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The boat was a huge project led by Two Bread Tom after the Mushroom War in order to migrate humans from land to avoid threatening Vampires. It was first seen in a flashback in the Stakes episode "Everything Stays," where it was still undergoing construction and was also used as a camp for the human tribe. Vampires managed to attack the boat and the humans, but Marceline fought back and killed them all.

In "Vamps About," the boat was also seen in a flashback, completed and out in the sea as Marceline and The Vampire King battled on its decks. The episode also showed how the human tribe took refuge and shelter beneath the decks.

In the Adventure Time: Islands graphic novel, it is revealed that the humans sailed for 34 days and eventually found an island that would soon be called Founders Island.

In "The Light Cloud," Finn, Jake, and BMO are given the ship to leave Founder's Island and go back to the Land of Ooo.


The boat is a fuel or cargo transport ship repaired by human scavengers, possibly with parts left over pre-Mushroom War. The boat's exterior is colored in red and dark blue (a red top and bottom with a long and fat stretch of dark blue in the middle). It also has patches of red metallic pieces possibly to fix and damages that could have been made during the Mushroom War to this boat. The exterior shows slight cuts and damages including holes, meaning that this boat was probably found and reused by Tom to fix and evacuate humans.

S7e8 boat deck.png

Underneath the decks are rooms with hydraulics and mechanical measurements and tubes that are parts of the main engine of the boat.


  • The appearance of the boat is based on the American Kennebec-class oiler because of its bridge and engine layout.
  • Marceline gets bitten by the Vampire King and turned into a Vampire on the deck of this boat.