|bordercolor= black
|textbg= #66CC99
|imagebg= orange
|textimage= black
|image= [[Image:Pen.png|38px]]
|fontcolor= blue
|text= This user loves [[Finn]]
Pen This user loves Finn


Welcome to the tutorial on how to effectively use this template, which has been made for a "personal userbox".


You will want to input a color for five things in the userbox, all of which is explained below. You have two ways of choosing a color. Either using predefined colors, such as red, green, pink, etc., or by using the hexadecimal color system. The latter is more complicated, if you do not know how it works, but allows more freedom for shades of a color. You can see all colors here.

Here's how they work

The regular preset is easy, as you simply write the name of the color you want. As and example, this:

{|style="background: red"
|this background is red

will result in this:

this background is red

The same result could have been achieved using the hexadecimal color system, as this:

{|style="background: #ff0000"
|this background is red

will result in this:

this background is red


The color of the border line, which surrounds the entire template. It is advized that this be put to black, blue or red.


The background color of the right side of the box, where the actual text is placed.


The background color of the left side of the box, where the image is placed. This color will be seen surrounding the image, if the image doesn't cover the entire box.


In case you wish to have a text in stead of an image (see image for more info), you can use this to set the color of the text. If you don't want the text image, but an actual picture in stead, set this to be black.


The color of the letters in the text. If you want a secondary color change within the text, or if you want a link (which is blue by default) to have the same color as the rest of the text, you'll have to input the code manually. Here's how to do it.

text text text <font color=green>text text text</font>

text text text text text text

so basically, you input:

old text <font color=color it should be>text to have new color</font>


At the current time, both internal and external images can be used, but until further notice, the use of external images is banned due to coding issues. It is possible to have a short 4-5 letter text in stead of an image.

Internal images

"Internal images" means images, which have been directly uploaded to the wiki. As most know how to link to a picture, I won't go into detail about that. There are, however, some rules for size of the image in the template. If the image you wish to use is approximately square, or if width exceeds the height, the size must be set to 38px. If height exceeds width by approx 1.25 to 1.50, it is allowed to up the size to 45px.


Kind of self explanatory. You can have multicolored text if you wish, but then you have to input the color codes manually (see fontcolor for info on this). You can also have links leading to other internal or external pages.

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