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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The Cooler" from season 6, which aired on December 4, 2014.

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[In the Fire Kingdom, a Flame Person is sleeping on his bed. His alarm clock rings. The Flame Person wakes up and shuts it off by putting his hand on it.]
Flame Person: [shivers] Brrrr. It's freezing in here. [teleports into his huge pants] Whoa, I'm losing a lot of weight! Calorie control and moderate exercise are the key. But I don't do any of those things, so this is weird. Hmm...
[The Fire Kingdom is shown to be cooled down. The Flame People were discussing about their changes.]
Flame Guard: My jets are tiny! [covers his jets] No one look at my tiny jets!
Flame Person: At least your body is normal, man. My body isn't hot anymore!
Flame Person: What's going on, man? I'm scared!
Flame Person: Give me a hug, man! I don't know! [hugs the Flame Person. The Flame Person then vanishes in his arms.] Aaaaaah! Nooooo! My baby brooooo!
[The ground starts to crack and releases a cool air pocket, reducing the sizes of the Flame People as they scream. They run away from the place, passing the discussion chamber. In the discussion chamber, Flame Princess, her older brother, Randy, and her aunt Agnes sit by the conference table, with Cinnamon Bun guarding the door.]
Flame Princess: [passes a piece of paper to her older brother] It's as I feared. The magma in the kingdom's core is cooling down, weakening the life force of our Flame Citizens. I've gathered you here to figure out how to stop this. We need ideas, people! [clenches her fists]
Randy: I'll do my best, sis!
Flame Princess: Randy, you are here to stay safe only. Eat your snacks.
Randy: I'll do my best, sis. [eats his snacks]
Agnes: Perhaps everyone can form into a big love hug to stay warm!
Flame Princess: That's ridiculous, aunt Agnes.
Agnes: I'm not that smart.
Flame Princess' older brother: [slams the table with his fists] Blow up the Candy Kingdom! I've been saying this for months now! And I'll say it again! Let's blow 'em up with their stockpile of you know whats! We've debated this too long!
Agnes: But why the Candy Kingdom?
Flame Princess' older brother: Their sugar burns hotter and faster with lots of extra calories. Don't make me wait, sister! Also, is it safe to talk about in front of the C-I-N-N-A-M-O-N B-U-N?
[Everyone looks at Cinnamon Bun.]
Cinnamon Bun: [tries to pick something in his nose]
Flame Princess: Cinnamon Bun, what are you doing?
Cinnamon Bun: My nose itches!
Flame Princess: You don't have a nose.
Cinnamon Bun: What? [continues picking his nose]
Flame Princess: Well, whatever it is, it won't go away if you don't stop fiddling with it.
Flame Princess' older brother: [continues to slam his fists on the table] Blow up the Candy Kingdom! They are trash people!
Flame Princess: I'm prepared to do what I need to as a leader. Nothing is off the table, but we need Princess Bubblegum as an ally right now. She might be able to help us solve this.
Flame Princess' older brother: Very well. Randy, send them an ultimatum! Help us or die! [becomes enraged and slams his fist on the table]
Randy: Randy is on it! [texts on his phone and sends the message]
[The discussion chamber starts to shake and crack, releasing more cool air pockets, one of which hits Agnes as she screams, reducing the size of her head]
Flame Princess: [gasps]
Cinnamon Bun: Princess! [grabs Flame Princess before one of the cool air pockets hits her]
Flame Princess' older brother: Yeah, pump those legs, Randy!
[The people exit the place, with Cinnamon Bun carrying Flame Princess and her older brother carrying Agnes. The cool air pockets increases in amount, surrounding Flame Princess' brothers and her aunt and preventing them to escape.]
Flame Princess: Quickly, CB, take me to the core entrance.
Cinnamon Bun: Okay!
[Flame Princess runs into the core entrance. Cinnamon Bun puts his fist onto his chest as the door closes. The door then opens as a stern Flame Princess walks out, meeting Princess Bubblegum.]
Flame Princess: Hello, Bubblegum. Thank you for coming.
Princess Bubblegum: [bows slightly] I'm glad you sent for me, and please, call me Bonnibel! Hey, what's your first—?
Flame Princess: Don't act like you're my friend, PB! You're here to help save my kingdom, not because I trust you.
Princess Bubblegum: [opens her Mondometer and follows Flame Princess]
Flame Princess: We're in the midst of unnatural cold season, but the cause has us stumped. [looks down] My people are really freaking out.
Princess Bubblegum: Yeah, my subjects tend to panic in crisis situations, too. [puts her hand on Flame Princess' shoulder] It's tough; a ruler's got to deal with a lot of subservient dummies.
Flame Princess: Hmmm...
[Princess Bubblegum's Mondometer starts to act up]
Princess Bubblegum: Whoa! Whoa! Hold up. My Mondometer is going cuckoo. [uses her Mondometer to scan the doors in front of them and points to it] Where does this lead?
Flame Princess: Behind these doors are the most secret relics in the Fire Kingdom. Forbidden to outsiders. Come on.
Princess Bubblegum: Well, whatever is back there is kicking out mondo energy levels. It could have something to do with the cooling.
[The ground starts to shake and crack, causing the two princesses to fall.]
Princess Bubblegum: Do you wanna save your kingdom or not?
Flame Princess: Alright, but don't touch anything! [uses her fire powers to unlock the doors and opens it, revealing the giants inside the room ] These are the sleeping Fire Giants. They're the ancient protectors of the Fire Kingdom. Their existence is known only to those of the royal line, and their story has been passed down through the generations.
[Flame Princess sings "A Kingdom from a Spark." Meanwhile, Princess Bubblegum steals the giants' geothermic units and puts them in her bag.]
