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Finn and Jake made their debut public balloon appearance in the 2013 Thanksgiving Day Parade. Looking perfectly "pumped" for the occasion, Finn and Jake were ready to fight the harsh wind and cold conditions.

The Balloon[]

The balloon was three stories tall and the average balloon needs to be filled with 120 pounds of helium in order to go airborne.The balloon was guided by about 90 people.


Finn has his traditional outfit (blue shirt, shorts, backpack, and a hat). In Finn's pack you can see the waving snail and his golden sword. Finn's mouth is smiling widely, showing his four front teeth. He is clutching Jake's back. Jake is obviously in a larger form and his legs are partially stretched.

The Event[]

Finn and Jake came through, with Al Roker presenting the two as two heroes fighting crime, saving princesses, and playing video games. They were paraded down the streets of New York by about 90 people dressed as BMO. During the parade, one of the nubs on Finn's hat deflated.

The balloon also appeared in the 2014 and 2015 parades, before being retired, as it is not in the lineup of balloons for the 2016 parade.