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This article is about the episode, "The Temple of Mars." You may be looking for Mind Maze, the location.

"Temple of Mars" is the eleventh episode in the tenth season of Adventure Time. It's the two hundred and seventy-seventh episode overall.[2]


Searching for answers on Mars, Finn and Jermaine discover that they must first survive a cunning Martian mental trap.[1]


The episode begins with Finn struggling to put a giant bag of eggs into the fridge, as he does not have Jake to assist him. He then notices that Jake has returned, only to realize that it is not Jake, but his other brother, Jermaine. Jermaine told Finn that he came over as he is worried about Jake. Finn shows his brother the "BRB" note that Jake left, and told him he got it five weeks ago. Frustrated and frightened, Jermaine tells Finn that he was worried about Jake because he dreamed that Jake was alone in space, running out of food. Finn was nervous, but then decided that Normal Man can help with the situation and decided to go to Mars. The brothers go to Normal Man's old house to use the Martian transporter and quickly arrive to Mars.

The two arrive on Mars and quickly come across Betty, having not been seen since Elements. Finn was a bit angry at Betty upon seeing her, but forgave her quickly. Normal Man, now named King Man due to his position has King of Mars, then appears greeting Finn and Jermaine

King Man shows Finn, Jermaine, and Betty, the Mars Temple, in which they can use to locate Jake, but what will need to go through a "three-part mind maze." They walk into the temple, many frogs appear in the shape of Ice King, but Finn notices one resembling Fern. Finn looked the Fern Frog in the eyes, but the frog became hostile (or as Finn said, "outraged"), after looking into its eyes. Betty looked in the eyes of the rest of the frogs, resembling Ice King, and they began to jump at them and attack. Finn then grabbed Jermaine and Betty as he ran them towards the next part.

The next part, was a pathway made of ice, with books and the like inside the ice. At the end was a chalkboard with a long, advanced math equation, in which Betty decided to solve hoping it is their way out. The Ice Thing appeared at the top, whom looked a bit threatening. Nevertheless, Betty began solving the equation. As Betty worked on it, Finn noticed that the Ice Thing changes the numbers on the chalkboard, as Betty gets close to solving it. Finn then climbs to the top to fight the Ice Thing, but falls off, landing on and breaking the chalkboard, leading to the third and final part of the maze.

The last part first appears as an empty, white void, but there is a lone window showing Betty's past, before she met Simon. Before meeting Simon, Betty was going to spend six months studying in the Australian outback. Betty did not take the trip as she met Simon the day after scheduling, and loved him so much that she dropped everything to help him find the Enchiridion. Jermaine suggests to Betty that she take time to herself, and a break from Simon. Betty then said that she has spent so much time on Simon, that there may not even be any "her" left anymore. The past Betty then speaks to Betty about saving Simon, but Betty decides to change past Betty's flight, preventing her from meeting Simon, though this was just a trial and illusion, but did not actually change the past.

Jake then appears, happy to see his brothers. The exit door then appears, with King Man waiting outside, congratulating them for completing the maze and finding Jake. King Man explained that they learned valuable lessons as they found Jake's location with simply their minds. Despite the trials Betty underwent, she did not learn her lesson about loss. Betty only learned that she should try even harder to get Simon back, as Finn and Jermaine worked to find Jake. Betty then announced to King Man her new plan to finally save Simon and also get Margles back from GOLB, much to King Man's shock.


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Episode connections[]

Cultural references[]

  • The chalkboard of the second trial displays the names of some of the multi-colored factions of Magic: the Gathering.
  • Kilroy was shown on the fridge on the note Finn wrote.
  • King Man calls Jermaine a "cowardly dog," likely a reference to Courage the Cowardly Dog.
  • Finn says that the Ice Thing is "juking the stats," which may be a reference to the television series The Wire.
  • The empty white void in the "three-part mind maze" is similar to the white limbo prison in George Lucas' 1971 feature film, THX-1138.

Storyline analysis[]

  • For some reason, a multitude of eggs float in space between Mars and Earth now.
    • Finn also tell Jermaine that eggs are the only thing available at the store. This fits with Peppermint Butler's statement that food comes from Mars in "Too Young".
  • Jermaine points out that none of the trials represent him, and King Man later explains that the telemetry capsule is calibrated with the minds of those who enter.
    • None of the trials represent Jermaine, as he has no unresolved conflicts ever since he left his parents' house and got into abstract painting.
    • The only unresolved matter Finn has is his conflict regarding Fern, which is represented by one single small frog that looks like Fern.
    • The rest of the trials are centered around Betty and her obsession with curing Simon from the crown's curse. This is because, as Betty herself says, she's dedicated so much time to Simon, there might not be much of "her" left.
      • The first trial with the frogs represents how Betty feels when she tries to interfere with the Ice King. Betty is only left with pain and disappointment when trying to cure Simon.
      • The second trial with Ice Thing and the math equation represents no matter what alterations Betty makes to the Ice Crown it will simply revert back. This is evident as anytime Betty solved part of the math equation, the Ice Thing would simply change it and undo her progress.
      • The final trial with Betty confronting her past self is supposed to represent on how Betty should shift her focus away from Simon. She should act like she took the trip to Australia and never went on to meet Simon and gain independence.
  • Normal Man now calls himself King Man, meaning he has achieved his goals and fame as Mars' leader.
    • The Martian buildings now resemble King Man's face.

Production notes[]

  • This episode was released early on the Cartoon Network app on March 9, 2018.[3]
  • This is the third episode that aired during the MarchBomb.



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