This article is a transcript of the Adventure Time episode "Thank You" from season 3, which aired on November 23, 2011.

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[The episode begins with an Alarm Clock Bird entering the Snow Golem's house and waking him.]
[Snow Golem crushes the bird with his hand, but it escapes unharmed.]
Alarm Clock Bird: [Coughs] [Flies out the window]
Snow Golem: [Yawns]
[Snow Golem gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom. There he washes his head, then looks in the mirror and fixes his hair so that it makes snow horns, but decides not to use them.]
[Snow Golem gets some breakfast. He takes a box of Flakies and a bottle of milk, which actually contain a pear and acorns, respectively. He pours them into a bowl and eats.]
[After eating, Snow Golem looks in his cupboard and finds that there is no more food. He draws an acorn and a pear on a piece of paper as a shopping list. He prepares to leave, putting on a small pouch and a garland of branches. He leaves his home, grabs a cart, and starts walking.]
Snow Golem: [hums while walking through the forest]
[Snow Golem stops and sees Finn and Jake fighting the Ice King, who is wearing Ice armor]
Finn: Ice King, this the last time you steal our sandwiches!
[Snow Golem runs past]
Ice King: You don't understand! If you were me, you would do things I would do!
Finn: Yeah, and if you were us, you'd kick your fat butt!
Ice King: I ... yeah, I would... but I wouldn't get past my invincible armor!
Finn: Yaah! [Kicks against armor but causes no damage. Finn falls.]
Ice King: [Laughs] Not a scratch, boys! Not a scratch! It's my time to shine!
[The scene changes to Snow Golem, looking for food in the woods. As he walks, one can see the Fire Kingdom.]
[Snow Golem touches a pear hanging from a tree. He squeezes another one, smells it, and picks it. He suddenly notices that it has a bruise.]
Snow Golem: [Yelps]
[Snow Golem places the pear on the tree branch. Suddenly, a pack of Fire Wolves appears in front of him. They growl at him.]
Snow Golem: [Shouting in fear] Wuuuuh-wuuuh!
[Snow Golem slowly takes a pear from the ground and throws it at one of the wolves. The wolves pounce at Snow Golem and start attacking. Snow falls from the tree and a cloud of steam covers them. Snow Golem kicks away some wolves. The steam clears and Snow Golem is shown with a large branch stuck in his eye.]
[After removing the branch, Snow Golem picks up his eye (a stone) from the ground. His cart, full of pears, is sideways and one of its wheels is off. Snow Golem picks up the wheel and finds a Fire Wolf pup biting the other end. Snow Golem shakes the wheel, throwing the pup off screen.]
Snow Golem: [hums while he fixes his cart]
[The pup approaches Snow Golem, emanating fire.]
Wolf of Fire: [Barks playfully]
Snow Golem: [Gets angry]
[The pup keeps yipping and panting happily. Snow Golem touches it with a stick and the pup barks again and emanates fire.]
[Snow Golem, humming, picks it up with the stick and leaves it on the branch of a nearby tree. Snow Golem walks away while still humming.]
Wolf of Fire: [Emanates fire and barks while watching Snow Golem away]
[The scene changes to Snow Golem trying not to be noticed while watching Finn and Jake trying to penetrate Ice King's ice armor.]
Ice King: Fools! Fools! You're wasting your ti-yime!
[Snow Golem comes home and rests in his snow chair]
Snow Golem: [Sighs]
[Snow Golem's cart explodes and spreads fire all around.]
Snow Golem: [panics] Wuh? Wuuuh-wuuuh! Wuuuh! Wuuuuh! [Manages to put out the fire on his body.] [Calms down and notices that the pup caused the fire.]
Wolf of Fire: [Barks, turns around and blows a raspberry]
Snow Golem: Ehh ... [Picks up the pup with a piece of the cart, opens the door and throws him out of his house.] [He shuts the door and opens it again when he hears the pup moaning and shivering from cold. He again closes the door and opens it again, this time seeing some vultures trying to eat the pup.]
[Snow Golem scares away the vultures by screaming and waving his hands. He sees the Fire Kingdom and then the sun setting. He has no choice but to invite the pup into his home. The Wolf comes running in and barking.]
[Snow Golem enters the house and notices that the pup is not in the room. He enters the kitchen and sees various things on fire.]
Snow Golem: Wuh! Wuuuh! [Puts out the flames with his hands and removes pup from the kitchen with a branch so that it cannot burn anything.]
