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The Candy Skeleton is an item that is seen during a flashback in Lumpy Space Princess's classroom in the episode, "Skyhooks II."


Every part of it's body is a different peicr of Candy. It has an orange wedge for the top of it's skull and an ice cream cone for the bottom, pink peppermints for eyes, a candy cane with red stripes for a spine, candy canes with black striped for ribs, gummy teeth of various colors, a brown hat that appears to be dipped in chocolate, candy circles connected together of various light colors connected together for a neck and a tail, candy circles of various darker colors for arms, what appears to be licorice for fingers and toes, a tiny pumpkin for a waist, many dark green candy circles connected to male legs, and a long red piece of candy that connected the top of the skull to the bottom. It also has a yellow sign that says, "The Candy Skeleton," about it.


  • It is unknown if this is a real skeleton or a plastic one made for reference.