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Teenage Bear appears in "Storytelling." He is seen spray painting the word "BEAR" on the side of a van. Finn interrupts him and challenges him to a fight. He is excited to fight with Finn, saying "I've been waiting for this my whole life," until Momma Bear shows up. She smacks him and he says, "You never let me do anything." He then jumps at Finn, who headbutts him, knocking him down. His mom covers him protectively, claiming that Finn killed him. Teenage Bear says "Mom, quit touching me!" but she continues to say Finn killed him. Finn runs away while apologizing and later describes him as a "jerky teenage bear." During the Rite of Forest Justice, Finn tells Momma Bear to stop "spanking [her son] in the face" and tells Teenage Bear not to fight with strangers. It is shown later in "Wheels" that he is interested in skateboarding with Bronwyn and other teenage forest animals.


He looks very similar to a black bear.

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  • When Finn was being executed, he was seen among the crowd chanting for the execution, even though he desired to fight with Finn.


Oh, heck, yeah! I've been waiting for this my whole life! Yes, ha ha ha!

You never let me do anything…