[Snow Golem sets down the pup, who barks, does a flip, and then sits. Snow Golem puts a rock on his tail to keep it in place. The pup tries to leave but to no avail.]
[Snow Golem offers the pup a pear, trying to feed him. He motions to eat.]
[The pup looks at Snow Golem, then bites the pear and swallows. Snow Golem is happy, but the pup coughs out the pear and shudders in disgust. He then makes a sucking motion with his lips.]
Snow Golem: Hmmm.
[The scene changes to Snow Golem in a farm feeding the pup with the milk of a cow, who is screaming in agony as the pup burns her udder. Snow Golem is happy.]
[The scene returns to the Snow Golem's home, where he is trying to entertain the pup with his fingers. These have faces and sing with Snow Golem. The pup rejoices, barks and then licks one of Snow Golem's fingers, melting and causing Snow Golem pain.]
Snow Golem: Wuuuh! Wuuh! [Blows what's left of his finger and tries to ease the pain] Ah! Ahh ... Geesh ... [The pup is sad] ... [mutters reassuringly] Bo, bo, bop [Fixes his finger (again with face) with a snowball and tries to entertain the pup again.]
[Snow Golem shakes his hand, but his top-heavy arm falls off onto a plank. Then an icicle falls from the ceiling onto the plank, launching the hand with the face at Snow Golem's head, replacing it.]
Snow Golem: Huh? Wang nyangah yuh?!
[The pup is happy again. Snow Golem laughs.]
[The scene changes. Snow Golem attempts to lull the pup to sleep, rocking it in a chair and humming a lullaby. The pup snores. Snow Golem sets it down and removes it from the chair with a stick.]
[Suddenly, a howl from the Fire Wolf pack is heard. The pup joins them in howling while sleeping. Snow Golem thinks and sighs.]
[Meanwhile, Finn, Jake and the Ice King are sleeping on the battlefield.]
Ice King: [Sleeping] Fools, fools, fools...
[Finn hits Ice King's armor with a stick in his sleep.]
Ice King: [snore] In-ice-able vince armor...
[The next morning, Alarm Clock Bird reappears and the pup launches a fireball at it. The bird, burned, coughs and flies away. Snow Golem wakes up and leaves home to take the pup to his family.]
[Finn and Jake, return to fight the Ice King, this time managing to break some ice armor with axes.]
Ice King: Help! Help! Somebody help me! Ah! Oh, sweet mama!
Finn: Got you now!
Jake: Yeah!
Ice King: Aah! You can have the sandwiches back! I'm sorry! Help!
[Snow Golem makes its way to the mountain where the wolf pack lives. He tries to climb the mountain as he melts. He realizes that the pup is below and gasps. He also notices that his chair was burned because of the pup and throws it to the foot of the mountain.]
[Snow Golem goes down the mountain to retrieve the pup. They look at each other. Then Snow Golem looks at his melting hand, noting the risk he has to take.]
[Snow Golem manages to recover the pup. As he melts, they walk along the top of the mountain to where the herd are sleeping. They awaken and start growling aggressively.]
[Snow Golem returns the pup to his family after the pup licks him. One wolf growls at Snow Golem and barks furiously. Snow Golem backs away.]
Snow Golem: Bye-bye.
[Snow Golem returns to Ice Kingdom and sees Finn and Jake eating the sandwiches that King stole. The armor is destroyed now.]
Ice King: Boy, those sandwiches look really cool! [Finn continues eating] It looks like it'd be really awesome to try a bite of one of those [Jake also claims and continues to eat] ... right on, right on.
[Snow Golem gives a little sigh and suddenly, the Fire Wolf pack appears behind some bushes. Snow Golem retracts in fear and the pup runs to him, pounces, melting Snow Golem, who laughs.]
Snow Golem: You ... the ... real good. Nice... home.
[The pup continues licking Snow Golem, melting him and reducing him to a puddle. Snow Golem continues laughing as Finn and Jake observe.]
Finn: Jake, do you think that puddle needs our help?
Jake: Nah, it's a Snow Golem, man. I think he's laughing.
[Snow Golem and the Wolf are playing.]
Finn: I thought Snow Golems and Fire Wolves hated each other.
Jake: Oh, yeah, big time.
Finn: But they learned to get along.
Jake: Yup.
Ice King: You know ... maybe we could all learn a thing or two from those sandwiches.
[Finn watches Snow Golem and the pup continue playing.]
[Finn kisses Ice King's cheek]
Ice King: [Pause] ... Thank you.

Episode ends

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