbed into her long body.]
Finn: Whoa, sick! You can phase people into your body?!
Lady Rainicorn: 당연하지! 난 제이크랑 항상 한 몸이 되는데. ("Of course. Jake and I merge our bodies all the time.")
Lumpy Space Princess: [whispering] I'm ready for you now, Brad. Isn't it so obvi? I'm so ready.
Finn: [to Princess Bubblegum] But, PB. You melted!
Princess Bubblegum: It was a wax dummy, dummy! Jake switched me out while Lady was distracting you.
Finn: [awed] Wow, you got me again! I can't believe that! With the hair, and the house coming alive and stuff...
Jake: The what?
Finn: The walls and chairs trying to eat me and stuff.
Jake: Eh, nah. You must have been so scared you imagined that part.
Finn: [adamant] Uh, no I didn't...
Jake: Haha, nice try, Finn. Let's get outta here.
[Finn climbs onto Lady Rainicorn's back and she flies out of the observatory. Finn thinks back to the Ghost Lady emerging from the wall.]
Finn: That one's going in the vault. [he puts a hand to his head] Aaaaand... It's gone.
[The episode ends.]