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This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "The Comet" from season 6, which aired on June 5, 2015.

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[The episode starts with Princess Bubblegum opening the door with a light purplish overlay. She walks outside and is confused by the purplish air.]
Princess Bubblegum: What the? Why's it so purple outsi—
[Dust clouds engulf the Candy Kingdom's outer walls. Princess Bubblegum sees the smoke rise.]
Princess Bubblegum: What?!
[Pepbut runs in with a telescope. He looks through it and we see smoke rising over the Candy Kingdom.]
Peppermint Butler: It's too smoky to see...
[A spaceship rises from the smoke.]
Peppermint Butler: Oh! Something's peeking. Someone's jacking your spaceship!
[Bubblegum snatches the telescope out of Pepbut's hands and peers though it, tracking the progress of the spaceship.]
Princess Bubblegum: That is my ship! But it looks like it's been modded out. That much engine power, it'll break through the atmosphere before I can do anything to stop it! [Jake's arms stretch up to grab the top of the ship. He gets pulled up, with Finn on his back.] Finn and Jake! Yeah, get that guy!
[Finn and Jake yell as they rocket through the air. Jake's grip begins to slip, and they fall. Luckily, they are saved when the thorn on Finn's hand catches on a beam.]
Finn: My thorn! [He and Jake look at each other.] I think we should go inside.
[Jake busts through the door of the ship with a giant fist. The two slide into a bunch of spacesuits.]
Jake: Oof! [He replaces the door]
[Finn opens a hatch, he and Jake now clad in the spacesuits. They climb up a ladder, where they find Gunter at the wheel of the ship.]
Finn: Gunther! What're you doing?!
Gunter: [turns to face them] What am I doing? A fog shrouds my true intent, even from myself. There! [The ship reaches space, and a comet become visible.] The Catalyst Comet! It all becomes clear. I am more than Gunther. [The brain sticking out of Gunter's head begins to expand, as Gunter folds in on themself.] Like a mighty chrysalis pushing out of a damp cocoon— [Orgalorg's form appears.] —I emerge!
[Gunter fills up the whole room and the ship is blown to pieces. The forces of the blast causes Finn and Jake to do somersaults in space.]
Finn: Jake! You okay?!
Jake: Yeah, man, just don't croak out here. [Orgalorg shifts into a huge yellow being with sharp ends.] Hey, man, look at Gunter.
Orgalorg: Behold! [opens flaps] I am Orgalorg! [flaps begin to flow with color]
Jake: Whoa. That's pretty. [turns to look at Finn] Looks good, right?
Orgalorg: Hey. Where's Glob?
Finn: Uh, I dunno. [shrugs] He exploded in space.
Orgalorg: Yeah, I thought so.
Jake: Man, are you still Gunter? 'Cause you seem like you're not.
Orgalorg: I'm Orgalorg.
Finn: Well, what the heck are you doing, Orgalorg?
Orgalorg: It was just time to come out again. Glob K.O.'ing himself— [A flashback of Glob from "Astral Plane" is shown] —the arrival of the Catalyst Comet— [the Catalyst Comet is showing hurtling through space] —and a ship to carry me out of this planet's gravity. [the ship from before is shown in its dock] These are doorways the universe presented to me.
[Orgalorg projects a blue, red, and a yellow doorway shape. They merge together to form a purple doorway.]
Jake: Ohhh, I know about open door philosophy!
Finn: What's that? You just say yes to stuff all the time?
Jake: Pretty much.
Finn: [touching his helmet] That seems alright.
Orgalorg: It's all yours if you're willing to take it. Destroy worlds— [folds in on himself briefly] —crush anyone blocking the door. Feel their bones crumple and their goo spill out.
Finn: I don't like that at all.
Jake: [pointing to Orgalorg] He made it ugly.
Orgalorg: You can't stop me; I'm Orgalorg.
Finn: [leaning in and making a fist] I'm pretty sure I can take you, bro.
Orgalorg: Not after I absorb the power and knowledge of that comet.
Finn: [lifting his leg] Absorb a triple salchow to your kneecaps!
[Orgalorg pushes off towards the comet, sending Finn and Jake somersaulting and drifting away]
Finn: [to Jake] Grab my hand!
Jake: Okay.
[They struggle to reach each other, but are drifting too far apart]
Jake: Shoot. Hey, stop drifting!
Finn: I'm not trying to!
Jake: Ooh, maybe I can use jet propulsion! [passes gas and clutches at his helmet] Oh no, I can't breathe!
Finn: Jake, no! Don't worry, man, I'm working out a plan! [panicking and looking around] Freakin' bing-bong! Jake's gonna fulfill his croak dream after all! And that dirty umbrella is gonna enslave the universe!
Orgalorg: [still slowly pushing his way towards the comet] Cram, come on, this is gonna take forever.
