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"The Cooler" is the twenty-second episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and seventy-eighth episode overall.


The Fire Kingdom is struck by a natural disaster and the Flame Princess seeks help from an unlikely ally.[2]


The episode starts with a fire citizen waking to his alarm. He shuts it off, mentioning that it is colder than usual. Putting on his pants, which are over sized for him, he assumes he has finally lost weight thanks to his exercise. He has not, however, exercised. His decreased body mass is due to the cooler temperatures present in the Fire Kingdom.

Fire Kingdom is shown from the outside view, and it appears extinguished. The Fire Elementals are worried about these strange happenings. A Fire Elemental Guard is ashamed because his headgear isn't emitting much flame, while another's entire body save his head has been extinguished. Two brothers hug each other for warmth, but one brother is absorbed by the older. Suddenly, the ground splits and releases a cool air pocket, reducing the size of the nearest Fire Citizens. In the discussion chamber, Flame Princess, along with her brothers and aunt, discuss the matter. She declares that the magma core that provides the life source for the kingdom's inhabitants is cooling, and weakening the citizens. Randy says he will do his best to help the Kingdom, but Flame Princess tells him to stay put. Her aunt suggests creating a giant love hug for warmth, but this idea is disregarded. Flame Princess' older brother proposes a more extreme solution that involves blowing up the Candy Kingdom.

While saying this, he asks his sister whether it is safe to talk about the destruction of the Candy Kingdom in front of its ex-member Cinnamon Bun. Cinnamon Bun is seen trying to pick something in his nose, which Flame Princess tells him to avoid it. Flame Princess tosses her brother's idea, believing she needs Princess Bubblegum as an ally instead. As they try to contact Princess Bubblegum, the ground releases another cool air pocket, but Cinnamon Bun arrives in time to rescue the group. Flame Princess asks Cinnamon Bun to take her to the core entrance. Upon arrival, she meets with Princess Bubblegum. Bubblegum asks her first name, but Flame Princess snaps back at her that they aren't friends. Flame Princess explains the situation and mentions that the unnatural cold spell has the kingdom in a panic. When they both reach near a huge door, Princess Bubblegum's Mondometer starts to act up.

Flame Princess explains that behind the door lie sacred relics of the Fire Kingdom. Bubblegum convinces Flame Princess to let her enter. Fearing for the well-being of her citizens, she lets Princess Bubblegum in, but warns her not to touch anything.

They enter through the doors, revealing the Sleeping Fire Giants. Flame Princess explains they exist to aid the Fire Kingdom in times of crisis. She also reveals only the royal bloodline knows about their existence. As she starts to go further, she sings A Kingdom from a Spark. While she sings, Princess Bubblegum removes the temperature control units from the Giants. Flame Princess ends the song, and catches Bubblegum. Bubblegum tries to cover it up but her bag rips off, revealing the other units.

Flame Princess becomes angry, and, despite Princess Bubblegum's attempts to explain that she and her "bananas" brother having such power would be dangerous because they would be incompetent with it, attacks. Her fire shots are deflected and one of the giants is hit and explodes. This angers Flame Princess even more. Bubblegum takes advantage of this and starts mocking her. Using Flame Princess' anger, Bubblegum, destroys all but one of the remaining Giants. The explosions cause Princess Bubblegum to smash in a wall. As Flame Princess is about to finish Bubblegum off, Bubblegum activates a gadget which creates lightning, fusing with the steam above from the explosions, causing rain. Flame Princess becomes too weak to fight, and both princesses lie on the ground breathless.

Princess Bubblegum confesses that she messed with the core temperature to gain access to the Fire Kingdom weapons. Puzzled, Flame Princess asks her how she knew about the weapons. The scene switches to Cinnamon Bun, who promptly pulls a camera out of his face. Aggravated, Flame Princess calls Bubblegum a bad person. Bubblegum says to keep one last giant, and that she hopes Flame Princess will change her opinion of her. As they leave the room, Flame Princess answers Bubblegum's question from the beginning of the episode, revealing her name to be Phoebe.

Bubblegum calls off Ice King to stop freezing the core of the Fire Kingdom. The Fire Kingdom brims with life again, restoring the life force to the it's citizens. The scene changes to Princess Bubblegum's camera room, where she has cameras watching different locations in Ooo. The episode ends when Princess Bubblegum rips out the wires for her cameras, and leaves the room and locks it. She puts a sign saying 'Do Not Enter' on the door and leaves.


Major characters

Minor characters

Princess Bubblegum's cameras



  • This episode has Randy and Aunt Agnes's first speaking role.
  • Flame Princess reveals that her real name is Phoebe.
  • It is revealed that the Fire Kingdom holds Sleeping Fire Giants that protect the kingdom in times of crisis.
    • This is similar to the Gumball Guardian, of the Candy Kingdom.
    • The use of Guardians in times of crisis is similar to the ones in Atlantis: The Lost Empire, only without the requirement for the Guardians to select a member of the royal family with royal blood, like Flame Princess.
  • Flame Princess sings for the first time in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Princess Bubblegum has cameras spread into multiple locations, as shown in the monitor room at the end of the episode.
  • Princess Bubblegum's Mondometer is similar to a Geiger counter, a device used for measuring radiation.
  • It is possible that the Sleeping Fire Giants may be related to nuclear weapons of mass destruction, due to the Mondometer's similarity to a Geiger counter, along with Flame Princess's song refering to them creating the kingdom "from a spark" and how they "crashed sentinels down."

Episode connections

Cultural references

  • The scene where Flame Princess tells Princess Bubblegum her real name is similar to the scene Wyldstyle tells Emmet her real name in The Lego Movie.
  • The visual of Princess Bubblegum standing in front of her surveillance grid is reminiscent of the surveillance grid from The Dark Knight and Watchmen's Ozymandias comics.
  • Princess Bubblegum's suit is similar to the Nanosuit in the Crysis game series in that they both have a cloak mode to turn invisible and a shield mode to deflect incoming projectiles.

Production notes

  • This is the last Adventure Time episode to air in 2014.


  • When the shot of all of Princess Bubblegum's camera monitors is first shown, the one with Flame Princess is up one and two right of Finn and Jake. After their monitors cut out, the one up one and two to the left of Finn and Jake is out, and the one where Flame Princess was now seems to have a picture of grass.



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