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"The Comet" is the forty-third episode in the sixth season of Adventure Time. It's the one hundred and ninety-ninth episode overall.


After Orgalorg reveals its true, gigantic form, Finn and Jake are jettisoned into space and separated.


After Princess Bubblegum notices the purple sky and the explosion from the Candy Kingdom, Peppermint Butler spots her spaceship emerging through the smoke. Finn and Jake cling on to the rocketing ship. They slip from the top but Finn's thorn on his hand catches hold of the ship. When inside, they find spacesuits, put them on and try to stop Gunter. Gunter is already outside of Earth's gravity and the green brain peels away to reveal his true form, replacing the penguin with its true form as Orgalorg.

The fully-powered Orgalorg destroys the spaceship and takes on a larger form, similar to a jellyfish. It talks to Finn and Jake about opening doors that allowed him to do what he wanted. Jake empathizes with Orgalorg about his philosophy until Orgalorg reveals he wants to destroy planets. He snatches up and sends Finn and Jake careening through space, putting Jake on the path to the croak dream he had back in season 3's “The New Frontier.” Finn is floating alone in the void of space, he dedicates all his power to merging his intentions with the universe through a meditative song. He sings about how things are falling into place and he's exactly where he needs to be, and he achieves serenity by fully believing these words. The universe responds to this belief by making it true, and Finn ends up being exactly where he needs to be: right in the flight path of Martin's giant glowing moth.

Finn asks to be helped but Martin insists that the Moth does what it wants and can't be controlled to help Finn. Martin pulls out a pair of underwear and assures Finn that he'll be fine since he's wearing gloves. Finn gets into the moth's mouth with Martin hoping to stop Orgalorg with his dad and the moth, but his dad explains that he can't control the moth as it goes where it wants and begins to panic as he hears Orgalorg's name. He claims that he isn't dumb and know who Orgalorg is, hinting at Orgalorg's existence to be common knowledge for some. Suddenly, the moth starts to fly toward Orgalorg. The Catalyst Comet gets consumed completely by Orgalorg. Finn jumps out of the moth's mouth and dives into Orgalorg's mouth.

Inside he hopes to free the comet, which is being drained of energy by tentacle-like branches from inside the monster's mouth. The branches also attack Finn, penetrating through Finn's arm, causing his grass hand to evolve, which bursts out of his spacesuit into a whiplike vine appendage. Using this vine arm, Finn cuts the comet free, and slashes several slits through Orgalorg, causing an ejaculation of cosmic power that contains the promise of new life if Finn accepts it. The seed of this change is the purple three-eyed sphere that is the comet's core, and it offers enlightenment to Finn, showing him his past life as one of the incarnations of the comet. The comet became a butterfly and many other things including the Lich, as was previously revealed in "The Vault." All of this leads to Finn in space at this exact moment, choosing if he wants to go with the Purple Comet to “the end and beginning” or if he wants to stay a human back on earth.

“This is your crisis,” says the Purple Comet as a rainbow radiates from Finn's head, projecting images to accompany all the words in the forthcoming list. “As you stand on the edge of freedom from love, hate, friendship, isolation, jealousy, secrets, violence, video games, ice cream waffles, sadness, madness, power, honor, loyalty, saucy, mothers, fathers, scoundrels.” Finn cuts the comet off and asks how long it's going to keep listing things, but the comet replies that it's a very long list. That's because a life is made up of a million and more different things: relationships, emotions, possessions, experiences and many others.

Finn points out that is not making that option sound bad, and the comet answers that it's not supposed to be; the comet continues by saying that it is just giving Finn the choice of a new existence. Finn says that he's put a lot effort in his "meat existence" and would like to see it through to which the comet is content with Finn's choice. Martin, on the other hand, is excited for the future, and would love the chance to enter a new mode of existence. Finn is initially disappointed that his father is going to run off again, but he finds comfort by realizing that Martin was never going to change and that this ultimate act of abandonment is what his father's life has been leading to and Martin is "glad" that they "finally understand each other." And then Martin asks the comet to "start the engine" and Martin and the Moth are gone, transported by the Purple Comet to a new state of being while Martin biding his son farewell.

Finn finds Jake's suit but gets terrified when he doesn't find him in it. Jake suddenly appears with Banana Man in his rocket from the back. They ride it back to Ooo. Orgalorg's remaining form grasps on to the rocket ship with his tongue as it speeds into the earth's orbit. Orgalorg gets compressed by earth's gravity and gets crushed back into Gunter. The rocket crashes into Lake Butterscotch where Princess Bubblegum and Peppermint Butler observe from the side next to their cabin. Finn, Jake, Banana Man and Gunter emerge from the ship unharmed and satisfied. Peppermint Butler is holding a fish that was flown out of the lake as the rocket crashed. The fish claims that it'll croak now. 