Finn: Man, I'm gonna croak out here! Like a fish in the hands of a child! [hyperventilating and kicking in a panic]
Finn: [calms and takes a deep breath] Okay, Finn. Time to make an appeal to greater forces. [Sings "Everything's Falling into Place"]
Martin: Hey, spaceman.
[Martin appears, floating in the giant moth he was seen with in the episode "On the Lam."]
Finn: Wha—Dad?!
Martin: Heh, this is so crazy, Finn! What're you doing out here?
Finn: Floating to my grave! Hurry up and save me!
Martin: Can't, buddy— [gesturing to the moth] —this baby does what it wants!
Finn: Are you kidding me?!
Martin: No, for real. Look! [looks up at moth] Hey! [whistles and points to Finn] Get that guy there!
[The moth doesn't respond.]
Martin: See? I'm just [shrugs] flying random-style.
Finn: It's not random! I merged my intention with the universe!
Martin: You what? [realizes something] Oh! Wait, I have an idea.
Finn: Really?
Martin: Here. [holds out underwear] Grab on this.
[Finn looks at it, frowning.]
Martin: Nah, it's cool, you got gloves on.
Finn: Oh, yeah. [Finn reaches out to grab the underwear, and Martin pulls him up into the moth's mouth with him, grunting.]
Martin: You alright?
Finn: [breathes in] Yeah. Thanks, Dad. [looks into space] Thanks, universe.
Martin: Come again?
Finn: [remembering something] Oh! We gotta save Jake. [grabs Martin's face] He's out there chokin' on gas!
Martin: [moving Finn's hands away] Like I said, I got no control over this beast. [pats Finn's helmet] We're on a journey into mystery, unless I can figure out what this bozo responds to.
[Finn tears up and looks into space]
Martin: It's kinda fun, right? See, there's no reason, or purpose, or what you said, uh, "universal intention." [Martin waves his arms] Look around, Finn. Empty crud. So empty.
Finn: [scowling] I dunno, there's some stars and stuff.
Martin: [pokes Finn's helmet] You're squeezed so tight, your bottom's gonna fall out. Put the phone down! [mimes putting a phone down]
Finn: Put the phone down?
Martin: Ye— [the moth changes direction abruptly] WHOO! What's going on, huh?
Finn: [pointing] Look! The light of the comet!
Martin: Ah! [craning this neck] That's pretty neat. [jabbing his thumb towards the moth] This moth is so bananas, man.
Finn: Bananas man... bananas man...
Martin: [spotting Orgalorg] Uh oh, what's that?
Orgalorg: [still making his way to the comet] Almost there...
Finn: That dude's gonna absorb the comet's mystical power and crush everybody. Who the heck raises guys like that? You think he had neglectful parents like you, or had he always been a no-good Orgalorg?
Martin: Oh, gobslops, not Orgalorg!
Finn: Y-you know him?
Martin: Yeah, what do you think; I'm a dumb brick?! I don't know Orgalorg?
Orgalorg: Ahaha, oh, yeah. [The comet flies directly into him, and he begins to absorb it.]
Finn: Snaps! He ate the comet!
[The moth flies up to Orgalorg and we see the light of the comet inside him.]
Finn: I gotta stop him.
Martin: It's too late, buddy; it's out of our hands.
Finn: Scronk that! I'm gonna use these hands— [Finn pushes off from the moth and makes a fist as he shoots towards Orgalorg] —to sock him in the chops! In the chops!
[Finn sails directly into Orgalorg's mouth]
Finn: Aahh!
[All goes dark as the flaps of Orgalorg close.]
[Finn opens his eyes and sees tendrils snaking out of the walls of Orgalorg's insides and stabbing the comet, sucking up its power.]
Finn: Hey! Dinglord! In the name of— [he throws his arms in the air] the universe— [he points at the comet] stop that!
[Two tendrils stab into Finn's right arm to absorb the power of the Grass Sword.]
Finn: [screaming]
[Finn's thorn pulsates and grows into a tentacle, slicing the tendrils off.]
Finn: [gasps] Grass Sword.
[Finn whips the tentacle at the tendrils absorbing the comet, and also slicing Orgalorg open.]
Orgalorg: [gasps]
Finn: [shouting nonsense as he continues to whip the tentacle around, slicing Orgalorg open in multiple places]
Orgalorg: [blowing apart] I didn't open this door!
[The tentacle morphs back into an arm shape, still retaining its grassy color and texture.]
Finn: Cool.
[The comet sits, not moving. Cracks begin to appear on it, and it breaks apart to show a round, purple being. It opens its three eyes.]
Catalyst Comet: Finn, do you remember?
[A sound like a door being opened is heard as Finn closes his eyes and clutches his helmet. A spot on his forehead is glowing.]