Flame Princess: [walks near one of the fire giants] With them, I can remake a white-hot new Fire Kingdom. They are our last resort, our greatest weapons. Huh? [sees Princess Bubblegum stealing the unit of the giant] Hey! I said "no touching"!
Princess Bubblegum: What? Oh, no no no! This little geothermic control module, or whatever it is, accidentally fell out. [puts the unit back] I was just putting it back!
Flame Princess: Huh, strange. The access panel's lock must have corroded.
Princess Bubblegum: [scoffs] Yeah, ancient technology's always falling apart. [opens up her Mondometer] Oh! The readings are over here now! [as she walks to the other way, she accidentally rips her bag, spilling the stolen units.]
Flame Princess: What?!
Princess Bubblegum: [sighs] Okay, let me explain. These bad boys are just too dangerous to remain functional, and I can't risk you or your bananas brother using them, especially now that you've lost most of your powers. [bends down to reach the stolen units] So let me just finish disarming...
Flame Princess: [shoots a fire ball at Princess Bubblegum] You are way out of line, Bubblegum! You have no control here! [turns into giant form and flies up] I do! [throws two fireballs at Princess Bubblegum]
Princess Bubblegum: [dodges her attacks] Aah! Shield, shield! [her fire proof suit activates a shield on her and Flame Princess' next attack gets reflected from her shield, leading it to destroy one of the nearby giants.]
Flame Princess: Nooooo!
Princess Bubblegum: [smiles] Hey, nice shot! Ya ding dong!
Flame Princess: [growls and shoots a fireball at Princess Bubblegum]
Princess Bubblegum: Cloak. [disappears]
Flame Princess: Come out in the open and face me like a princess!
Princess Bubblegum: [appears near one of the fire giants] The Fire Kingdom has always been a threat to my realm! [sends a cloud seeding missile towards Flame Princess as an attack]
Flame Princess: So that gives you the right [twists herself around the missile to avoid it] to donk up my people's future?! [flies towards Princess Bubblegum. She cloaks herself and escapes, leading Flame Princess to destroy the giant she was standing in front of. Flame Princess then reforms into a bigger giant with her flames.] I won't let you continue to usurp my authority!
Princess Bubblegum: And I can't leave my people's safety to chance! [releases another one of her missiles to attack Flame Princess]
Flame Princess: [dodges her attack] Why can't you just trust me?! [throws a huge fireball towards Princess Bubblegum]
Princess Bubblegum: [sighs and jumps out of the way to dodge Flame Princess' attack] 'Cause you're a ding dong. I've got to do whatever it takes to protect my peeps. [heads towards the entrance to the room and cloaks herself]
Flame Princess: So be it. [releases two large fire blades and turns into her enraged but smaller form]
[The two fire blades destroys two fire giants, causing a huge explosion. The explosion disables Princess Bubblegum's cloak as she screams and hits into the wall from a long distance.]
Princess Bubblegum: [moans in pain]
Flame Princess: [flies in front of Princess Bubblegum] You're never going to change, are you? You'll just keep walking all over us little people! [shoves a fireball in front of Princess Bubblegum] But not today.
[Princess Bubblegum then releases a grenade which sends a lightning lightning bolt that sends electricity into the smoke from the damaged giants, creating rain and dousing Flame Princess, as well as preventing her from killing Bubblegum.]
Princess Bubblegum: [pants] Shields off. [her shield disables, causing her to fall from the wall and the two princesses pant as they lie on the ground.] Okay, I'll come clean.
Flame Princess: Yeah, right.
Princess Bubblegum: It was me. I messed with the core temperature to get in here. I had to get near your weapon stockpile.
Flame Princess: But how did you find out about them?
Princess Bubblegum: Ummm...
[In a bathroom, Cinnamon Bun is still picking his nose.]
Cinnamon Bun: Wait... [pulls out a video camera out of his nose] Wow, my nose is disgusting!
Flame Princess: You're still spying on me?
Princess Bubblegum: I'm PB! I spy on everybody. No big D!
Flame Princess: You're cold, PB!
Princess Bubblegum: Eh. [shrugs]
Flame Princess: And it's not because you're a scientist or leader; it's because you are a bad person! Something inside you is messed up, girl. And whatever it is, [sighs] whatever, whatever, PB!
Princess Bubblegum: Okay, keep one last fire giant. I'm not a bad person. I want you to see that. I promise.
Flame Princess: You better not be fibbing. [helps Princess Bubblegum up] It's Phoebe. My first name is Phoebe. You, uh, asked earlier.
Princess Bubblegum: Ice King, call it off.
[Ice King is shown freezing the core of the Fire Kingdom]
Ice King: Roger that, Princess. [stops freezing a lava lake]
[Once Ice King stops freezing, the ice on the lava starts to melt. The Fire Kingdom and its citizens revert back to its normal state.]
Flame Guard: My jets! Yes!
Flame Person: [expands and turns back into his normal state] Oh no!
[The citizens start to cheer for Flame Princess as she stands above them happily. The scene then changes to Princess Bubblegum in her spy room, where she is still spying on everybody. She looks at the camera that is still spying on Flame Princess and her older brother.]
Flame Princess' older brother: I was gonna blow up stuff! It was going to be cool!
Princess Bubblegum: Hmmm... [puts her hand on the camera's wire and sighs]
Flame Princess' older brother: We were going to war! [Flame Princess then puts her hand on her brother's shoulder.]
[Princess Bubblegum then pulls out the wire, disabling the camera that was spying on Flame Princess and her older brother. Princess Bubblegum then looks at the camera which is spying on Finn and Jake, who are singing "Food Chain." Ripping out the wiring, she disables the camera, along with all the other cameras in her spy room, ending years of paranoia and lies. Princess Bubblegum then puts a lock on and a "Do Not Enter" sign and leaves.]
Episode ends