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  • This episode reveals that Finn is 16 years old.
  • Orgalorg is still alive after the events of the episode, despite being sliced by Finn and burst by the Purple Comet. Orgalorg is also able to fully compress into Gunter despite massive injury and loss of flesh from the exploding comet.
  • It is revealed that the thorn in Finn's right hand is actually a remnant of the grass sword, and that Finn's right arm is actually a vine-like appendage hidden underneath his skin.
  • When Finn remembers his past lives, a sound of an opening metal door is heard which is Finn's "vault."
  • The King of Ooo is still princess of the Candy Kingdom at the end of the episode, and PB is still at her Uncle Gumbald's cabin with Peppermint Butler.
  • Finn sings his song with auto-tuning. The last time he did this was in "Davey."
  • It is suggested that Finn may still have feelings for Flame Princess, as when the Catalyst Comet was giving Finn the speech about giving up everything and an opportunity to start over a new reality, the comet categorized Flame Princess as his "love."
  • The panic of the candy people doesn't seem to make them explode like in "Slumber Party Panic." It could be that Princess Bubblegum somehow fixed this problem for the candy people. It may also be that them exploding is just very rare, but still possible, as it has only happened a few times before this episode.
  • Orgalorg's fully unfurled form, in both anatomy and locomotion, bears a considerable resemblance to a vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis).
  • Not counting the flashbacks in the Islands miniseries, this episode marks the last live appearance of Martin, as he is sucked through the comet, due to his desire to be regenerated into a new physical form. Martin is also absent in the series finale Come Along With Me.
  • The fish's observation from Peppermint Butler's grasp that "I'm gonna croak out here" echoes Finn earlier saying "Man, I'm gonna croak out here! Like a fish in the hands of a child!"

Episode connections[]

  • This episode is a continuation of "Hot Diggity Doom" and serves as the second half of the two part season finale.
  • Martin first found the Space Moth in "On the Lam" and was last seen traveling in space riding in it.
  • Jake's croak dream from "The New Frontier" was successfully fulfilled, and was revealed to be not foreshadowing his death like Finn and Jake assumed, but foreshadowing Banana Man saving his life.
  • Finn's identities as a comet and a butterfly were previously revealed in "The Vault" as past lives.
  • The thorn in Finn's hand seen in "Breezy" and "Is That You?" appears again, revealing itself to be the Grass Sword first shown in the episode "Blade of Grass."
  • The Purple Comet uses Betty as the image for madness since she gained wizard powers and went crazy in "You Forgot Your Floaties."
  • Finn's premonition dream from "Hoots" is fulfilled this episode. Some elements of the dream can be seen:
    • The environment where they are is purple, similar to how the Land of Ooo's sky and environment gained a purple hue because of the comet's presence.
    • Jake said "say goodbye" in reverse, and Martin walked away from Finn while Finn couldn't follow him. In this episode, Finn had to say goodbye to Martin after he took the comet's offer.
    • The Bird Woman opened a door, went up in a ladder and took a disco ball. In the real events, Orgalorg created the opportunity to use Bubblegum's spaceship to ascend into space and take the comet. Also, Orgalorg talked about "opening doors" to Finn and Jake.
    • Even though the Lich wasn't physically present in the episode, Sweet P appeared in the dream next to Finn and Martin due to both Finn and the Lich being past incarnations of the comet, and Martin being the fake comet in "Astral Plane."
    • The only character that was not in the dream but was in the real events is the Cosmic Moth.
  • In the episode "Tree Trunks," Finn states that if he could do anything, he would "catch a shooting star and travel to outer space and fight space monsters," which is similar to the occurrences in this episode.

Cultural references[]

  • Orgalorg's final unfurled form may be a reference to the alien spacecraft from the 1985 film Lifeforce.
  • The rainbow light in space is similar to Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon album cover.
    • In addition, the main words and characters representing it are similar to lyrics of the track of The Dark Side of the Moon album titled Eclipse.

Production notes[]

  • This is the first season finale since season one to not end with a cliffhanger, although events from this episode are picked up in the seventh season premiere. 
  • This episode had an official ghost preview weeks before its release date to promote Cartoon Network's "It's Adventure Time at the EB Games." The preview contained no information of the episodes it was going to be featured in.
  • This is the sixth and final episode that aired during the second "AdventureBomb."



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