Finn: Yeah, I-I think so. A long time ago— [a flashback of a blue comet hurtling through space is shown] —I was you, sorta. And I crashed on Earth. And became a butterfly or some biz. [a flashback of a butterfly on a leaf is shown] And I guess— [the flashback ends, and we are back to the present] it was just some random, absurd thing. Just a joke I've been playing out for centuries.
Catalyst Comet: Who's creating the joke? Are you? And, if so, then are you my creator?
Finn: Uh—maybe? I dunno. Probably not.
Catalyst Comet: Probably not, but who knows? I've been around forever and experienced so much impossible junk. I've embodied all that is good—and evil [we see an image of The Lich on the screen]. And now we're here. It's unprecedented. And I give you a choice. Come with me to the end—and the beginning? [the sound of a bell begins to toll] Or struggle here awhile like a beautiful autumn leaf.
Finn: What's that bell sound?
[a rainbow is flowing directly from Finn's mind, up into space.]
Martin: [still inside the moth's mouth] Cool, man.
Catalyst Comet: This is your crisis. As you stand on the edge of freedom from: Love. Hate. Friendship. Isolation. Jealousy. Secrets. Violence. Video games. Ice cream waffles. Sadness. Madness. Power. Honor. Loyalty. Saucy. Mothers. Fathers. Scoundrels.
[As the comet lists things, images of people and objects that represent those things appear in the rainbow.]
Finn: How long are you gonna list stuff?
Catalyst Comet: It's a long list.
Finn: You're tellin' me to abandon all this stuff— [Finn gestures to Earth] —but you're not really making it sound bad.
Catalyst Comet: It's not bad. I'm just giving you the choice of a new mode of existence.
[Finn is quiet for a moment as he considers the comet's words.]
Finn: I feel like I put a lot of work into this meat reality. I'd like to see it through.
Catalyst Comet: Fair enough.
Martin: Hey, how 'bout I get a new mode?
[The rainbow flowing from Finn's mind disappears.]
Finn: Are you seriously trying to bail out again?!
Martin: What? This deal sounds pretty good!
Finn: [sighs] Dad.
Martin: Uh oh. I know that look.
Finn: When you fled the scene like a ding-dong ditcher in the night—
Martin: Listen, Finn. No answer I give you will be satisfying. Besides, it was, like, 40 years ago.
Finn: I'm 16!
Martin: I don't have a star to revolve around to track time.
Finn: But why do you always run from everything?!
Martin: [shrugs] You burn enough bridges, the only direction to move is forward.
Finn: [chuckles] Hmm. Well, there ain't no changin' you, I guess.
Martin: Well, I'm glad we finally understand each other. [To the comet] Start the engine, comet boy!
Catalyst Comet: Prepare to discorporate.
[Martin, the moth, and the Catalyst Comet disappear into nothing. Immediately after, we hear Martin shout one last thing.]
Martin: Goodbye, son!
Finn: Bye, Dad. Should've asked for a lift home.
[Jake's spacesuit, which was floating around, bumps into Finn.]
Finn: JAKE! I thought I had lost...[Finn turns the suit around, to discover that nobody is inside it]... you... NO!
Jake: You okay, Finn?
Finn: [looking around] What? [looks up and sees Jake and Banana Man inside Banana Man's rocket]
[Jake grins and waves at Finn through the window of the ship.]
Finn: Jake?! Banana Man?! How?
Jake: Well, I was just floatin' around, and I drifted into B-Man's flight path. Pretty random— [Banana Man nods] —right?
Finn: It wasn't random; I did it.
Jake: [with Finn now in the ship as well] Let's get the jazz outta here.
[The rocket starts to fly back toward Earth, but not before the ripped-up remains of Orgalorg grabs hold of it to hitch a ride home.]
Orgalorg: No...
[As the ship reenters Earth's atmosphere, Orgalorg's form returns to that of Gunter's.]
Gunter: [as they fall] [penguin noise]
Peppermint Butler: [standing on the banks of Lake Butterscotch with Princess Bubblegum, watching the sky] There we go, see? Problem took care of itself!
Princess Bubblegum: You think Finn and Jake are alright?
Peppermint Butler: I'd say it's about a 50/50 chance.
Princess Bubblegum: That's pretty much everything in life, isn't it?
Peppermint Butler: Yeah—Whoa! [points to falling ship and Gunter] What's that?
[Gunter and the rocket plunge into Lake Butterscotch, soaking Bubblegum and Pepbut in butterscotch. Pepbut catches a fish that splashed out of the lake on impact.]
Finn: [whose arm is now back to normal as he, Jake, and Banana Man exit the rocket] Hey, PB! We took care of it.
Gunter: [penguin noise]
Princess Bubblegum: [giving a thumbs up] Good job, guys!
Fish: [wriggling in Pepbut's hands] Mm, I'm gonna croak out here.

Episode Ends