The Tartorium is a factory in the Candy Kingdom. It is here that the Jelly Bean People manufacture royal tarts. Chemicals such as the paralyzing potion are brewed here as well. Only the tarts that are perfected the most are transported in Anti-gravity tote chambers. The tarts are then carried to the Royal Congressional Hall, where the Back-Rubbing Ceremony is held annually.


Although most locations and structures resemble candy and desserts in the Candy Kingdom, the tartorium is a metallic and standard looking factory. There are many conveyor belts for tart transportation and sorting. There are many pipes and air vents in and on the ceiling. A large cooking furnace is in a central location, and it resembles an old-fashioned iron stove. Various baskets move on sky lines carrying ingredients for the tarts. Most of the tarts are discarded, and only the perfect ones are taken to the Back-Rubbing Ceremony.


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